high school of the dead 6

I remember a time when I equated zombies with something other than breasts. That time just seems so long ago.

(When will Madhouse just finally give in and animate an actual hentai series? Is this like asking when will Lindsay Lohan finally do softcore for Cinemax?)

Where’s the rubber ducky? And those aren’t flotation devices anymore. They’re more like… inflatable chutes that you slide out of planes with.

(Genius move to incorporate so much fanservice into the story… zombie thrillers are all about the same. It’s not a genre that has seen a lot of growth, so why not give it a stab with over-the-top fanservice? Couldn’t hurt, right? Okay, maybe Sound Effect Sensei could demolish buildings with her melonpan.)

Nakkid apron plus a gravity-defying ponytail? No wonder Takashi was too busy trying to hide his… uh… happy Johnny? And, yes, I’m docking points from both Hirano and Takashi for not taking advantage of the situation. And, by situation, I mean four drunk, nakkid women who very much want to enjoy their final day (?) as a non-zombie.

“It’s not like we’re in a steamy eroge.”

No way I believe all four of them can fit in a standard bathtub (or even one for couples). Their melonpan combined would displace, what, a few thousand gallons of water? I also liked their reasoning for having to bathe together… “You know why, don’t you?” Thanks for clearing that up, Saeko.

Hirano should have looked like this when he peeked on the girls, not when discovering automatic rifles. Or at least a family pack of condoms.

(Oh wait, he didn’t peek on the girls. Can we trade Hirano for Full Metal Panic‘s Weber?)

(And Blackwater… didn’t they fail miserably in Iraq. Isn’t getting training from them like getting accounting and banking advice from Lehman Brothers?)

Kinda of disappointed in this scene… maybe it’s the un-detailed animation, but Takashi was pretty gar when he declared to Rei that they’d survive no matter what. Doesn’t come through as nicely here…

… but I was a bit distracted myself to pay any attention to that. Wait, he’s stopping because he has a happy Johnny? Isn’t that a sign he should, uh, continue. “Hey guys, I have no problem bashing in flesh-eating zombies with a bat where one mistake will turn me into one… but… EEK! TITS! HELP!” Anime portrays male/female relationships as realistically as Dora the Explorer portrays oil exploration.

I do enjoy how we get a standard jpop-ish insert song during all of this. The only thing more awkward is if Afterschool Tea Time performed it. Oh, that’s a great idea! Can we get Mio performing Pure Pure Heart as Rei and Takashi kiss while police are slaughtering innocent people and zombies are feasting on human flesh?

(Most fanservice we’re going to get until the massage chapter.)

Takagi’s supposed to be the DFC of this crew… uh… where exactly in Japan do these girls shop at? Do normal shops in Japan carry such, uh, oversized gear?

Weird juxtaposition between the hell going on outside the frat house where the cast is holed up and inside that place. One is literally a hell on earth while the other could have been heaven. I’m not sure what the mangaka was shooting for there except, “Sales are slipping, might as well break out 17 solid pages of melonpan.” (Which Madhouse delivered on… for eight solid minutes. Like I said earlier, I would not be surprised if Madhouse were tapped for something like My Balls… in fact, I would suggest that idea. Like right now.)

(Or we could have Kyoto do it… and… wow… that would be as riveting as seeing the cast of Jersey Shore compete in a spelling bee.)

And, yes, it must suck to be left behind. How big of a stomach punch is it to see your coworkers get evacuated to safely while you’re stuck in zombieville? Two hour stomach punch? Or is it one that lasts until you get zombiefied?

Still enjoy how Sentai Filmworks describes this as… “HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD combines hordes of flesh-eating zombies with state of the art animation for one of the most action packed anime series ever!” Yes… action packed… truth in advertising 4tw.

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  1. What? No knee, no belly button…. no interest.

  2. I love how Sound Effect Sensei does… well, does fanservice. :D

  3. Nice, very nice from MadHouse. true fanservice.

  4. Is it just me, or are we now desensitized to melonpan? They’re such a commodity now (guess why they keep getting bigger!) that we’re practically trading derivatives on it (Haruka Minami follows a buy-and-hold strategy, hence her growth performance over the series). I’m *almost* tempted to say the same about ponytails. I mean, the realization that ponytails were turning us on was 15,532 times ago, all the way back in 2006 when aliens, time travelers and espers were cool.
    I don’t mind a ponytail/twin-tail Mio once in a while (*really* don’t mind), but aren’t we all about the back-of-the-knee & bellybutton trend bandwagon now? Aren’t we about “You *know* I had a great night last night” short messy hair styles?
    I feel like this series should’ve been aired back when 28 days later was still showing in theaters. Anime should follow a Moore’s law equivalent or something (I need an update on modern Pantheon-class terms).
    Next thing you’ll know we’ll be talking about Evangelion like it was 1996… Oh Shi- well at least they updated it as a square love, cauz triangle is so passé…

  5. Solid Screenshots goes to Saeko’s naked apron. She can join the Best Waifu award in case you need to survive a world filled with Zombies. The best part with Saeko is probably saved for 2011 second season.
    A few more days before I get my loli episode. “No Onii-chan!, I can’t hold it in.” This is better than Kiss X Sis Megane Girl.

    Makes me remember the Famicom game “Circus”.

    I want a new movie called Dance with the Zombies. This might become trendy in the future.

  6. If it’s really a declining market and physical differentiation is difficult, you could resort to image differentiation.

  7. For the record: I’m thinking that Blackwater didn’t fail at the “shooting at things” part so much as the “when not to shoot” and “don’t antagonize the locals” parts.

  8. One wonders…would the fanservice be as good if the girls were more normal-average sized….or if this was Full Metal Panic instead.

  9. It’s too late for this but the class from Gintama would cope well with a zombie outbreak, one of them would get eaten and then all of a sudden the Minami sisters become Revy, Balalaika and Roberta. Though I wonder if it counts since it’s a joke class, but I suppose you could argue that it exists. The same way that anything in Higurashi exists. Speaking of Higurashi they would do well, every time they all die it would simply reset telling them to do it properly this time. Though Nagato would be waiting even longer that summer.

  10. I don’t think Saeko-senpai was drunk at all. Assuming they’ve all been drinking, apparently she can drink them all under the table.

    My continual hatred of Rei continues. I don’t get why she’s the main girl, when both Takagi and Saeko are, let’s face it, more interesting, and not hung up on the dead ex-boyfriend. Why go after the crazy rebound girl instead of one of the two saner (hotter) ones.

  11. Why does he scream for help facing tits ?
    They might suffocate him to death, man…

    Even the DFC’s melonpans make the GIRLS in other shows DROOL, really

  12. @ithekiro: Despite all evidence to the contrary, there IS such thing as too much. I offer exhibit A) Eiken.

  13. While I agree with ^, I think it’s probably not meant to happen. Simply because Takashi met Rei before. And that’s it. In the Takashi/Nakkid-apron-ponytail-Saeko, you could see the sparks flying. They were ready (literally, if we judge by Takashi pulling down his shirt) to do it right there. Even Takashi’s reaction was more exaggerated with Saeko than with anyone else. With Rei, the situation seemed so much more like she was forcing herself into Takashi. And while it was almost a tender scene (since Takashi obviously loves her), that doesn’t negate the fact that he knows her for so long that has already learned about all her bad traits and how annoying she can be, which pretty much kills the passion. But since she met Takashi first, she has preference. Saeko is screwed. Also, delicious tsundere Takagi doesn’t stand a chance. Takashi simply doesn’t like her (although he sure appreciates her hopes and dreams). Add to that that Rei is clearly a hysteric-type yandere, and we get that Takashi won’t be able to score with anyone else unless Rei dies.
    All that said, it’s also pretty clear that Takashi enjoys being Rei’s white knight, even if he rants about being compared to Hisashi, so he’s also a little hypocritical about it. Reverse tsundere, maybe?
    Finally, I have no idea why the hell am I blabbing so much about a clearly brainless show. Brainless… oh, I see what I did there. Derp.

  14. By ^ I meant K.K., sorry.

  15. Having the girls just appear drunk out of nowhere was strange. Was there possibly a drinking scene, which was … censored, I wonder? Priorities! Also, that Sentai Filmworks marketing is hilarious.

  16. how many episodes r the going to be in highschool of the dead

  17. Since they weren’t attacked by zombies while the girls were nakkid and showing of their melonpan, does this make my theory about zombies being attracted to soma tossed?

  18. Where’s the rubber ducky?

    That is the question that I ask every time there’s a bath scene in an anime.

  19. I love that the first thing I see when I loaded your blog is a HUGE pair of tits just pushed together. If I were a man, it would have been more awesome.

  20. For all the people interested in Higurashi, the first Vn is out on the appstore for free (until 15/08) for both iphone and ipad.
    Why tell this here? Well, Jason HAS an IPad, after all…

  21. “Hey, we’re being attacked by zombies on the left, and police are blocking our way to the city.”
    “Then one thing to do here…

    I loved how the protesters appeared with pre-printed posters and flyers.

  22. Bl@ckwater didn’t “fail” in Iraq, they took all the hard jobs. You know, the hard jobs, the ones where you are all by yourself with no backup and no supply chain. The ones that they tell you are “ez” . Yeah those jobs, that’s what they do. “Oh? That’s not the Army/Marines guarding that position? Lets attack!”. Its like that. I doubt even the most hardcore Arma gamer reading this wants to truly be in that position. It’s not rock and hard place, it’s ‘nades and fire.

    But yes I do think that production quality was higher this ep. I assume its because 75% of the budget went to “hopes and dreams”.

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