parallel works 2, kiyal’s magical time is indeed magical

A Gurren Lagann post?! What next? An Evangelion post in 120 minutes? Loved the new Parallel Works featuring Magical Girl Kiyal and Darry doing their best three minute impersonation of Nanoha and Fayt. Thanks anya, it is awesome.

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  1. Darry was awesome. Summoning Gurren Lagann was fucking awesome.

  2. Derailed by Darry, indeed. Nice to see Gainax messing around with non-NGE properties, ja?

  3. Wait, Jason comments on this, instead of Kittan’s PW2 video, or Nia’s The Sense of Wonder? I’m shocked.

  4. Great that Gainax still making this lol

  5. Cuteness overload!!!

  6. Fuck, I’d totally watch this. So adorable.

  7. The K-On!-ification of Gainax has begun. And seeing that they’ve put KyoAni in their place with the latest spanking, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  9. Yeah, but why the heck does she blush ALL the time ? Man even when in class adoring Yomako-sensei…

  10. Did I hear nyan nyan ?

  11. I was mostly reminded of Mayoi Snail’s opening, both the song and video were very similar in style, so rather than going the way of Kyoto I think Gainax is going after a Shaft approach, their latest project seems to affirm this

  12. Oh my god, what did I just watch?
    If Gainax made this into a series, it would be like printing their own money.
    As remm commented, it was very much like the Mayoi Snail opening.
    Not that this is a bad thing.

  13. A shame it’s not a pilot or anything, I’d totally watch it.

    Same for Black Rock Shooter.

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