high school of the dead 9

“Do you like making girls wet?”

Takashi has to be under consideration by the gar committee after this episode. He does a great speech that makes Saeko fall for him and do his bidding and turns her into a zombie-killing fetishist… as he fondles the hell out of her melonpan. Well done, Takashi, well done.

(Takashi and Hirano are probably the two least wussy males in an anime since… Kamina and Simon?)

And, yeah, that looks painful… I would never have guess that Saeko would be both the “S” and the “M”. I think she got off both when Takashi fondled and admonished her and also when she was in her crazed zombie-killing mode. Basically, a sexual trans am. (Try not to picture Tieria doing the same thing!) She wants to beat up and be beaten up… complex characters in my brainless boob-filled zombie anime?

(I saw that AMC is making a Walking Dead TV series. I’m not sure if I can take the zombie survivor horror genre seriously anymore if Christina Hendricks-class melonpan isn’t involved.)

I like how they drive through water twice… and Takashi escapes bone dry both times. Anime physics is so messed up. Maybe the manly heat from Takashi is instantly evaporating the water? Kinda like how the Old Spice Guy doesn’t need to towel off because he can instantly evaporate water. He just wears the towel just to hold it for the woman…

Evil ponytails? Yes, please. Mmm… when was the last supervillian you remember sporting a ponytail? I feel like we need more of them.

I like how my readers complain that I’m missing out on fanservice shots… you guys do realize there’s nothing but fanservice shots. The zombie attack only serves to interrupt the T&A parade. I’d be spending too much time on “writing” these posts if I’m expected to capture every cleavage and crotch shot.

(Anyone else notice that Saeko gets the majority of the crotch shots? Sure, she has hopes and dreams too, but she gets a disproportionate number of crotch shots versus the other haremettes. Rei gets mostly melonpan shots and fewer crotch shots. I feel like this is something that should be, oh, charted. Percentage of crotch vs. melonpan fanservice per character per episode.)

“I enjoyed it. I truly, truly enjoyed it.”

Can we get Saeko on Higarashi somehow? I feel like she should be the teacher instead of Ciel. Or at least she could be a long, lost cousin of Rena’s.

(We were talking about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies at work today… we were trying to come up with a more ridiculous novel to insert zombies into. Some of the ideas and a few new ones… The Hobbit and Zombies, Game Change with Zombies, If I Had Done It This Is How It Would Have Happened and Zombies by OJ Simpson, Winnie the Pooh and Zombies, Romeo and Juliet with Afterschool Tea Time, TekWar and Zombies, and The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya and Zombies.)

Lens flare! Lens flare! Only like three episodes left… and… where the hell is this series going? Are we going to get a conclusion, or are they just going to end it before the Mall Arc? As I mentioned before, the problem with zombie survival horror genre is that they don’t have clean endings. You either lose to the zombies, run from the zombies, or wake up from a dream sequence. Very limiting in terms of resolution.

I can see the benefits of tight clothing when fighting zombies. You don’t want any clothing where a zombie could easily grab and latch onto. So, ladies, if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, for your safely, run around in tight clothing. (Or nakkid.) You’ll thank me later.

So Saeko gave up on a guy because she’s a violent chix0r who enjoys rough housing? So unrealistic. I’m pretty sure most men would go, “Yes, please, mistress!” Hirano would. Takashi might even. Junichi from Amagami would definitely cave in if it meant he could kiss her armpits or suck on her big toe or whatever body part is up next in Amagami.

(And, yes, I refer to the Amagami haremettes by body parts… I feel like it’s both the best way to describe them and how they would like to be described.)

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  1. So, what’s Sae? And as for this… well, Saeko is violent and might want to impale the guy with her katana. But… hadaka apron Saeko is damned fine.

  2. Eh, I was just giggling at the implied horizontal mambo that went on between Takashi and Saeko (fadeout at the kiss, then Saeko adjusting her skirt the morning after). Oh Madhouse, when things go off the rails, you at least know how to keep things entertaining.

  3. That said, a lot of the stuff going on felt awfully awkward. In the manga the battle at Saya’s house came before this, so at least there was some hints to Saeko’s growing attraction towards Takashi, but here it seemed like her transformation to blushing, embarrassed maiden came out of left field.

    Of course, I don’t think anyone would mind the discrepancies in characterization anyway, and focus on the implied hot, LOUD and NOISY sex. I mean, there’s got to be a reason why the zombies already surrounded the temple, right?

  4. Myssa, you’re absolutely right. I didn’t think that Wild Animal Sex brought the zombies there… damn! Kicking myself. There’s should be another tier– Wild Animal Sex That Attracts Zombies.

  5. Strangely enough, the kiss in this episode reminded me of the kiss that topped off the second volume of Houkago Play, especially since that ALSO lead to a ‘morning after’ montage (and all the implications of what happened the previous night).

  6. But OF COURSE those zombies arrived thanks to their WASH (Wild Animal Sex Howling).
    Also, Rei, thanks for participating. But we the audience and Madhouse have decided that you suck and should be zombified then cut into pieces. You had your Puppy-Takashi in previous episodes, but this is Manly-Tit-Grabbing-Takashi territory, and it belongs to Saeko. Because Saeko-sama is awesome. Period.
    (No, really, I’d wish Madhouse would change the original script and horrible death so Saeko and Takashi can enjoy their WASH and Zombie Killong Arousal forever. Medetashi medetashi).
    Also, the lens flare… since seconds after that Saeko says that she’s wet (to great fanfare), I thought those were actually droplets… of her, well, you know, honey juice or whatever they call it in eroges. I certainly wished I could be the careman for said take, mind you.

  7. Wanted to say “cameraman”, but got caught in… the moment.

  8. “Lost with Zombies” now THAT, I would watch.

    Also, I wouldn’t mind if Saeko played it rough with me, after all, she carries a pair of stress balls in her chest I could just use to relieve my pain.

    Also, I think my brainz is overloaded with fanservice. I mean, I notice it, but it doesn’t have as much of an effect as it did on lets say….episode 4? I feel kind of guilty.

  9. You know…I thought about how Saeko and Komoro in this nice little description:

    Saeko + Takahashi = Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Don’t know why but it fits to me for some reason.

  10. Call me slow, but after her confession, I kept hearing her name as “Psycho”.

  11. How about a gundam /sunrise show with zombies?Even if some of the guys die they would still come back as zombies for OH GEASS NO scenes.

  12. You know, back when there was an Astroworld, the best seat in the splash ride was up front– you’d stay bone dry because all the water would go over your head and soak the people behind you–every time, without fail. Takashi obviously understood this dynamic, and therefore arranged to keep putting Saeko into impromptu wet shirt contests.

  13. fight club plus zombies. just saying.

  14. I don’t think it only ends with a kiss inside the temple (something happened after the kiss, remember Saeko is a wild animal) which explains why Takashi can easily grab Saeko’s oppais to make her IN-sane.

  15. Too much hopes and dreams.
    Homoerotic overtones / gay scenes ? Nope.
    => Not interested :))

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