angel beats 9

“She’s beyond a little awkward.”

Kanade is incredibly cute. Especially in those flannel pajamas while tilting her head. Marvelous. It’s her manifest destiny to befriend Azu-nyan and have many sleepover parties with her, Ui, and horrible friend Jun. Kanade’s the second best thing about Angel Beats.

If I had to rank the best things about this show, it’s a big upset that Yurippe isn’t on that list. You’d think that a Haruhi-like would get some attention, but she’s just not compelling in the bat shit crazy ways Haruhi is crazy. Instead, I think Haruhi was the wrong comparison… the right comparison? Hannibal from The A-Team. All Yurippe needs is that obligatory celebratory cigar after a prank well done. I love it when a plan comes together.

(The best part of The A-Team remake movie? The TNT commercials. Loved the one with the Inside the NBA crew… Charles and Kenny were great, but Ernie stole the show. I pity the fool!)

“Everyone seems smart today.”

Compared to you… always. I’m really disappointed with the lack of costume changes and fanservice in Angel Beats… I feel like… this show could use some. Just like how Clannad could have used a hot springs episode or a trip to the beach. Kyoto, it’s not too late! Before you completely turn into a moe low calorie comedy company, at least do a non-canon Clannad OVA! I’ll even help you write one…

A few things… only Araragi could get involved in a bromance while trapped in a desperate cave-in situation. Also, train accidents are rare in Japan. Yes, a few big ones have occurred (including on in the past 15 years), but it’s rarer than airplane crashes in the US. You’re more likely to be involved in a train crash in China or India… but in 2010 Japan? Seems as likely as JaMarcus Russell winning a Super Bowl MVP. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but definitely very, very unlikely. Lastly, where’s Alanis Morrissette singing Ironic when Araragi bites it literally moments after filling out his donor card but before the rescuers come. You’re just thinking at the point, if that dude didn’t run off with the water, maybe Araragi would have lived.

And the whole organ donor thing… a total Jun Maeda moment. It’s like seeing that time you stumbled across this Kamen no Maid Guy thing and thought, “Damn, this is right in blog好き’s wheelhouse.” And… it was! It is.

(If only we can get a meido outfit on Tenshi. Good things will only happen.)

I like how the plot finally arrived at where I said it would: Araragi going through everyone’s back story and help them get off this island. In other words, “Lost, the Anime.” Which wouldn’t be a bad thing… except there’s like three episodes left. Unless there’s an Angel Beats sequel or movie in store, then this plot development for episode nine was just horrible.

(I like everyone picking on this show’s plot deficiencies… but you do realize it’s still like six times better constructed than Lost, which is regarded– not by me, but still– as one of the best American dramas ever. At least there’s no polar bears, smoke monsters, or ten minute arguments about damn hatches on this show. Put things in perspective. When was the last you you watched a well-written Hollywood drama? The Wire? Maybe Mad Men? And that’s… it? Unless you want to count Manimal.)

The problem I think is simple. If you’re enough of a fan to go google for information about a show and then take time from your busy day to write a comment on a crappy anime blog, you’re probably suffering from the perils of introspection. If you examine anything– anything, puppy dogs, rocky road ice cream, Mikuru in black stockings– long enough, you’ll find faults with it. That’s just the way it is. With that said, this show needs (a) more fanservice, (b) less bromance, (c) 13 more episodes, (d) giant rollerblading mecha, (e) Sigyn without her wedding ring, and (f) TK TK TK TK TK TK TK TK TK TK TK TK TK TK TK TK TK TK.

(TK has no lines this episode, and his English capabilities were mocked. I haven’t felt this betrayed and disappointed since I found out that there’s no Santa Claus.)

The whole argument Araragi and Tenshi had when she woke up… um… that’s was pure gold Kamiya. No one could have pulled it off but you, that whole passionate guy talking with a calm collected girl. I’ve sworn I’ve seen a similar scene at least 100 times in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, a few dozen times in Bakemonogatari, couple times in Vampire Bund, and a few trillion times in Araragi Under the Bridge.

How come these chairs don’t have a rocket boost? I miss that.

(What? An episode without a series gag?)

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  1. Too bad our wishes about 12 more episodes won’t be granted and omg you made me remember about Manimal, I totaly forgot about this show.

  2. I think angel beats will have a sequel very, very soon or the story will continue the same way Eden of the East is continuing…if anything, we have Angel Beats! (2014) to look forward to.

    Have you read the manga Kyoto’s adapting next? I think it’s more of a wackier version of Azumanga than a low calorie moe snack.

  3. Well, at least you focused a bit on Kanade. And the cuteness.

  4. It was a nice moment when he wakes up and she’s playing with his hair.

    This whole episode was literally the entire LOST series, if you assume it was all a dream and none of the insane things with a smoke monster that was dead, but not dead, then actually dead after finally being “undead-ed.”

    And what was up with the pregnancy issue?!

    Yes, even with the nonsensical plot progression, Angel Beats somehow feels like it was planned 1000x more than Lost ever was.

  5. Oh damn, I realized the Kamiya does do a lot of that “passionate guy talking” thing.

  6. Kanade really is very cute “You didn’t know?”. And she called Otonashi by name. That’s almost as significant as if Nagato ever let slip a “Kyon”.

    I think the problem with Yurippe is that ever since episode 5, she’s been pushed into the background while Kanade is being brought to the foreground. Denied an enemy to fight, and questioning the existence of the god she thought she was fighting she’s been more melancholy Haruhi than megalomaniac Haruhi.

    Likewise I really hope they don’t try to wrap up all the SSS-dans regrets in just three episodes. 24 episodes would definitely have been better for this show (not to mention help prop up the summer season).

  7. Well if you look at the series that P.A.Works has busted out in the past, there really aren’t sequels being thrown about which is really depressing for me because like everyone else I can’t see this show being wrapped up nicely in 4 more episodes. It’s been relatively really well done thus far and I’d hate for something that I decided was a 10 out of 10 this season at episode 4 to be rushed to an ending. I’m just really curious how they thought they could wrap up a show with 10+ active characters in 13 episodes, I mean look at Durarara, there’s a lot of characters there, not as many as Angel Beats, but still a LOT and they realized it would take 26 episodes and thus planned for it. But really, leave it to Jun Maeda to get the audience attached to the characters, it’s that terribly bitter awesomeness that leaves you wanting more but you know it’s going to end and that sucks.
    TK is cool ‘n all but I want more Yui, Yui is AWESOME.

  8. Let’s hope there’s Angel Beats After… a 24 episode Angel Beats After…

    And darn I’m dead wrong on why everyone is send to this afterlife world. I thought it’s because they had pitiful life that everyone commit suicide but turn out to be because they have just pitiful life.

    PS. Now I feel like the ED song is for Kanade and not Yuri.

  9. >(If only we can get a meido outfit on Tenshi. Good things will only happen.)

    Ask and ye shalt receive. (Not talking about the anime though, it won’t happen ;_;)

  10. Tetradact: Thats too expressive to be Kanade. If she was looking at it in slight bewilderment like in episode 5, that’d be more Tenshi.

  11. ooooooooooooooooooooooo myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goooooooooooood

  12. Haesslich: Can’t get everything in life brah, must be thankful for what we have.

  13. The ponytail picture was fine, but I’m with Haess on this one, that embarrassed look just isn’t her. A curious look however would be perfect.

  14. I’m jealous with Otonashi (Yuzuru), at least PA works knows which character for them is the best. I still can’t believe that Tenshi is at no.10 spot while Yurippe at no.1 in April’s Top Female Anime Characters.

  15. I’m just surprised that Otonashi made it seven days, considering how much internal bleeding he had.

  16. @ragingduck Otonashi is almost a Commissar Yarrick. If only he stubbornly refuse to die until he sees first light after seven days, THEN DIE, then he would be eligible to be an everyman Yarrick. Oh, to hell with that! He is only qualified if he didn’t die from internal bleeding, and had the offending organs replaced with bionics and he goes around rescuing people from train crashes ever since.

  17. Mince: if he was a Yarrick, he’d have found the guy who stole his water, torn him open, and wouldve replaced his organs with that bastard’s.

  18. @Haesslich: How about Otonashi refuses to die for seven days despite internal bleeding, pass out when the rescuers arrive, wakes up and finds the bastard who stole the water and then tear him into bits and take his organs to replace his damaged ones (graft rejections be damned), then go around rescuing people from train crashes ever since? Does that make him a Yarrick?

  19. Bah! Yarrick got a laser stare because the orks thought he could kill them with a look, and by the Emperor, he would! Otonashi’s not even a Saint Ollanius Pius, much less a Yarrick. Now if he’d actually gone out, torn the guts out of the guy who stole his water, used them in the way I’d mentioned, and then stared the rubble out of his way, he’d be a Yarrick.

    But he’s not, which is why he’s getting man-man crushed by Naoi and everyone else. Only Kanade stands between him and this Yurippe-wished fate.

  20. @Haesslich: But, but, they can’t animate Otonashi that way! He would be too awesome to be stuck with the likes of the SSS. Instead, he wouldn’t even be dead!

  21. And that’s why he’s no Yarrick. Nor a hero – just a siscon who died and was sentenced to BL High for his troubles with only a golden-eyed Kanade to stand between him and the Slannesh-serving Yurippe who would sacrifice him to the Chaos gods if not for Kanade.

  22. I was pretty enraged at no TK this episode.

    Funny (and true) story, after watching a video that was (sadly short) with just TK after watching this. I got a massive squirting nosebleed. I am not kidding. I guess what it took was TK to break me. I am going to go pound my head on a wall.

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