the secret life of tsumugi kotobuki

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  1. if there is a joke with title and pic, i don’t get it

    but nice pic, when’d you change from hating on mugibrows to mugiliciousness jason? = =

  2. Hmmm Nodoka’s glasses.

  3. Mugi’s chest seems to have shrunk with the passage of years. I guess she’s on some sort of diet. She use to rival Mio in the chest department.

  4. Needs more yuri-goggles.

    Oh god, now I’m picturing her holding up Yuri from Angel Beats…

  5. Everybody wants to try on Nodoka’s glasses – Mio was cute in them in the 1st S2 opening as well.

  6. The secret life of Tsumugi Kotobuki? Why am I getting visions of “Detroit Metal City?”

  7. Tagged: moe:ponytail? This isn’t a ponytail! D:

  8. Nyoro~n

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