wild animal sex hair… any questions?

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  1. I’ll be honest; with “Short” I could only think of one thing: OH GEASS NO! http://lostlink.files.wordpres.....d-rolo.jpg

  2. Just one question; why is she so upset about having it called shaggy/uncontrollable!

  3. I want to see her Herbal Essences face, if you know what I mean.

  4. lol @ “the Ritsu”

  5. The great thing about Wild Animal Sex Hair is the derived acronym, WASH, which you could say is what she needs to fix her hair.

  6. @Haesslich Some people are awfully sensitive about their hair. Smooth, silky hair is the ideal(?).

  7. love it, Kaoru ftw

  8. side ponytail. 100%.

  9. I too discovered her wondrous hair, many moons ago, and found its wild shaggyness sextastic.
    http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/425398/ (NSFW)

  10. Gotta agree with Alice, side ponytail!

  11. Supporting side tail.

  12. @Haesslich: Because women can’t take a compliment.

  13. All are awesome, but best part is that default is the best. Or maybe it’s the scarf… but DAMN I’d so want to stuck my nose in her hair and smell it… I guess it’d smell like a nice mixture of shampoo and ‘womanly essences’ and…
    I think I should stop typing right now.

  14. Go with the good ol’ pony tail.

  15. The source image link lies.

  16. gotta love the twin tails. I decided to ask out my ex from college based mostly on liking her hair. She was a total prude but it was worth it while it lasted for the hot hair action. Twin tails are just great and occasionally I got to see the ultra rate and amazing quad pig tail.

  17. @-rh- My girlfriend has the WASH and I can assure you the smell is exquisite. She loves it when I just pass my hand in her hair which makes it even more awesome.

    From real life experience top 2 choices are ponytail and default. Those are the best 2 for this kind of hair in my opinion.

  18. The Ritsu = The Awesome!

  19. My question is: Why is the bg color for this post green? Do you prefer sidetail / short?

  20. My question is: Why is the bg color for this post green? You say you love the ponytail but are you actually tsundere for short?

  21. I think he’s actually wanting sidetail – which isn’t a bad style at all. But the default one’s best, in my books, especially if she’s got the right shampoo and wash to keep those ringlets bouncy.

    @chartsuki – I think the ‘ideal’ depends more on the girl and what she’s like, rather than the hairstyle.

  22. @Ties that is the the kind of info that makes so rewarding to comment in this blog.

  23. @Haesslich: Hence the question mark. Though I get the feeling that for Kaoru, that mark should be removed.

  24. I’d her hair,especially the default and twintail versions.

  25. I can’t believe I never thought to check if Danbooru has a sidetail tag. So much win.

  26. Danbooru have a tag for anything bro.That’s why Danbooru=Awesome.

  27. Love sidetail. I think i have a fetish for those.

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