high school of the dead 7

I know you have a lot of food on your plate. Melonpan is high in carbs.

Most ridiculous scene yet. Nakkid apron Saeko riding on top of a Humvee while Hirano snipes between her legs? Ridiculous enough. What takes it over the edge… the high heels. She’s wearing high heels! Normally, I support high heels in all situations since they really do make legs… uh… leggier. But trying to stay on top of a speeding Humvee? Probably not the best footwear. Also can’t believe she doesn’t fall off the Humvee… by physics alone, she should have been tossed off the car (Mythbusters, thank you!) even at 15 mph. I’m willing to believe zombies roaming the earth. I’m willing to believe alien melonpan. I’m willing to believe any proud, self-respecting, non-stripper woman would wear such an outfit even during the apocalypse. I’m not willing to suspend my belief in physics, even if this is anime. It’s like how Gundams can dodge light. Light! How do you dodge frickin’ light?

(Is there a strip club with the premise of topless nakkid apron Humvees? I feel like there should be one.)

There’s fanservice (Tome in Daughter of Twenty Faces), there’s epic fanservice (Bakemonogatari episode 2), annoying fanservice (Eiken), ridiculous fanservice (Queen’s Blade), missing fanservice (Clannad), and meido fanservice (Mikuru). Now? There’s desensitizing fanservice. High School of the Dead just overexposes one’s dopamine receptors to fanservice such that it no longer is fanservice. I’m just thinking about the next atrocious plot point. Or checking e-mail on my iPad. But I’m not starring at Takagi’s DFC.

(Calling Takagi DFC is like calling KFC’s Double Down sandwich “healthy.” No normal sane world would that ever be true.)

Madhouse animators do their job. Do. Their. Job.

(If they ever make a live action version of High School of the Dead, they have to cast nothing but pr0n stars for Saeko, Rei, Takagi, and Sound Effect Sensei. Justin Bieber in drag would be Alice.)

Nothing turns people into assholes faster than a zombie apocalypse. Or an online forum.

(Jokes on them though. Because of the girl’s bawling and the dog’s barking, the house will be overrun with zombies soon enough. Just desserts. There’s a zombie on your lawn. There’s a zombie on your lawn. We don’t want zombies on the lawn. I know your type– tall, dark, and dead.)

We just gave Spike TV a new challenge for their next season of Ninja Warrior. Trying to walk along a fence while being grabbed by hordes of zombies with a little girl on your back. Of course, the girl pees halfway through. Can’t be a Ninja Warrior without that.

Erufen: Protip: Avoid reading blog好き on public places such as Hotel lobies. Passer-by people that happen to catch a glimpse of your 24″ laptop screen will STARE at you from a distance. Bad feeling.

Any long time reader of this blog could have told you that. I would think instead… “Protip: traps are more numerous than you think.”

Amerowolf: I love that the first thing I see when I loaded your blog is a HUGE pair of tits just pushed together. If I were a man, it would have been more awesome.

Don’t hate the blogger. Hate the anime.

(No, seriously, is it even possible to write about High School of the Dead without bringing up melonpan? It’s more of a plot point than zombies at this point. More importantly, every other scene of this anime features either a gruesome death or bewbs. If I were a 15 year old boy, this would be the greatest anime ever. Too bad I’m not 15. But I feel like one at times… mmm…)

(Also wondering about the hair… I can’t imagine a bottle of Pert Plus lasting more than two days with Rei’s, Saeko’s, Takagi’s, and Sound Effect Sensei’s ridiculously long hair. You know it’s an accomplishment when the hair is long enough that it can over all the naughty parts.)

Men acting like men. If there’s any redeeming value to High School of the Dead… it’s that in a world that’s gone completely insane and self-centered, there’s still good out there in this small group of friends. I would go to war with Hirano and Takashi. I would go to nakkid apron on Humvee strip joint with Rei, Saeko, Takagi, and… uh… not Sound Effect Sensei.

Terribad animation coupled with Engrish insert song. Ugh. If Madhouse is going for the B movie angle, it’s working. But I don’t think they’re smart or cunning enough for that… I think they just blew their wad… err… budget on the fanservice and had nothing left for the fight scenes.

I like how the men are all fully dressed but the women have scraps of clothing on. Even Roy Mustang thinks this is a ridiculous and unfair clothing bias.

(Takashi looks more like a serious bowler than anything else in this screen grab. No, seriously, he’s gunning for strikes. HAMBONE!!!)

Needs more cheap beer and Confederate flags.

Air: What? No knee, no belly button…. no interest.

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. It’s not hard to have more plot than K-ON!!… but neither is it hard to have more fanservice, and this has it.

    Damn you, Hirano. :D Plus, Saeko takes Senjougahara’s hadaka apron offer to the next level. All Hail Hadaka Apron!

  2. The DFC makes cows jealous of her DFC, man….
    Really delicious…

  3. Erufen: Protip: Avoid reading blog好き on public places such as Hotel lobies. Passer-by people that happen to catch a glimpse of your 24″ laptop screen will STARE at you from a distance. Bad feeling.

    A 24 inch screen? Does a laptop like that even exist? Are you sure they’re not staring at your ridiculously large and unwieldy laptop if so?

  4. Terribad animation coupled with Engrish insert song.

    I am amazed at how much more awesome the soundtrack gets over the course. Now even including MELL. :-)

  5. DFC? Even Beatrice doesn’t believe in Takagi’s DFC. Red text be damned.

  6. Only in Japan could that be considered DFC.
    No, that still sounds wrong, and you know it.

    Too bad the only true pettanko is Alice-chan.
    No, that still sounds wrong, and I know it.

  7. I kinda got worried once I realized that the only reason I noticed that the insert song was sung by MELL was because of how her engrish sounded. I gotta work on telling the difference between J-POP star’s songs based on something besides the pronunciation of the engrish.

  8. Saeko takes Senjougahara’s hadaka apron offer to the next level. All Hail Hadaka Apron!

    This. Also, parts of this episode were so ridiculous that I found myself at various times watching it amidst a broken laughter. Stress on broken. It wasn’t really enjoyment; it was madness and resignation. And Saeko’s thong under that apron, obviously. Good times.
    And the scene where the Humvee rolls over the zombies was the cheapest thing I’ve saw this side of Gonzo CGs. Nice keikaku, Madhouse.
    Ohandbytheway, after they rescue the loli, said loli falls over Hirano in just the perfect position. I guess when you are nosebleeding by the gallons due to being surrounded by hawt, sweaty, semi-nakkid classmates, what you really need is a loli.

    Takagi DFC

    What? Where does this “Takagi is supposed to be a DFC” nonsense come from?

  9. In this case DFC = Delicious FAT Chest ^_^

  10. Saya is as close to a pettanko as Kazehana from Sekirei is. Either that, or the one who measured her cup size is blind.

    At this point Alice-nyan is the only real pettanko… and even then it won’t stay that way if she survives into puberty.

  11. The long wait finally paved off. enter the loli…
    That’s my favorite scene there loli catapulted right on top of Hirano.

    Hirano is the man of the hour, get all the boobs over his head, in between of Saeko’s Leg sniping, and bagging the loli easily.

    As for the physics, probably that high heels have magnets on the tip that makes Saeko’s balance much easier. In case she might get tripped or fall, Hirano is there to be a soft cushion.

    Oppai (not the hamster from Mitsudomoe) are for cushion.

  12. Saeko is not wearing high heels though; they’re most certainly flats.

    I had to rewatch the scene 5 times to re-confirm this because I was too… uh… distracted.

  13. Each time you bring real life physics into anime, God kills a kitten…

  14. Am I the only one who was rooting for that annoying dog to be shot, eaten, run over or punted into the river?

  15. At least Takashi has to bear Alice whe nature is calling for her!

  16. Blogsuki quiz/scavenger hunt: when did the poor, innocent melon flavour bread become another word for boobs?

    Not at this point, where “the episode has a boatload of melonpan” implies something very different 4 years later.

    Could it be here?

  17. think of the kittens!

  18. I saw my 12 year old brother watching this show. I asked him why he was watching a show about tits and ass. He says he watches it for the plot.

  19. can’t believe you didn’t mention the peeing scene, I thought this blog had standards!

  20. During the Humvee scene, it must be the weight of her breasts that prevented her from falling.Gundams can dodge frickin’ light because the pilots are frickin’ psychics.

  21. I’m posting here because I did a “nakkid apron” google search, and THIS was the top of the list. Don’t ask WHY i did the search though.

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