kaichou wa meido-sama 4

TK! Where are ya?

(Needless to say, I’ve been busy, but I figured you need a post to break up all the recent Angel Beats, K-On!!, and Giant Killing posts.)

(And when I say Giant Killing, I mean the Boston Celtics.)

Just for the record, it took me two seconds to go, “Wait, a ‘net idol’ without fanservice shots? Dude has a bigger penis than Tissue Hime.”

(And, really, if it weren’t for the trap-related content, I wouldn’t have bothered making this post. But that goes without saying.)

Whew, I’m glad this isn’t animated by Sunrise.

Wait, if Aoi’s dad tossed away the girlie clothing, how’d she get back the original red dress that Aoi wore at the beginning of the episode?

(Yes, I can find plot holes in shoujo anime as well. Behold the power of anime blogging! If only this power can be harnessed for good… mmm… how can we solve the BP oil spill? Damn, now I’m out of ideas.)

(And, also yes, in that the cross dresser from You’re Under Arrest is also named “Aoi.” I feel like this is almost a prequel to YUA in that Aoi sees Misa kicking ass and wonders, “Mmm… maybe I can be a cop and chase down headless horseman in Ikebukuro.”)

Five dollar footlongs!

My second favorite part of Kaichou wa Meido-sama (besides the meido) is all the SD scenes. Very cute, and I always like it when the animation style is varied… it’s like a pitcher mixing in a change up with all the fastballs.

… and this would be a slider in the dirt. But I think this is the closest to an emo facial distortion that we’ll see in this series. So if you’re keeping score, we’ve had a trap, a guy x guy love scene, an emo facial distortion, an American restaurant cameo, and a giant rollerblading mecha battle this episode. Are we sure JC Staff didn’t get taken over by Sunrise?

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  1. Sandivich. That is all.

  2. I can’t believe you are still watching this series. I’ll just stick to the mango. Anyway, glad to have a break from Angel Beats. You’ll never convince me to watch that piece.

  3. There’s no way Jason isn’t tsundere for Sunrise. When they’ve got shows airing in a season you can’t help but mock and abuse them, but when they’ve been absent for a while you can’t stop thinking about them.

    Also for the record I can’t get enough of the SSS-dan posts.

  4. Figures. You latched onto the traps RIGHT AWAY. And you’re ignoring the cosplay meido fanservice in favor of this… or the fanservice in shows like Working!!, which even allows you to choose between the banchou-type, yandere, androphobic DFC, or short busty cute type girls. Or Takanashi’s family which has the drunken busty-type, the violent meganekko type, the long-haired Goth type, or manipulative imouto.

    I’m waiting for you to get to the episode where we’ve got the reverse-trap fanservice.

  5. There are plenty of other trap “Aoi”s…. but I think it’s because it’s a mostly gender-neutral name.

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