tanabata wishes

I wish for… Peace. Thankfulness. Kindred. Kindness. Contentment. Nekomimi Meido. All the stuff that we could use a lot more of in the world.

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe my gaming CPU bricked on Tanabata just after coming back for 2 months. I wish for it to be fixed quickly and DON’T STOP DANCIN~

  2. Better Anime.

  3. More Bakemonogatari, like Koyomi Vamp.

  4. More bitchslappin’ in anime. Ala HotD

  5. I wish for Mazinkaiser SKL to be awesome, and more Yozakura Quartet translated.

  6. Less moe, more substance. A forlorn wish, I know.

    Quod nex ut totus hostilis Deus Imperatrix!

  7. Or the dutch winning the world cup ;)

  8. 8 more years of anime blogging ;)

  9. a life with purpose, and anime/ games with better plot, persona 5 for ps3 -.-

  10. For the earth to rotate in the opposite direction.

  11. Work has been going slowly and there never seems to be enough time at home to goof off. I wish for… an Endless Eight summer! There, I said it.

  12. I wish for a great fall season of anime and for the wait to be full of surprises…

  13. I wish Gainax would animate Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, cause that would rock SO hard.

    I wish Panty and Stocking kicks all kinds of ass. (I mean, its made by Gainax, has PPG style art, and stars a self proclaimed slut and her goth friend, who fight evil with their undergarments, it just has to.)

    And I wish I could win a lottery, not a huge prize, but enough so I can get through university, and with some shiny new degrees, some ingenuity and some luck, invent an iSlug…. and some kind laser equipped bug zapper…modeled after Metal Gear Rex….

    …it would amuse me.


  14. A new season of Kamen no Maid Guy.

  15. For idealism to become realism

  16. More Index. Less railgun.

  17. Okanade-sama my wish has been granted!!! Chapter 37 & 38 of Yozakura Quartet are out today.

  18. another season of sayonara zetsubou sensei

  19. I wish more yuri more happiness.

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