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“O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?”

(Wait, a Mugi-penned Romeo and Juliet without a kissing scene? I feel so robbed. Even more so than when I watched The Decision starring LeBron James.)


We didn’t even get a dance scene? So disappointed. And we didn’t get embarrassing Sawa-chan outfits? Come on. I fully expected Ritsu to be in a frilly gown with Mio clad in armor. At least Mio wore her hair up, which is always good, but it’s hard to take Romeo with melonpan seriously. Though Ritsu with hair extensions ain’t half bad.


But, more importantly… MUGILICIOUS! Loved Mugi’s yakisoba dream. Loved Mugi’s night hair. Her WALSH (Wild Animal Lesbian Sex Hair) would be incredible. What would really complete this picture would be some drool… but I think Mugi is too classy to drool in her sleep.


Double twintails! No wonder the store clerk froze up when he saw them. I might have too. Except no one likes Jun. That’s a scientific fact, isn’t that right, Professor Farnsworth?

(Wait, what the hell? When did this become the moe hairstyle blog? Is this an improvement or regression over traps?)


Oh man, Kyoto! Who knew? They did their own variation of the gaijin 4koma! I’m impressed! But, a bit late, after all Shaft did this a year ago.

(The key to this one is Ui. Hilarious. I’m convinced she’ll try to same-sex marry Yui.)


I hope Mio doesn’t get fat from eating all those written pumpkins. But it’s very cute. Also very cute how Nodoka tackled her to get her to stop as if Mio were injecting herself with heroin.


Also convinced that Ui is friends with Azu-nyan just so she can keep a close eye on her. If Yui makes a move on Azu-nyan, you just know Ui would poison a special box lunch for Azu-nyan.

(Or maybe Ui is planning for Yui to same-sex marry Azu-nyan and then move in with them for polygamous same-sex marriage. Wow. That’s actually a possibility. People against prop eight need to watch more K-On!!. And Maria+Holic. And Minami-ke.)


A caterpillar Mugi is fine too. She’d make a fine butterfly.


Much better acting from these two than from the entire cast of Baywatch. And three thoughts on that… is Baywatch David Hasselhoff’s crowning life achievement, even more so than Knight Rider? Two, the amount of pr0n on the interwebs has made Baywatch so painfully dated. Three, slow motion lifeguards + zombies = fun.

(Romeo and Juliet is yet another story ruined by modern technology. Imagine if Romeo and Juliet could text message each other? They could have much better coordinated their escapes. Hell, they could even FaceTime or sext each other. Or if they had Facebook… “Romeo just changed his status from ‘single’… OMFG!!!” And it would be funny to see the Montagues and Capulets involved in a vicious Twitter fight.)

(Lesson is… modern technology ruins everything. They’ll even ruin ponytails somehow. *old man shakes fist at cloud*)


Exactly why does Yui need to play a tree and a bush? When they were building the set items, they couldn’t build a self-standing tree and bush? Is it really that much more work to build a stand and to glue on the branches? More importantly, why the cutout for the face? Just makes it look even creepier. Though I think Yui should have gone with a fake mustache. That would be fantastic.

(Yui, I think, ended up having the most face time of all the cast. She was in like 80% of the scenes.)



(Mammoth Meat is a wonderful idea. If I started my own butcher shop, this would be exactly what I’d call it. I’d also hire a bunch of cute young girls dressed up as WASH cave girls. Wait, why am I sharing my million dollar franchise idea with you guys?)


The classmates actually get intros on the BD release. I would go for a spin-off featuring some of the classmates… in a zombie survival setting.


*stares intently*

Ui should have gone sidetail. What would constitute the greatest anime mash-up school festival? Opening ceremony Afternoon Tea Time… School Rumble / Mikuru & LOL FANG-TAN meido cafe… Bakemonogatari haunted house… Nagisa’s one women play… ramen by Hosaka… closing ceremony ENOZ?


I like how in typical Afterschool Tea Time fashion, they are supposed to be practicing all night, but they end up goofing off the whole time. I’m going to miss this show once K-On!! ends. It’s been in our lives for the past year. I’m waxing nostalgic already even though they still have the final big concert left (hopefully). But it is sad that the manga is ending as well… I hope Kakifly picks it up again with the girls in college a la Genshiken.

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  1. A Yui-bush with a mustache: http://i36.tinypic.com/ums02.jpg

  2. @Mercutio: my wound, ’tis not deep as a well, nor wide as a church-door; but ’tis enuf, ’twill serve: ask for me 2mrw, and u shall find me a grave man.

  3. By the way Jason, the next issue of K-On will be its last apparently:


    I wonder if this was all planned out. Regardless it’s the end for the Light Music Club next month.

  4. Ack, sorry, Jason already mentioned the fact that the manga is ending already. For want of an edit feature…

  5. I’ve read the manga but can’t easily go back and check old issues (for easy-to-guess reasons). How much of the manga has this series covered, and how much is left? Enough to finish the story with a 3rd season, or is it more an OVA amount? Or can we even catch up in the last 5-7 episodes of this season?

  6. Mammoth meat actually exists and can be found in convini, though sadly without complementary WASH cave girls. See http://www.justhungry.com/cool.....meat-snack.

  7. @yomikoma: The episodes are fast catching up to the manga. It’s enough to finish the series, assuming a 24 episode series.

    Well, maybe one or two more OVAs could be made.

  8. I look forward to K-On ending. While somewhat amusing, it isn’t as good as KyoAni’s previous works and I’d like to see what they’ll be working on next.

  9. KyoAni’s next project is called Nichijou, which seems like a sort of weirdish version of Azumanga Daioh from what I read so far. Soe sci-fi elements thrown in to keep it weird. The manga style seems closer to Azumanga than say Lucky Star.

  10. If the whole Shakespearean theatre thing doesn’t work out, at least Yui could try out to be the Stanford mascot.

  11. Exactly why does Yui need to play a tree and a bush?

    She wasn’t supposed to play the bush, one of the girls who went to search for the tombstone was going to play the bush, and Yui had to assume the “role” at the last minute. That’s why she was being reassured the role had no lines.

  12. I lawl’d at the pedoclerk.
    Face fisting Mio sent my mind for a ride.
    A facepalm Ritsu is fine too.
    I love Sawako as a teacher…but couldn’t she be a fashion designer? FFS, she even made The Flintstones outfits! Needs moar Jetsons.
    Ponytail Ritsu, now THAT i didn’t see coming. Moar?
    Love how sharp Jun is, bahahaha…
    And OMG did Kyoto finnaly decided to grow some and do the awesome kiss scene in EVERY Romen & Juliet play HOLY SH- no…a hug is fine too. Admitedly, I squealed when I thought they were going for it.
    Occult club seems waaaaaaaay too mellow compared to the light music club. As in, end my life now cuz i’m bored. Cool stone thingy though.
    Damn it Azusa, sometimes I can’t stand the tsundere in you.
    “I’m keeping you up all night, kitty” yet again, my mind wonders…
    You know, i’ve been thinking it would be awesome if someone made a Doujin game on K-On! It would obviously have Ritsu and Mio dating, Azusa having orientation doubts, and having some sort of crush over Yui, Ui realizing this shuns Azusa and Jun being the bad friend she is, sides with Ui. Mugi would be there floating on her cloud and suddenly realize that she really loves Ritsu, and realizes that Mio is still kind of oblivious to the fact that paralel docking is not her thing…….yeah, it’d be pretty awesome.

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