let’s lagoon, yet another rip-off of lost?

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I actually kinda liked the concept of an anime Blue Lagoon… but… it wasn’t to be.

With smoke monsters, The Others, a purgatory-ish theme, and now a hatch, Angel Beats has become Jun Maeda’s re-imagining of Lost… except everyone’s enjoying happy school days instead of being on an island. So let me introduce Let’s Lagoon, which is absolutely nothing like Lost.

It starts off like many typical shounen manga– boy washes up on shore of a deserted island, and, egads, has amnesia. He tries to survive on his own, discovers how tough it is, and ends up crying like Shinji Ikari. Then he discovers that the island isn’t deserted– a cute girl, a classmate of his, also is stranded on this island, and she depends on him to live. (She can best be described as “a blind Anri Sonohara without a bra.”) The two get into typical harem situations, find other people on the island, and Nagasarete Airantou breaks out.

(And, no, Ikuto, Suzu, and friends aren’t the anime Blue Lagoon. They’re more like Survivor meets The Bachelor, complete with the fantasy suite.)

I kid. Lost breaks out. There’s something special about that island, and the key to all the mysteries so far– I’m not kidding– is a blood-stained, time-traveling bra.

The story is nowhere to the point at where it is in Angel Beats as there’s only ten chapters so far, but it’s a good read, and I’m on my toes as to what happens next. The story went from romance to OMFGBBQWTF pretty quick.

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  1. Have you tried Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer? Knights with psychic powers battle a mage to prevent a giant hammer from falling down from space destroying earth. As far as I can tell, it’s a story about growing up.

  2. For once I knew about this before your introduction, if you want romance you should try Countrouble.

  3. Beowulf is right, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer is a must-read; it’s quirky and a lot of fun, even the funky art style helps.

  4. I recommend “Immortal Regis” which currently has an ongoing sequel by the name of “Cavalier of the Abyss”.

  5. It’s “The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer”. The title loses some impact when you English up its engrish.
    But it is indeed quite awesome. It has one of the more stereotypical setups I’ve seen, but it throws some rather bizarre characters into it while showing quite an astounding knowledge of tropes and how to subvert them. And then, later on, its levels of badassery approach Gurren Lagann proportions, albeit generally on an Earthly scale. It’s one of those mangas that hooked me within the first few pages.

  6. Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer is great. Let’s Lagoon is off to a good start. Thought at first it was going to be a supernatural Lost in Blue, but ended up being pleasantly surprised.
    And if we’re recommending mangas again: Amnesia Labyrinth. It’s written by the writer of Haruhi and has high “Wait, WTF?” and psycho killer loli psuedo-BMW potential.

  7. I’ll check into LBH after I’m done with my next read, Those Who Chase the Butterfly. It’s like Catch Me If You Can, only with a valid reason for toplessness and is set in a futuristic environment. No clue why all the manga I’m reading recently involve magical bras– I swear, I didn’t plan on it.

  8. I recommend “Immortal Regis” which currently has an ongoing sequel by the name of “Cavalier of the Abyss”.

    Hell yeah. Immortal Regis and Cavalier of the Abyss are two of my all-time favorites.

    And if you’re in the mood for another unique romance, I’d recommend Mama wa Doukyuusei if you haven’t read it already.

  9. just read the 10 chapters in one go, pretty good stuff. too bad next issue aint until august…..

  10. Heh, well you beat me to this one; I was toying with the idea of writing about it too. I expected Blue Lagoon and I got the Twilight Zone.

  11. So, upon seeing this post, went to read it. I’m actually kind of surprised, got kind of nervous, worried and all that nice stuff. I really don’t get into manga too often, so that its getting me to pull a bit of the, “Holy shit? What jsut happened?” stuff is pretty good right there.

    That said, its only chapter 10 and well, being a manga, and how many “started alright and went to hell” shows and comics I’ve watched or read, so we’ll see. But so far, I do like the main guy. I wouldn’t say he Shinji’d out quite much. He’s kind of more BSOD’d when he was carving ab oat, but yeah.

    Anyhow, kind of waiting for the next issue. Pondering volunteering to help on its staff:)

    And stuff.

  12. “No clue why all the manga I’m reading recently involve magical bras– I swear, I didn’t plan on it.”
    Karma, perhaps?

  13. Jason you are dense. The clue to it all is the Watch being 10 days behind.
    I actually am enjoying this read. Tho it comes in short waves. *rimshot*

  14. Of course it’s not an anime Blue Lagoon- you can’t have that without Haruka Minami and her Amazing yellow bikini.

  15. Darn… and here I thought that this post would be about Black Lagoon Season 3, [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgJQ2GsDnHE]Roberta’s Blood Trail[/url].

    Psycho Meido, Loli Meido, EMO-Distortion Faces, Gun-Fu, more Engrish than an English teacher can spin at…

    Any plans to blog about it?


  16. The mention of Haruka Minami makes me question the image for this post. How can we be sure that isn’t Mako-chan.

  17. Might try it :D

  18. @ithekro: Lack of hairclips.

  19. Cage of Eden is also alot like Lost.

  20. The Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer is almost done as a manga, there are no more arcs. It deserves animation.
    Biomeat also deserves animation IMPO.
    The breaker and veritas also need to be animated. Unfortunately Korean manhwa gets hammered when animated. So it may be better to wait on those a bit.

  21. Started reading another romance one called Sankarea by the same guy who did Umisho, it looks good too and reaaaaly cute.

  22. Last post on this subject?
    Eden:its an endless world also deserves an anime.
    Its a sick manga.
    Thats the second Eden I have posted about here.
    Unfortunatly I have yet to finish Eden of the east.

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