cutest fail whale ever

Site was hacked, hopefully I managed to clean everything out now. For people who were unfortunate enough to visit the site when it was misdirecting people to a malware site, please clean out our cookies and Flash local objects. But this just accelerated my Twitter plans. Yes, the writer that deals in thousands of words now needs to figure out how to write in 140 characters, and you can follow me @blogsuki. I’ll try to keep my tweets on-topic… that is… whatever that means. Funny thing is that I first seriously thought of using Twitter three years ago… that failed experiment turned into the first “twittered” post.

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  1. first
    just means ur that important i guess

  2. Insinuating that Kanade has eaten a thousand too many bowls of Mapo tofu and needs to be harpooned now

  3. Atashi: I prefer to think of this as when Yuri kept screwing with Kanade, so Naoi could take over. Kanade made a great fail whale image.

    Also, Working!! 13 was… well, I think Souma might be a bit infatuated with Kotori-chan himself given what he did.

  4. Haess: I think it’s because the pluses to cross-dressing that once outweighed the minuses (getting pummeled the whole day by Inami). Take note, this is pretty much the ONLY episode where he escapes any sort of physical injury.

    Also, minute step in what I think is the right direction: he considers Inami cute! Too bad the way he rationalized it made him sound like a massive jerk.

  5. Myssa: I said Souma (as in Hiroomi), who helped force Souta into Kotori-chan mode again. He really, REALLY likes to dress Souta up, to the point of ruining his outfit. I don’t think it’s just for blackmail material either. It’s like Mizuho, all over again.

  6. Haess: I think you’re reading into it too much again. Souma is just enjoying himself at Souta’s expense, and he gets juicy details he can use as leverage at work.

  7. Good to see you got everything back up and running! I hope whatever part of the site was vulnerable is fixed too, since I wouldn’t like to see something like this happen again.

  8. First, cutest Protoss Zealot ever, not cutest fail whale ever. What’s next, cutest panda-cat ever?

  9. While I did not watch Angel Beats, I like the Fail Kanade image. I think the site should go down more often!

  10. Also, when exactly was the site hacked? I suffered an unusual number of malware attacks this week.

  11. Goddammit Jason, I’ve been resisting twitter for a long time, don’t make me start using it now ;_;

  12. If the site wasn’t back up now, I would have registered for sure today.Now I’m probably only going to do it like …tomorrow.

  13. If you disabled comments, it would not have happened.

  14. How long have you had that twitter? ‘Cuz I’m pretty sure I’ve run into a in the past, but never tweeted… you holding out on us until now?

  15. WordPress has had serious, unknown security vulnerabilities for years now, and I’ve never seen them get much attention. I was maintaining a site that was hacked, and I would have never noticed were the Internet security division at the uni’s IT department not scanning all sites on their network. Basically, the pages would look completely different to Googlebot as opposed to a standard user-agent.

    I wouldn’t use it for anything at this point.

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