seiyuu joke… but very intriguing nonetheless…

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  1. It’s like opposite ends of the spectrum.

  2. Sorry for being an idiot… but who is the one on the left?

  3. @dai1313 Her name is Kurae, Ekaterina. I don’t actually watch qwaser, but I believe the joke is cause she is voiced by Hirano, Aya, aka Haruhi.

  4. I don’t watch qwaser but I do read the manga sometimes and I can say Ekaterina must have done very nasty things to Mio to smile like that.(I say this to cover the fact that I don’t understand the joke at all)

  5. Yōko Hikasa is the seiyuu of Mio (K-On), and Hana Katsuragi (Seikon no quasar).
    Ekaterina (above on the left) is the S, and Hana Katsuragi is the M.
    If you don’t get it, then you will forever be lost.
    nevertheless Lmfao, I would pay to see that.

  6. Ah ok now I get it.Didn’t know Yoko Hikasa was also the seiyuu of Ekaterina’s sex-slave.

  7. The joke only works once Aya Hirano shows up in K-On!!.

  8. Yoko Hikasa’s also the voice of Takanashi Izumi from Working!!, who dresses like Ekaterina but is.. well.. apathetic’s a very positive term for her. And this joke doesn’t work as well as some, due to the lack of Aya Hirano in K-ON!!

  9. O.o Moar?

  10. Offscreen, Mama is playing with Elizabeth.

  11. If you have to explain a joke, then it’s not a very good joke.

    I also, would like to see this happen. C77 is coming soon.

  12. OMG super duper FLAT material.
    How can they be THAT flat ???

    Mio: “I’m ruined for marriage”.

  13. I can’t even think of a character in K-On that Aya can even be at this point. Is there anyone not in the series yet that hasn’t been introduced?
    Mugi’s butler I think was voiced over the phone. Don’t know if Mugi has a maid.
    Maybe she can go as a Konata inspired coworker at Mugi’s Maid Cafe? “Helping” Mio.

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