angel beats 8

Penetration as a series gag. Somewhere, deep inside Sunrise HQ, they’re banging their heads against their desks… “Damn! Why didn’t we think of this?!”

Jun Maeda is the king of series gags. My gosh, he threw the kitchen sink at this one… though, I’m very disappointed we backtracked through Guild. Come on, backtracking is bad enough for video games, let alone anime. At least show us a new dungeon or two!

(Oh, just because I feel like it… Best Action RPGs Ever… 1. Diablo II, 2. Secret of Mana, 3. Shining Tears x Wind, 4. Torchlight, 5. Dungeon Siege, 15,532. Tony Hawk’s Ride.)

I suddenly want to see a Haruhi vs. Yuki fight scene. I wonder why every Haruhi Suzumiya game that has come out been a lame visual novel… why can’t we get a Haruhi dungeon crawler? You can pick either a Haruhi class (modeled after Thunder God Cid, of course), a Mikuru class (that can be tranformed into Mikuru Prime), an Itsuki class (plays like Diablo II’s necromancer, except more fabulous), an Yuki class (plays like an assassin coupled with bullet time mechanics), and a Kyon class (dies 15,532 times).

Trap! It’s my turn. Get chance and luck. Woohahaha!

(Never forget.)

(Only way it would have been better if he used Ackbar’s full line… IT’S A TRAP! And Angel was revealed to be… Mako-cakes.)

Hey yo, check this out. It’s a moonwalk. It’s a moonwalk!

(TK’s my hero.)

Angel Beats is officially The Simpsons. Well, at least with Los Simpsones, the character catchphrases are much shorted (Doh! Skinner! Eat my shorts! HA-HA! BURP!)… here, they take up too much time. At least they didn’t take the “Call me Christ” guy with them… half the episode would just have been characters repeating their catchphrases.

(This episode does remind me of the Treehouse of Horror episode where Homer clones himself with the hammock, and they clones clone themselves… which resulted in all the Homers being killed and disposed of in the Grand Canyon.)

Every fight scene between Angel and Yurippe exceeds everything fight scene in Canaan. Gotta love Yurippe’s resourcefulness and her ability to hide weapons on her tight school girl outfit. Stuffing bras with grenades is much more impressive than stuffing with tissues.

(I get the feeling Yurippe knew that the outcome of Angels recombining would do terrible things to Kanade… and she went through the plan anyway. The question is, was she hopeful that maybe Kanade would be spared… or was she Machiavellian in that she wanted Kanade to go rogue again so Yurippe can have Araragi to herself?)

Three hilarious notes about Yurippe’s hacking Angel’s systems scene… one, she’s talking to herself like a lunatic. Two, she’s complaining about all the English– why didn’t she bring TK?! This is like forgetting to bring your Costco membership card when you got to Costco. Three, all of Angel’s vital systems depend on Windows Vista. Uh-oh!

(Three most hilariously plausible fictional roommates for Kanade? One, Mio. Two, Mariya. Three, Rei.)

Don’t you get the feeling that this anime has too many characters doing nothing but comic relief? Like the only real “plot” characters so far have been Yurippe, Araragi, Kanade/Angel, TK, and Iwasawa.

-sam: There needs to be an 800 page Book of blog好き, with 100 pages of footnotes and expanded pantheon. This should happen right? You’re nodding along with me.

Don’t give me ideas. But it’ll be called “Book of Anime” complete with a pantheon for the 96 greatest anime series, a separate pantheon for the greatest meido, the “secret” to great anime, and a special section dedicated to Sunrise. And, I love footnotes. I even use them when writing fiction. Here’s an excerpt from page 151…

Now, how does one measure the success of an anime? Surely, the success of an anime must factor into the greatness and the placement. Commercial success is easy to measure, but not accurate. Bleach is a huge commercial success; Detroit Metal City is not. Fan reaction? Critical reviews? Maybe. But one factor all great anime have? A plausible and thriving genderswap community. Haruhi Suzumiya ushered in this trend in 2006, and devoted fans continue this trend with their favorite series, pouring energy into the “Man Mio” project or the OH DRRR! NO compilation. Because we don’t have massive Angel Beats genderswap community, we can interpret that Durarara!! and K-On!! are ranked more favorably on the fans. At least the fans who matter.

LeftArrow: I’ll watch the NBA when I get my sonics back.

The worst part is that Durant never played in Seattle. Hey, at least Stan Lee’s Heroman is set in Seattle… a Seattle that never rains and has palm trees… but, well, at least you got that.

Why don’t they bring heavier weapons? If I knew I was going on a suicide mission, I would make sure I had plenty of weapons. Remember how Arnold geared up in Commando? That would be me. Except I have fewer steroid-infused muscles. And if they knew that guns would not be effective on Angel, why not come up with alternative weapons? Like, oh, a glue gun? If someone as petite as Shiina can stop Angel, then I’m sure a glue gun would have worked just as well.

(Why is Yui going along with them? Iwasawa never went with them… nor did the hawt bassist or the capable blonde manager.)

Angie… is that you? At the very least, we need to get Yurippe into either Umineko or Higurashi. I don’t know why, but knife fights between girls in anime just seem more awesome than giant mecha that rollerblade battling it out.

(Naruku no Hana would have been a great ED for this series.)

The problem with this plot? Jun Maeda not using sports to resolve the conflict. I’m positive that all we need is a 5-on-5 basketball match against five Angel clones to resolve this mess.

(Second problem? A Naoi x Otonashi x Hinata x Kanade love parallelogram already exceeds what he has tried to accomplish in Clannad… it’s just too advanced for him to do without the backing, guidance, and genius of Sunrise. Just so many reasons why Angel Beats should have went to Sunrise… sadly, the only negative that I can think of is, “Sunrise won’t be able to match PA Works on the knife fights.”)

(Okay, Sunrise would also have insisted on some crappy boy band OP instead of using Jun Maeda’s awesome piano work.)

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  1. hey i am first,

    gotta to be impress by Yuri’s knife work.

    but as much as I like AB, it is missing a meido.

  2. Hey, it could be worse, we could all be dea………..OH SHI………….

  3. You can’t put Kanade in maid costume Xellas, if you do that, you will cause all her fans to disappear!

  4. I thought kevin played in seattle in 07-08. I could have sworn I saw him when I went to a couple games in the sonics last year.

  5. Only TK can flail his arms like a maniac in class while keeping a straight face.
    Only TK can pull off a perfect head spin.
    Only TK can make pulling a Leeroy Jenkins look heroic.
    Like Kurogane said, we desperately need a TK spinoff series featuring TK simply doing his shit.

  6. What a narrative mess. Maeda is nothing without KyoAni. Tenshi is still awesome, though.

  7. Tk needs his own series or better yet his own 10 part movie.

  8. Meganekko Yurippe is pretty nice.

    And speaking of Secret of Mana, that game featured enemy spawning hax much like Tenshi’s.

  9. hmmm penetration huh, so to sum up, in this episode, we get straight from the start Kanade penetrating herself.
    Can’t wait for those selfcest doujins.

  10. Yui went where Iwasawa, hawt bassist and capable blonde manager didn’t because she’s AWESOME.

  11. Didn’t TK say, “It’s a trap!” in the previews from last episode? I was disappointed when he didn’t use the whole phrase. I think part of me was hoping that every part of his dialogue was going to end up being movie references. That would have been awesome and completely believable. Then he would have been like the brother I never had.

  12. please dont reference “Canaan”. Phantom was way better that season and got no blog play. It kind of still pisses me off.

  13. >(Oh, just because I feel like it… Best Action RPGs Ever… 1. Diablo II, 2. Secret of Mana, 3. Shining Tears x Wind, 4. Torchlight, 5. Dungeon Siege, 15,532. Tony Hawk’s Ride.)
    You have never played Monster Hunter, have you?

    The “discreet” way TK and the polearm guy were wasting time was the best part of the episode, with Yui’s untimely death coming in a close second

    BTW, any theories on where did the clone’s personalities came from?
    Maybe Kanade’s inner wish is to penetrate all the members of the SSS

  14. Funk: “Tk needs his own series or better yet his own 10 part movie.”

    I suggested on another blog that TK’s spinoff series could be a series of brief (less than a minute each) webisodes in which he says something strange, dances around a bit, and then jumps out a window. Maybe for the finale he finds his true love, they have a break-dance throwdown, and then they jump out the window together and elope to Arakawa Bridge. It’d be a runaway hit, I’m sure.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve been enjoying this series as much or more than I did the original Haruhi four years ago. For all its faults of pacing and… ah, borrowed characters… it strikes a good balance between plot, drama, and humor. It is remarkably well-animated, has great music (I’m listening to the GirlDeMo singles right now!). It has TK. In short, Angel Beats has got all the right stuff, and while it may not be the kind of watershed moment that Melancholy was, it’s probably going to hang around in the collective consciousness of anime fandom for a long time to come.

  15. And for something semi-related the pic of Red Tenshi at the top’s damned attractive. Snarling with effort, knife-wielding Tenshi’s very cute, more so than some of the blank-faced yandere-types who have previously graced this blog. And without going super-emo like the cast of Higurashi.

    .. and that impalement talk takes my mind into all the wrong areas with both Kanade/Tenshi existences.

  16. @haesslich,

    i agree, i thought that was one of the best expressions i have seen.

    good point about the mass disappearance, but i was actually thinking of Oyama in Meido.

  17. For reference, Heroman is set in Center City, which is in LA (see: Map of USA according to Heroman in episode 6).

    It’s a terrible show, but Bones made it look so pretty.

    Also, I love how all the members of the Battlefront (or SSS or whatever they’re called) goof off in class. Spinning a halberd outside a window? Genius.

  18. I’d love it if it never rained and we had palm trees. Btw its raining right now.

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