pony pony pony!

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  1. That’s too expressive to be Tenshi. Ponytails do NOT make her look better, unlike Poplar, whose lack of height and personality support the ponytail moe. That and her figure…

  2. My nutbladder bursted.

  3. Yup, this is our blogger.

  4. Just wild heaven.

  5. Jason, never change.

  6. I love you…

  7. Needs more Tessa.

  8. YES.

  9. lol
    roughly half this blog’s post nowadays is just a single picture
    let me be clear here, this is NOT a complaint

  10. I think regular Tachibana is better.

  11. A agree wth Haeslich – you can barely recognize when she’s so expressive.
    BTW, anyone know what the Japanese says?

  12. I really really do miss full metal panic. The fmp sigma manga is just barely sustaining me.

  13. “I wanted to try this ponytail thing… does it make me cute?”
    (speech affectations not translated)

  14. Jason, 7 years and still going strong……… I applaud you………….

  15. Maybe a bit out of character but HNNNNNNGGGGHH!

  16. Too bad Kanade probably won’t do this expression in the anime.

  17. Talk about out of character. Ah, anime fanBOY delusions~

  18. cyruz: Anime fanGIRLS aren’t usually much better. Especially the shippers and the fujioshi. But this picture takes a lot of Kanade’s cute points (long hair worn down, expression either minimal or slightly sad, modest introverted type) and trashes them for generic ponytail. It’s like a non-gay Lulu being ubermuscled and in a non-FABULOUS generic action hero pose – it’s so out of character that you can’t recognize them, and takes all the character’s unique (or at least distinctive) traits away.

    This is no better than a Rob Liefield-drawn cover of the cast of Angel Beats, if such existed.

  19. uh…Wow.

  20. Why do i see yui in the picture?? o_0

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