girls dead monster… greatest girl band name ever?

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I dunno. I just like the name a lot. Surely, it’s a lot more creative than “Houkago Tea Time” or “ENOZ”. But the greatest possible girl band name? If Celty did vocals, Anri did guitar, Haruna on bass, Saki on drums and formed Headless Slasher Skintight Leather. That can’t be topped.

(The problem with Girls Dead Monster? They need more memorable songs. Their acts are just tossed into Angel Beats, with only Iwasawa’s My Song having any relevance. And that’s not exactly a catchy song. And if they can’t do relevant songs, at least, uh, arrange for a wardrobe malfunction for the bassist.)

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  1. The thing that always bugged me about Celty: she’s a dullahan… can dullahans talk? How can they, when the vocal cords are still in the neck? The voice they give Celty, is that her “real” voice? Is that what the producers think we should think she sounds like? Or did they decide that viewers would think reading her text off of her phone is too tiring and just gave her a cute-sounding voice?

  2. Are you using Justin Timberlake’s definition of wardrobe malfunction?
    If so, I demand timestamps!

  3. Doh, misunderstood the sentence :(

  4. As much as I love Girls Dead Monster, I find most of the songs too similar sounding. I can hardly distinguish the different songs from each other. At least they have more songs in the first few episodes than all on K-On! and K-On!! combined.

  5. @ragingduck: Interesting though, but it has to be what she sounds like. If you remember when she rode her bike down the side of a building she was screaming and everyone could hear her. Also: She’s a supernatural being, who cares if she has vocal cords or not. Her dark shadow crap could probably easily make the different tiny vibrations that her vocal cords could to make sound.

  6. Yeah for Celty they’re just talking for her texting since I’m sure it’d take too long to show us every thing she write on the screen and keep it there long enough for the audience to read. They haven’t really done that since the first 3 or so eps. The fansub groups are lucky for this as well, lol. As for the sound of her voice, well… they COULD have made her sound like Kuroko from Railgun but well… that might not go over so well for some people.
    I actually really like the songs from GirlDeMo, since I do enjoy the more upbeat songs out there, the first two songs on each album are more my style. Coincidentally earlier today was the first time I watched the little braver song on youtube, sadly I actually don’t really like it at all, I’m not sure why. My only complaint about the songs shown in the show so far is the fact that Alchemy was in fact cut short in the show, it’s my favorite… the last ep hinted that Yurippe was needing Yui to do another diversion but she then decided against it in that episode, basically I’m sure they’re just letting us know the Rain Song will be coming soon here /yay.

  7. For Celty remember she has a head so perhaps that can talk and the voice they give us is how she would sound like. That and for eps 12 she injected her voice into the minds of the people below for a short time I believe.

  8. They should have gotten ryo to compose a few songs. Or, Kousaki Satoru, the person behind haruhi, lucky star, kannagi, and bakemonogatari. Jun seems to do dreamy songs (or w/e genre tori no uta and last regrets are) better than poppy ones.

  9. Blame Jun Maeda’s taste in music

    He can compose background music, but I never agree with this taste in vocal music

    I mean, just look at the previous Key vocal songs. They’re rather bland. Tori no Uta
    is the most overrated Key song ever


  10. I just hope they won’t disappear as fast as they appeared when Angel Beats finishes.

  11. The K-ON’s ladies’ should probably just steal “all girl summer fun band”s name (listen to car trouble, I can picture Mio singing it).

  12. GirlDeMo seems like filler material for the anime, whenever Jun Maeda has run out of ideas to promote a logical sequence of events, or just wants to cover up a plot hole, you see them make an appearance. Though it doesn’t change the fact that I still like the insert songs and the anime, so in the end, it’s still good.

  13. WRONG Angel Beats! is an anime that has a story as well as an ending. Personally, I didn’t think they could pull it off, but the ending was a bit rushed and the music was well worth it. Just because a certain song doesn’t fit into a scene is no reason to dismiss it. Being a rock fan, I personally loved certain songs’ arrangement and lyrics. I approve of GDM.

  14. I love the name!

  15. Well I am absolutley in love with the band after watching angel beats…. dunno wat you talking about when you say there not memorable! All the songs are different in tonnes of ways! Just cause its in Japanese doesnt make them all the same! Crow song and My song are my favs but right now im listening to little braver and im liking that one too! Girls DeMo FTW!!! Favourite band of all time! And the name is legendary!

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