holy shit, fall can’t come soon enough

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The summer season might not look appetizing, but, holy shit, if all of these shows actually make it on fall, it’ll be epic. Sora no Otoshimono (with Astraea), Deadman Wonderland, and The World God Only Knows already make it anticipation-worthy… but… the return of Code Geass?! Hell. Yeah.

(Not to mention Gundam 00 Jupiter. Or if Kyoto’s Nichijou is going to make it on in fall.)

(Though summer isn’t that bad. Besides forgetting Break Blade, the previous list didn’t have on it… Black Lagoon 3.)

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  1. I’m actually extremely excited for Bakuman, unfortunately when fall comes around ill be in school, so i may not have the time to keep up with everything, but HOLY SHIT, Fall season does indeed look to be EPIC.

  2. I hope they can animate Bakuman well enough to live up with their manga counterpart. I also looking forward to Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, I heard it’s quite promising. Definitely a season to look forward to, without having to compare to Summer…. (Gonna be a boring summer for me since every series I follow will end there and I don’t like many of the show in summer, except HSotD and Black Lagoon 3 if they really do that)

  3. It’s been decided which studio will do TWGOK?

  4. Forgive me for being just a little bit sceptical of this list. Deadman Wonderland has sat around in pre-production hell for god knows how long and I didn’t know it had gotten to the stage that they could confirm a release yet.

    Still, even without Deadman Wonderland, that’s still a pretty epic lineup.

  5. When I saw the title “My little sister can’t be this cute”, I assumed you photoshopped all the titles to make them fit (like that Zetsubou-sensei episode with the book renaming battle). Imagine my disappointment. Don’t count me in for this season just yet. I did notice the series descriptions from whoever makes these have a different, crazy style this time around- I guess i shouldn’t have complained that they were boring. o_O

  6. GEASS?! AWESOME. Was the first season of Letter Bee any good, anyone?

  7. @Scamp:I’m starting to have doubts too, the art seems strange to me does Elsee always had such a big cleavage?

  8. @Rockmanshii: That’s the cover art for the preview/demo TWGOK chapter, i.e. the precursor to the current series before the character designs were finalised. I guess whoever put that image together just googled for TWGOK to get a picture for it and that one was listed first.

  9. Fortune Arterial!

  10. Three shows there that I’ll be watching for sure. Naturally TWGOK, and Bakuman since I’ve been enjoying the manga. Third pick is Code Geass, hoping for similar awesome trainwreck the main series’ two seasons were – but that’s Sunrise’s forte, so chances are good. And Letter Bee getting another season? Didn’t know anyone even watched the first (I dropped it after two episodes).

  11. sora, cg, twgok

  12. So…who is animating The World God Only Knows? Please don’t say Deen! Please don’t say Deen!

  13. @Some Random Guy
    wiki says the studio is Manglobe

  14. Apparently TWGOK is being animated by Manglobe which has a quite a list of good shows. I’m positively optimistic. Though they did do The Sacred Blacksmith….


    Diffentilty watching:
    Code Geass: The Trainwrecking
    Deadman Wonderland

  15. OH GEASS NO!

  16. gotta admit i’m very excited for sora no otoshimono 2, given that the manga has made quite the interesting turn.

  17. Don’t just need to rely on Wikipedia for confirmation of Manglobe being the TWGOK studio. It’s also noted in the raw for chapter 100.

    The cast is supposed to be announced in the next Shounen Sunday (w/ chapter 101). Wonder how much detail we’ll get on that. Will it just be Keima and Elsee announced (and maybe Hakua), or will we get voices for some of the capture targets (thus giving us an idea how long/how much will be adapted)? As long as it’s Mamoru Miyano or Jun Fukuyama for Keima, I can probably take anyone else for the other characters. but since we’re getting a studio with the apparently high production values of Manglobe, one can hope for a deserved all-star cast…

    And has it actually been announced that it’ll be airing this fall? Seems a little soon, since they just announced it was getting an adaptation a month or so ago…

    I’ve been waiting for ‘My Little Sister can’t be this cute’, and ‘The world that only god knows’ seems great as well :D

  19. Fall has always been the epic ones *A* Letter Bee 2 looks good from the picture, wth happened, i cbs finishing S1, too slow for me and so much Lag crying. But holy crap, so many many fall series piled into one. epicccccccc

  20. err where can i get hi-res version of that chart?

  21. isn’t Gundam Unicorn episode 2 slated for Fall also?
    Here’s hoping for a Fukuyama Jun VA for Keima

  22. @Neriya:oh I didn’t know thanks.
    @deadguy: yes it is, if someone could tell me why sunrise take all their time to do it, will be more than 5 months since episode 1 is out. I don’t think it takes that much time to translate to other languages to release the blu ray internationally like the first one.I’m good for Jun too.

  23. That season looks so frickin’ epic, I thought Jason was trolling us with made-up shows. I mean, really, after the last few seasons of damn-near total drek, we get this?

  24. I’m probably one of the few people here who isn’t looking forward to Sora no Otoshimono 2 or TWGOK (never appealed to me). However, the Fall season has four notables for me, which is actually the same as the Summer season, which everyone else seems to find mediocre.

    >>>Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
    Started reading this series quite a while back. It has good suspense, which I hope will be adequately conveyed in the anime.

    >>>My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute
    This series I actually only started reading a few months back, but it had me at the first chapter. Simply a great series.

    >>>Deadman Wonderland
    I must say, I like this series even more so than Eureka Seven, which itself was a pretty good series. Let the Carnival begin!!

    >>>Code Geass Gaiden

    I have quite a varied taste, so I pretty much find that pretty much every anime season has something in it for me.

  25. Oh Geass Yes!!!

  26. Gay Ass to the max ! Hell yeah !

  27. Mmmmmh…. I still like more the Summer Season. Zombies and Witches, yeay!

  28. Ore no Imouto (My little sister can’t be this cute) is an awesome read. Cannot wait for the fall.

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