what was cut from nakedo snake

From Sporeblog:

“Kanbaru, right now, I’m interested in girls underwear.”

“Oh ho. What a coincidence, so am I. I think of girls underwear as a work of art. I see we share a common interest, Araragi-senpai.”

Why was Bakemonogatari 15 episodes while Ikkitousen is going to cross the 60 episode mark? Isn’t this like stretching out The Old Man and the Sea to War and Peace length while condensing War and Peace to The Old Man and the Sea length? Though I’m still wondering why we needed 40 episodes of Hidamari Sketch… *shakes fist at Shaft* Damn you Shaft! Is it too early to start calling for a Madhouse remake of Bakemonogatari?

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  1. Hidamari Sketch is so brilliant, I could easily watch 120 episodes and honestly enjoy every single one. And it’s Nadeko btw.

  2. well, I’m sure you already know this but the answer is that they can afford to put out more hidamari sketch and ikkitousen for a lot less money since hidamari sketch is pretty simple animation wise and ikkitousen is basically just tracking shots of people with their clothes getting blown off.

  3. ^Bakemonogatari too isn’t a hassle to animate I bet you could make a 20 minutes episodes consisting of only the still frames of the entire series.Shaft are just trolling us.
    I like Hidamari sketch more than K-on! Now’s the time to shoot me if you want.

  4. I’ll take 15 episodes of condensed awesome like Bakemonogatari over 60 episodes of crap like Ikkitousen any day.

    Given how well it’s done I’d be stunned if we didn’t get more Bakemono anyway. There’s heaps of light novel material left for them to cover – three whole novels, with five arcs total. And bear in mind that what they did cover in the 15 episodes so far was only two novels’ worth of material.

  5. There’s still room for an The Adventures of Ragiko-chan and Curvy Kanbaru OVA.

  6. You know, asking this on the Internet is basically daring SHAFT to not do another episode of Bakemonogatari ever again, in favor of more massacred Vampire Bund.

  7. So, it would end with a young Russian aristocrat, dreaming of lions frolicking on the shores of the Black Sea, while wearing exciting lace underwear, imprinted with the hammer and scythe?
    Ok, so the Bolshevik didn’t take over for a while, anachronism be damed.

  8. Bakemonogatari used to be awesome. You know, back when it aired with reasonable frequency.

  9. >nakedo snake
    Ahah, so that’s what the subtitle of the next Metal Gear Solid is going to be. MGS: naked snake.

  10. It’s like Shaft doesn’t want to make money.

  11. Don’t worry just look at the BD sales figure, we will get a lot more Bakemonogatari in the future

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