the belly button kissing chapter

“I love you from the back of my knee navel of my belly…”


“Okay, I’m going to kiss your belly button! I’ll do it to the best of my abilities.”

Had I known that each haremette would get a different weird body part kissed, I would have ranked Amagami number one for thin slicing. Riveting to see what happens with the remaining four girls… especially the final yandere boss. Just… I dunno… it just takes this otherwise paint-by-the-numbers harem slice-of-life series to a new level. Junichi seriously thought it was a good idea to kiss a girl’s belly button in the middle of a crowded library! (This common sense, though, does qualify him to work for Sunrise.) He also thought it was a good idea to threaten her with belly button rape. I mean… wow… just wow.

(Even better was his original idea to tickle her to death… in a crowded library. “We’re going to laugh and giggle in the Shakespeare aisle… they’ll never suspect a thing!”)


But, you know what, man knows what he’s talking about. This isn’t… bad? In terms of anime, isn’t getting to see something like this the equivalent of getting to second base?

(My followers on Twitter were suggesting that Junichi gun for ankles, elbows, arms, necks, ears, and backs next. At this rate, by the time we get to the class rep, I’m sure Junichi is going to be sucking on her big toe.)


Enjoyed how Kaoru didn’t think much of Junichi until Junichi planted the thought that he thought she would confess to him in her mind. Inception! It worked too.

(That said, isn’t Haruhi Suzumiya just a time-traveling version of Inception?)

(Also liked how Kaoru kept pushing for the crab dish. Crab is delicious.)


Just a perfect screenshot to show Junichi checking out Kaoru’s zettai ryouiki. Tremendous. He follows trends and starts them… is Junichi a leading candidate for male lead of the year? His lips and eyes know no bounds. If he does a double rainbow routine with delicious Tsukasa thighs, it’ll be very hard to surpass him.


Well, at least the previous reboot haremette got a line in, though it did sound like she was considering various Johnnies… instead of colleges… or dogs. “I like the strong and long type.” Why isn’t her friend also a scoreable haremette?


“You licked, did you?”

The belly button kissing is great enough, but what about…


… getting caught by your little sister while you’re doing it? This is probably as awkward as your little sister discovering your stash of little sister doujinshi. And I don’t get my Miya-Miya seems to be, uh, nicer to Kaoru than she was to Haruka. She also doesn’t seem to have the same brocon qualities that she had previously. Mmm…


Only in anime can a guy run like a frightened child from the loving grip of a woman… and then redeem himself ten minutes later by licking her belly button lint.

(Though I like Kaoru’s messy hair… it looks like she’s always up for some wild animal luvin’. I probably should have stopped the post a sentence ago, shouldn’t I?)

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  1. I propose achilles tendon next! Armpit is fine too.

  2. I love her Zettai Ryouiki but apart from that I still prefer Haruka more ( I even prefer her friend). I’m so going to get flamed for this.

  3. I’d that belly button.

  4. Eh, Jun1 kissing Kaoru’s navel is apparently TAME in comparison to the next girls in line. And this is just through second-hand spoilers.

  5. >(Though I like Kaoru’s messy hair… it looks like she’s always up for some wild animal luvin’. I probably should have stopped the post a sentence ago, shouldn’t I?)

    Holy crap, Jason. You mean you never knew about the SEX HAIR meme? My mind is blown.

  6. I have just cleared the Force of Darkness Achievement and I approve this hair.

  7. Considering how many different body parts there are, and assuming that Junichi kisses each haremette on a different body part, “Amagami” SS could — in theory — be as long-running as “One Piece.”

  8. (That said, isn’t Haruhi Suzumiya just a time-traveling version of Inception?)


    Or, who planted the idea of creating a SOS dan in a school in Haruhi? Granted, John Smith gave her the idea to go to North High but…

    OT; I haven’t delved far this season. Amagami was on the list, don’t know what bumped it loose, but.

  9. Myssa Rei’s comment gives me hope since I told myself that if the kissing spots don’t get increasingly erotic as time goes on then I will be sorely disappointed. I’m also hoping for an implied sex scene with every girl like he had with Haruka. Also they should just change his character personality every arc, I wanna see Bro Junichi, and I-Know-I’m-a-Pimp Junichi.

  10. I’m a huge fan of the sex hair, but Kaoru isn’t nearly as interesting as Haruka. I’m a little disappointed, really.

  11. Myssa Rei: Eh, Jun1 kissing Kaoru’s navel is apparently TAME in comparison to the next girls in line. And this is just through second-hand spoilers.

    And even that’s nothing compared to where the deviant kisses his sister… Actually I just made that up on the spot…I hope.

  12. Just think – things can only get worse more interesting from here on in.

  13. We’re all entertained ,waiting to see which part he’ll kiss next, I still can’t believe I’m more impatient to find about this than the next episode of any other anime now.

  14. > Why isn’t her friend also a scoreable haremette?

    Spider-sense tingling!

  15. Chumara: There is a reason it’s called ‘Amagami’ (which could be translated as ‘gentle nibble’) after all, though the…inventive selection of places to kiss are just there to titillate (the Amagami SS game is NOT an eroge after all). Also, some of them are in the usual fetishy places (one of the girls has a foot fetish), so don’t be too disappointed when they do pop up.

  16. You know what I’m jealous of?
    Rubber duckies.
    Girls don’t suspect rubber duckies.

  17. I hear the ear is a very erotic oriface.

  18. Sexyhair is sexy.
    What really struck me is how Jun1 changed from arc to arc. With Haruka he was just lame, self-pitying and indecisive (granted, he changed along the way). The dog Haruka was looking for (and is still looking for according to this arc lol). Now he’s aloof, more pervert and a lot less shy. You could argue that it’s because it’s easier to be like that with an old friend than with Awesome Haruka-sempai, but I’m not sure. It’s like a different Jun1.
    Also, in this arc the focus goes more to Kaoru, I think. This two first episodes were more about what she felt towards Jun1 than the opposite. Somewhat original in a harem (just a little, mind you). Of course that may be due to Jun1 being clueless, so now that he’s already realized that Kaoru is cute (for God sake, he didn’t knew that before? That he was friends with sexyhair? Come on) we’ll probably be presented with his doubts or whatever.
    It’s true that, as a character, Haruka was probably more interesting, but I like this arc more. I lauged my ass off the first episode (what’s with Jun1 delusions about the confession) and this second one was all about Sexyhair is sexy… and übercute to boot.
    And yeah, needs more delicious Nii-nii jealousy. Nishishi. And Haruka classmate.

  19. Oh, and now Jun1 seems to have totally forgotten about being dumped. No emo moments, no closet planetarium, no bawwing about spending Christmas alone. That in itself is refreshing.
    Yeah, double postan.

  20. @-rh-

    It’s not just Junichi who seems different. Miya has changed from somewhat possessive with a brocon subtext to a more precocious younger sister. Most likely it’s because we get a different perspective when the girl who is the focus changes, so it seems as if Junichi is a different person in each arc.

    More importantly, SEXHAIR IS SEX

  21. @ her hair

    All I can see is crazy monkey sex.

    On another note, what if this is some sort of weird, Higurashi-type reboot that’s going on here! I’m personally rooting for some big, crazy reveal that makes this otherwise by-the-numbers harem anime into something so much more memorable.


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