katanagatari 7

Watching Suzaku penetrate Lulu? Double rainbow. Watching Shichika penetrate Nanami? MY EYES! THEY BURN LIKE OLD SPICE!

(Eh, a simple tweet doesn’t do this episode justice. Let’s do this right.)


But do you know what’s better than a double rainbow? (Besides the mystical triple rainbow?) A double post featuring Amagami! Maybe I should have titled this post… amagami 3 / katanagatari 7. Because they are a double rainbow.

And, yes, he’s sucking on her the back of her knee, and she’s making noises not suitable for little kids. I don’t know how else to describe it. We have Junichi sucking on the back of Haruka’s knee, and we have Shichika penetrate Nanami. Couldn’t resist a double feature post. Could. Not. Resist.

(This is like Kyou and Tomoya in the gym storage shed only a million billion gazillion times creepier. I mean… where do the writers come up with this stuff? I mean… wow… just wow. This brought back memories of that horrible Cruel Intentions movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar. It had that scene where SMG told the other girl to kiss her, but not on her lips. And it wasn’t on her knee either. Or something else happened. I don’t remember. I may have to Netflix this.)


Infused with the Akutou Bita, doesn’t Nanami strangely resemble Tony Stark / Iron Man? Both depend on this weird, strangely glowing foreign substance to live, and it’s also slowing destroying them from within. It also gives them inhuman powers… my gosh. Nanami is the perfect killing machine, far surpassing iPhone 4’s antenna.

(I was debating what was a worse art decision… not giving Nanami nipples or showing shapely melonpan when none have been hinted at. I’m sure Shichika wasn’t rattled at seeing his suddenly developed older sister. Not at all.)


Cheered at all the game references, especially this not blatant enough one for Muramasa The Demon Blade. White Fox even did the world map the same way it appears in Muramasa (and, really, this anime is basically Muramasa with less blades) and the awesome da-da sound effect that’s so prevalent in Muramasa.

(Best part of Muramasa? Momohime. Second best part? Torahime and her bird-like helmet. Third best part? Fox spirits. Fourth best part? All of them. In the hot springs. Fifth best part… it was the last Wii game that I’ve purchased. And it came out in 2009. Not looking good for the ol’ Wii.)


Reminded me of the old Gunsmoke game. Man, I loved that for the NES. But pretty much any bullet hell shooter.

(No, not getting Star Successor… I’m already high on anticipation for Continuum Shift. And StarCraft 2.)


“Perhaps I should break him.”

Nanami is awesome in her evil mode. Unparalleled. She’s like the unholy bastard child of Isaiah Mustafa and Kana Minami. Unstoppable. I am disappointed Nishio Ishin decided to off her so soon… I think the consensus between most of my readers and I after episode 4 was that she would be the final boss. Unquenchable. How can this episode be topped? The only boss that could be more epic than Nanami is Hitagi Senjougahara.


“Weeding is my hobby.”

I will never look at RoundUp the same way again.


And we get General Grievous as the next boss? Maybe this is like that fail whale cutting preview… and we’ll get 45 minutes of Shichika sucking the back of Togame’s knee instead.


“Don’t look so happy after I bully you. What kind of fetish do you have?”

I think Togame would get along with Mugilicious. Very well.

(I don’t consider Togame a tsundere. She’s like a faux tsundere as in she really wants to be a tsundere but just can’t pull it off. It’s not genuine. I don’t know how better to say it.)


I never thought of that for a role play fantasy… hey, you pretend to be a hostage, and I’ll pretend to feed you soup. Then let’s say you have an itch behind your knee and the only way to make it feel better is…

(Amagami is the most bipolar harem anime I’ve ever watched. Sometimes, it wants to be sweet, gentle, and generic, like a 2010 version of To Heart. Other times, it just creeps the fuck out of me. And they haven’t even gotten to the yandere storyline yet. That’s almost as big of a turn as finding out that Nanami merged with Akutou Bita and became the feudal Japan version of Iron Man.)


The Meow Meow Attack was good, except I’ve seen Yui do it like 200,000 times to Azu-nyan already. And, really, it works so much better when the victim is a hug-able little girl.

(I take it this omnibus is going in order of the girls presented in the OP… which makes Miss Yandere last.)


Knew Togame’s plan… obviously, if Nanami’s strength is her eye, then fight in the dark. Even Sumeragi, Matt Millen, and Mike Dunleavy would have figured this one out. I’m wondering why Nanami didn’t figure it out… most likely, she did. She could always stipulate to fight during the day, but she wanted to lose. I’m just glad that the strategy didn’t involve Nanami’s knees.


Is Togame going to be like Samson? Is she going to turn into a horrible strategist after losing her hair?

(I liked this scene. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s how the hair burns, or how Nishio Ishin turned this series around yet not turn it around. Not sure if this is a stroke of genius like @oldspice or just a reaction to seeing the back of the knee sucking scene.)


It’s an abandoned shed! It’s very romantic! Who said chivalry is dead?

(Is the economy so bad in Japan that they can’t afford an hour at a love hotel?)


God Mode Nanami is God Mode Nanami. I figure this scene is a metaphor for the upcoming 2011 NBA season for the Miami Heat. I saw that Penny Hardaway wanted to join the Heat… dude’s 39, and I think I could beat him. Just depresses me that I was young enough to remember Orlando assembling a super team of Shaq, Penny, and Horace Grant… and that got them nowhere. I really don’t like watching my sports stars getting old. Reminds me too much of my own mortality. Wait, Jose Canseco looks like that now? How many ex-wives are suing Shawn Kemp? Shaq weights how much now?!


“For someone like you, this is enough. You are already dead.”

We desperately need to get Nanami into Fist of the North Star. I’m still not clear if Nanami would have killed Shichika. Seemed like she left enough openings for Shichika to penetrate her, yet she didn’t do much to attack him directly. Was she doing this because she didn’t want to die alone on the island? But massacring so much innocent people to get here… sheesh, she is fucked up. Congrats! You’re joining the Yandere Pantheon with Yuno Gasai.


Only a little creepy that she’s missing a heart. Still have a hard time accepting that Nanami’s not going to be the final boss… who will it be? Togame? Nanami comes back to life like a bad Sunrise anime? I’m intrigued. I just hope it’s not a shitty manimanimanimani ninja.


“Good job killing me.”


18 Responses to “katanagatari 7”

  1. I knew you wouldn’t miss this chance for a penetration joke and I thought since episode 1 Nanami would be last boss.

    I was also shocked, nothing hinted that Nanami’s melonpan was baked by solar hands user Azuma Kazuma. Nanami would be a Nanto Seiken user if she gets into Fist of the North Star,cutting weed everywhere, and learning techs to weak yourself is madness.Only final boss more powerful they can fight is Medaka-chan.Or Sub Zero.

  2. The only thing bother me is why there is no wound in nanami back after sichika penetrate her?

  3. I can’t decide if Haruka is really enthusiastic, or just kinky. Like you say, Amagami has been split about equally between “D’aaaaw” moents and “BLAAAUGH!” moments.

    As for Katanagatari, it’s holding up far better than I thought it would. A twelve-episode OVA stretched out over a year, based one of Nishio Ishin’s weaker stories? But about once a month I start thinking “Hey, shouldn’t there be a new episode of Katanagari soon?” And like clockwork, there it is. Contrast that with Gundam UC, which I initially had high hopes for, but have more or less forgotten about. Six months between episodes, Goddamit, Sunrise. God DAMN it.

  4. Darn it, now where will I get my monthly dose of creepy sister?

  5. If Katanagatari is one of his weaker stories they need to animate all of the stronger ones RIGHT. ****ING. NOW.

    Whole thing comes off as a really awesome parody of shounen generally to me.

  6. zodmaner : try Onii-chan Control by the mangaka of Karin. Sick little bitch. The sister, that is.

  7. Yeah, seriously creepy Amagami this week. Enthusiastic back-of-knee kissing and publicly acted hostage fantasies are not what I signed up for. Wonder how many of the 10 odd groups that are subbing this show are regretting their decision now.

  8. Neriya: About as many of the groups who signed up for Haruhi S2 regretted subbing Endless Eight eight times, I suspect. Plus, it’s fanservice of the type other than ‘show tits and ass’, so that lack of mindless T&A makes some people upset.

  9. the story kind a blurry i think

  10. Now I got to watch Amagami. And I will miss Nanami, she would been great in School Days lol

  11. Haesslich: “Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki ja Nai n da kara ne” is along the same lines as Onii-chan Control and is quite funny as well.

    In regards to Amagami, I think they did an awesome job with ep3; no matter how creepy or unrealistic it is, it’s certainly a great offset to the bland and boring typical dating sim shows.

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAavGv-OzXY


  13. Amagami wasn’t all that surprising. Endless Eight was pretty much out of the blue, whereas I thought there were lots of little hints that Haruka and Nii-Ni were deliciously broken from the beginning.

    Darn it, now where will I get my monthly dose of creepy sister?

    Amnesia Labyrinth or the aforementioned Onii-chan Control. Or for a quick fix, one of the recently scanlated Higurashi Kataribanashi-hen chapters has some Sonozaki sisters being quite creepy http://img191.imageshack.us/im.....imit49.png.

  14. Damn, this episode of amagami could make develop some new fetish

  15. I think, I should watch Amagami now… :D

  16. Holy shit, I forgot about Amagami…thank you Jason!

  17. Nanami is the best boss character I’ve seen in a while. Creepy till the goddamn end. I just love her.

  18. So I just marathoned Katanagatari, which is the first anime I’ve seen in a few years. So I’m googling Nanami cos her character is awesome, and this post pops up. So I had to say “hey”. And Nanami is awesome.

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