high school of the dead 4

“If I want to survive in this monster filled world, I need a woman.”

Wow, just wow. We’re only four episodes in, and half this episode is a recap. Sure, not much happens here except Rei getting sexually assaulted, but we couldn’t smash together a few chapters of new content? Not even Sunrise has the gall to give us a recap after three episodes. Damn, when did BP purchase Madhouse anyway?

Dude looks like an extra from Soul Eater. I like the literal saw teeth and the half bracers as well as the skintight cap over bandanna look…

… but not as much as I like Takashi going from not knowing how to use a gun to turning into John Rambo (in, uh, one or two episodes). He ever masters firing guns while using Rei’s melonpan as a stabilizer. They don’t even do that on Top Shot.

(They eventually deal with the cost benefit of using guns. On one hand, they do a lot of damage. On the other, they attract zombies with the noise. Of course, no one thinks of using a silencer.)

Either stroke of genius or utter facepalm that the orgy bus will play a major role in the upcoming plot arc. If you can consider that a plot arc. It’s on par with Afternoon Tea Time trying to prepare for the upcoming school festival in terms of plot-like substance.

(Because this episode was just mostly recap and Rei/Takashi stuff, no annoying pink-haired girl and no annoying Sound Effect-sensei. Still doesn’t make up for the fact that this episode is made of recycled goods.)

Things I like? “Shaun.” Good, smart homage to Shaun of the Dead. Now I’m hoping we’ll see sunflowers and pea shooters later on.

Things I don’t like? Rei and Takashi having a lover’s quarrel. Wait, why are you two fighting? Rei’s nit-picking and Takashi’s being insensitive? Work it out later, when there’s fewer zombies around. Especially zombies attracted to the loud noises you’re making during this lover’s quarrel.

(What frequency of sounds attract the zombies? Like is it in the 220Hz range where a vuvuzela would be like mana from heaven for them? Or higher frequency? Or are they more broadband?)

Alright, same mistake the idiot in Iriya no Sora made. Do not leave your girlfriend alone while you go check out gravure magazines at the gas station. Just bad idea. If there’s a zombie infestation… wouldn’t you want to stick together? If there’s anything L4D and Alien Swarm taught me, it’s that sticking together is good.

(Also, if Rei didn’t notice some creepy guy breathing heavily approaching her, what good is she doing out there as a sentry?)

Duel wield 4tw!

From last time when I asked which class would have the best chance of surviving zombies…

InvalidName: Negi’s class, at least the way people are in the latest chapters, should do quite well too. Sure, they might be noisy enough to attract every zombie within 10 miles, but that’s more of a problem for the zombies I think.

A problem with Negi’s class is, as pointed out, they are noisy as heck. Plus, some Ken Akamatsu-originated deus ex machina will screw with them. More importantly, they don’t have a master strategist… I have as much faith in Negi as I do in Tony Hayward.

ithekro: Plus Sagara can call in an airstrike/mecha attack from his orginization’s isolated submarine base of operations. (If he as access to his Bonta-kun suits all the better.)

Yes, I completely forgot about Full Metal Panic. Damn. You have all the proper pieces… Sagara is an one man burning force. Laevatein is a worthy zombie-clearning mecha, but the army of Bonta-kuns really make the difference. I mean… I’m convinced an army of Bonta-kuns could have taken down Ribbons Armark faster than Celestial Being. Mao and Weber as support? Awesome. Tessa as tactician? Huge upgrade over Sumeragi. And they have a sub that they could hide in until shit blows over. Plus, Chidori is a major wild card. She’s like a gamebreaking buff for Sagara. I’ll put FMP in the top three.

kaaahn: Well of course it would have to be the SOS-dan. They have God and a godly alien. Bring Ryouko back from Canada and you’re set. Plus you have Mikuru as sacrifice fodder when you’re in a pinch.

Oh fuck no. You sacrifice the smug gay guy before you sacrifice the hawt meido. Andohbytheway, are you David Kahn, the atrocious GM of Minnesota? Because sacrificing the epic pantheon-class meido over Itsuki is a David Kahn move. Gotta love it when random people I don’t think follow basketball tweet “KAAAAAAAHN!!!” after yet another horrible David Kahn move. And, yes, @sportsguy33 is the Shatner to Kahn’s, uh, Kahn.

crazydave: A Certain Scientific Railgun/A Certain Magical Index. Either Biri Biri can destroy them all or touma can just touch them and the zombies with turn human again.

Another solid choice. Only issue is that Index herself would become a zombie faster than Jay Leno can backstabs Conan O’Brien. But really only Biri Biri could fight… Touma might not be able to do much, Index is Uchida-class useless, Saten is Marina-class useless, Kuroko would be too busy trying to get Mikoto on the orgy bus, and Accelerator is half-dead. Okay, might not be that solid. I would rank Keroro platoon, Negi’s class, and Tenchi Muyo’s harem over them at this point.

(Come on! He has the light hawk wings and everything! Only issue is if he falls in love with a zombie… then they’re screwed. And, yes, it’s entirely possible. Wasn’t that the plot for Tenchi in Tokyo? He fell in love with a zombie?)

Giant Humanoid Robot: HaruhiNyoro~n Churuya-san: Ne ne Kyon-kun Kyon-kun! Do you have any BRAAAAAAINS?

Winner winner chicken dinner! Quick, someone make a Churuya zombie 4koma!

(Thank Okanade-sama for my readers. Gives me something to write about despite having so little actual content in the episode.)

Definitely shot-by-shot remake… will Madhouse censor or tone down the massive bath fanservice scene (next episode?!?)? I like how they explain in the manga, “All the girls are taking a bath together… just because!”

(Just wondering how Rei’s thigh highs stay so high during all of this commotion. Is it like J-Lo’s dress where one would tape the socks high?)

And this huge traffic jam… wouldn’t zombies be flocking to it? It’s noisy as heck! Trying to analyze this show gives me a headache. BRAAAAAINS! I NEED BRAAAAAINS (on HSotD‘s writing staff)! BRAAAAAAINS!

Best part of the episode was the haunting music that played as Rei and Takashi rode through the lifeless town. If the zombies are attracted to noise, why not put a huge sound system with vuvuzela’s blaring on a loop somewhere? Won’t all the zombies be all attracted to that? And the zombies must have some other sense as they don’t start doing the PACHOMP PACHEWY CHOMP biting motion until they close in on a target. And what’s stopping the zombies from feasting on each other?

(Maybe it’s the StarCraft 2 installer talking, but I’m rooting for a Kerrigan-like arc where Rei gets left in a pile of zombies after Takashi abandons her to save everyone else. She doesn’t just turn into a zombie but becomes the queen hivemind zombie out to get revenge on Takashi. That would be awesome.)

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  1. Rei becomes Queen of the Damned, eh?

    Yeah, like that would ever happen.

  2. I’m still enjoying this even if it is basically a shot by shot remake. Though the recap four episodes in is nearly as ballsy as Endless Eight…

    Zombies in HSOtD really only work as deus ex machinas, I mean, most of the real substance is how the humans react to each other in a society that’s collapsing/collapsed.

    Zombies you react to by running away from or killing, humans are much more complicated…

  3. 1) A gun with a silencer sounds like… a gun that is slightly less likely to rupture your eardrum.
    2) A suppressor on a revolver does about as much as goggles would on the zombie chow in this episode: that is, “zey do nauthing!”

  4. Andohbytheway, tape is indeed sometimes involved in keeping those socks – especially baggy ones – up.

  5. Why yes, I am David Kahn. Brb, currently working on trading Nagato to Clannad for Fuko and Asakura to Kanon for Ayu. Was offered Tomoyo and Mai respectively, but they just don’t fit in with my ‘100 Year’ rebuilding plan. Also looking to dump Haruhi for some zombie sacrifice fodder and a trade exception.

  6. An F4? What is this, 1975?

  7. Only sad thing: there are no gay couples in the series. To balance with all those boing-boings…

  8. I see that Jason is also smoking the sweet opium pipe that is Starcraft II.

    @chartsuki: I agree that on most weapons a silencer is anything but. However a silencer can muffle certain weapons so you can only hear the hammer. Like this .22: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v.....R1IMO0FAAE

    @kaaahn: It’s Battlefield Earth, AND THAT IS ALL THEY HAVE LEFT!!!1one

  9. >> Now I’m hoping we’ll see sunflowers and pea shooters later on.

    Awesome game.

  10. Sock glue, my boy, not tape.
    Also, the only physics that matter in HSotD are the kind that make boobs jiggle.

  11. @cheez-it: A suppressor on a revolver is pointless 99.999% of the time, and certainly on the revolver they have. Review: where does sound from a gun come from? Expanding gasses (I know, I know, supersonic ammunition makes a mini-sonic boom. SHHHHHH.). What do suppressors do? Slow down and/or redirect escaping gasses. What do most revolvers have? A gap between the cylinder and barrel that lets gas out. Where does a suppressor go? On the end of the barrel. Not going to work. You need a purpose-built revolver and/or ammunition take care of that.
    @Alice: That’s, uh, that’s what I meant. I mean, duh. Right? *looks around* *flees*
    @ithekro: F-4s played a fairly important role for the USAF as recently as the Gulf War; don’t knock the Brick. Anyhow, a good portion of the JASDF are Phantom IIs. Considering how people complain about how expensive the F-15 and F-16 (much less, their stealth fighter program), it’ll be a while before those go away.

  12. Nah I suspect the zombies would leave her alone cause the only thing coming out of her mouth would be nagging ” Takashi the zombies ripped my clothes when they turned me but at least they don’t talk back to me like you do at least “

  13. @ithekro: I had a similar response, but according to a quick Google-ing, a modified version of the aerial reconnaissance variant was still in service with the JASDF as of 2007.

    In other news, I found my Zombie Survival Guide in the closet! Yay!

  14. Absolutely love the SP reference in there. Classic.

  15. I bet Rei uses Sock Glue. Best stuff ever.

  16. Needs more Kouta Hirano.

  17. I watched all 5 episodes now i’m waiting for the rest of em!!!! can’t wait xD

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