hozuki-san chi no aneki

Alright, new manga time.

(I think this page sums up this manga.)

Little brother unhealthily in love with his older step-sister who uses his hormones to get what she wants– hilarity ensues. That’s my one line description of Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki, a slightly racy yet funny 4koma. It’s clever with a very eccentric cast. Go read it, now. You can grab translations from Animexis.

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  1. I Salute you kind sir !!!!

  2. Oooh yeah that’s why I love this blog.

  3. Crikey, I was ahead of the gang for once! That never happens!

  4. They’re not blood related but they’re as close as siblings get. Lol I like the paradox.

    And why do you always come with the good stuff when I have an exam tomorrow?! Last time it was Mirai Nikki and now this. Aarg! Must…focus…

  5. Yea, this is why I love this blog too… lol

    let us know more of these good stuff…

  6. Thanks for this, I laughed my ass of :D

  7. “Little brother unhealthily in love with his older step-sister who uses his hormones to get what she wants– hilarity ensues.”
    HIS? Little brother in love with a trap? Sounds awesome.

  8. One downside of these types of 4koma or sidegag manga is that they start bore us after a short time.
    At first look, they’re interesting, yes; but they get repetitive fast.

  9. @Hak No, no trap. “his” refers to possesion – in this case, that of the little brother.
    By the way, I can’t tell if it’s a translator fail or sister fail, but the trope is, “Welcome home, [person]! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or me?”

  10. To further clarify, let’s get rid of pronouns in that sentence: “Little brother unhealthily in love with little brother’s older step-sister who uses little brother’s hormones to get what older step-sister wants– hilarity ensues.”

  11. Got to call her bluff

  12. Page 5 of Chapter 1…

    Yup. Very wrong.

  13. You had me at hello.

  14. Also… Kyou is horribly cute. This manga has many cute if violent girls – although I think I prefer Poplar from Working!! Especially when voiced by Kana Asami.

  15. @hak: no trap but there is a reverse trap though lol

    I just came after reading this manga and damn is good lol. Now I want an Anime studio working on this. I expect nothing but the best. I want to the cast of K-on and Seitokai no Ichizen in the works with Drop Dead Monsters doing the OP and ED of the show. With Jun Meada doing the screenwriting with the plot. It better have Shaft, Kyoto Ani, PA Works or JG Staff to green light it.

    But I won’t be seeing anything about this for at least 2 years from now………………….

  16. You introduced me to Mirai Nikki, Franken Fran, and The World God Only Knows. At this point I think I’d be an idiot NOT to trust your judgement.

    Consider it read.

  17. Thanks for yet another recommendation.

    Oh, and incidentally, in the latest episode of K-On!! you finally got your wish. Yet another evidence that KyoAni reads this blog.

  18. really like haru’s style especially the hair really unique

  19. A class 12 tease? Hmmmm.

  20. I’m a bit meh, sounds like a few too many others before it from that intro.

  21. Wooooow….I got a new series \o/

    Something to do now that im a full time NEET ;_;

  22. I don’t know if this is scanlator’s troll or not, but the first page of TWGOK chapter 98 announces the TWGOK anime! Can’t wait for confirmation!!!!

  23. Oh, apparently this is old news. My apologise for getting over excited.

  24. Clever? I feel like I’m a couple of braincells short after reading the first couple of chapters…

  25. I have no words for this…. other than “Thanks for the link.”

  26. One question: what’s their age difference?

  27. @paulrenzo: A year or two. They go to the same school.

  28. And she is basically a tease for her own amusement…and his pain. Mostly his pain.

  29. o_O;; Are you stalking my internets Jason? I swear I started reading this only a couple of weeks ago.

  30. @Giant Humanoid Robot: Ah good, now I can read this without any shota issues at the back of my head.

  31. Meh, she’s too much of a beyotch.

  32. Oh, his nose BLEEDS when he’s aroused! Ha ha! How funny! How original! Hilarious! Man, they never had done anything like that before! Where do they get those wild radical ideas?

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