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A Yui zombie appears!

(Finally, a non-NSFW post. Or is this… mmm… anyway, have you seen the previews for Machete? I like how the preview is basically just a disclaiming… “contains action violence!” “sexual content!” “nudity!!!” Let’s just say they didn’t have to do this with Inception.)

(And this scene reminded me of the Married with Children episode where Kelly gets on a gameshow but could only remember a finite amount. She was like a 3.5″ floppy drive in a world filled with terabit storage arrays.)


You know what I noticed this episode? Everyone’s awesome scarves. It’s like Kyoto just decided, “You know what, our money-printing K-On! is coming to a close… how are we going to go out with a bang? A concert? No. Mio fanservice? Heck no. INTRICATE SCARF DESIGN?! HELL YEAH.”

(Ui’s wearing the one Yui gave her… which just shows how insanely devoted Ui is to Yui for wearing that in public.)


Afternoon Tea Time’s scarves aren’t bad too. I like how they’re all cold and shivering in these warm, cute scarves and jackets… and wearing mini-skirts. You gotta love the twisted reality that is anime, where temperature is only felt waist up and cell phones don’t keep you in touch.

(Ninth Modern Law of Anime: Temperature is felt waist up.)

(Looking at Yui’s scarf more closely, it reminds me of the poop from South Park.)


Also enjoy how they’re wearing scarves in class. Is Japan that hard up for natural gas or coal that they can’t heat up their schools such that all the teenaged girls could still be comfortable in their mini-skirts?


Kyoto’s fashionable scarf collection is formidable.


Almost certain that Ui bought the pair on the left while Yui bought the pair on the right. Mark it down. Also mark it down that the Jets will be terrible this season. They’re not going anywhere without Revis.


Ui has some cute cooking instruments. She would definitely be in the running for a waifu award except the whole Yui thing… instead, I can’t wait for the inevitable Mirai Nikki parody featuring Yui and Ui as Yuki and Yuno respectively. I like how just completely fucked up Yuno is and how Yuki’s goal is now to make sure she’s less fucked up. And if there’s ever a case of “do not hook up with the crazy chix0r”, Yuno should be prime example.

(Basically, to sum up Mirai Nikki up to this point, and I don’t care if this is spoilers, but basically Yuno has been winning all the games and for her reward she just keeps resetting the game. Why? Because she gets to have sex with Yuki towards the end of each game. It’s like Endless Eight if Haruhi kept rebooting to have hawt lesbian sex with Mikuru every reboot.)

(That would be awesome! Finally an activity I wouldn’t be bored watching 15,531 times.)


Azu-nyan’s expression at the end of the episode rivaled Saeko’s expression during the previous Wild Animal Zombie Apocalypse Sex episode. And definitely rivaled Saki’s expression when she saw Taki’s Johnny for the first time.

(Still wondering… when I’m using “Johnny” as a meme, should it be capitalized? I’m not really referring to a specific Johnny but rather a Johnny as in a chair.)


Oh gosh, Mugilicious is fearsome. Loved how she pretended not to have cakii available such that Azu-nyan would have to get over her stubbornness and give them the cakii that she made for them.

(I can only imagine Kakifly thinking that every anime has a tsundere so K-On! needed one too. I’d like to see an anime without a tsundere at this point… that’s why I used to say. Now? I wish we had a tsundere in the booth for Monday Night Football. Would love to see Jaws do the whole act with Brett Favre.)


Only slightly fewer aprons and ponytails than a typical blog好き fantasy! Okay, the clothing generally isn’t in the fantasy either…


So, fellas! (Yeah!) Fellas! (Yeah!) \
Has your girlfriend got the butt? (Hell yeah!) \
Tell ’em to shake it! (Shake it!) Shake it! (Shake it!) \
Shake that healthy butt!


I liked how Sawa-chan kept peeking at the girls as they got chocolates… of course she wants some. I just hope those chocolates aren’t blood chocolates. Free trade organic sustainable chocolate is the only way to go.


Jun… awful, awful friend. Can we arrange a blind date between her and Sunohara? And a toilet seat cover.


I liked this image. Azu-nyan~~

(Gratz to Afterschool Tea Time. You guys made it. Even without Mugi having to bribe the school to let you in.)

15 Responses to “k-on!! 22”

  1. Oh that’s not just an anime rule, it goes for real life too, except the real life counter-part has some slight modifications:

    Anime: Temperature is felt waist up.
    Real life: Temperature is felt waist up by sluts.

    There are just so many girls who wear mini-skirts all-year round in my school. By the way, I live in Canada.

  2. Ui: Are?!?! We don’t have powdered sugar to use for decorations…
    Jun: White powdered stuff? Girls…. I GOT THIS!
    Is it bad that this script re-writing in my head is all I can do to make the show more interesting to me?
    WTB more HSotD

  3. Hmm, two episodes to go, and still no ‘Ritsu’s Boyfriend’ chapter adaptation.

  4. Myssa: I think they’ve passed the appropriate time to fit it in. Maybe it’ll be an OVA.

    http://blogsuki.com/images/k-on/696.jpg – That bottle with the cat on it. Ramuraito? Lumlight? Wait – Rumlight? Is that rum flavoring? No wonder they all felt warm and silly watching the snow.

  5. Now, now, poor Jun-chan! An awful cook she may be, but an awful friend definitely not.
    She tried to help Azusa. She is a nice girl. ;_;

  6. From what I’ve heard, Japan tends to both not heat schools too much in winter and not air condition schools too much in summer…..so that they can teach kids to be sturdy and deal with weather changes. I’m not just making that up, I know I’ve read it somewhere. Wow, this comment is really convincing. IT’S REALLY EARLY, OKAY

    My eyes actually teared up when I saw Azusa’s reaction, putting her hand over her mouth with her eyes all wibbly. Oh my god it was almost Azumanga Daioh ending-level emotional. ;A;

  7. That sidetail Mugi picture from the twitter post is obviously a fake. Her eyebrows are too small, and there’s no way her bathroom is that tiny or ordinary.

  8. When I saw the first picture, I immediately thought of “Wait, did Kaoru dye her hair?”

  9. Jun-chan still wins overall ever since her awesome introduction giving increasing wilting Azu-nyan life-restoring juice from her carton (and therefore indirect kiss) right back in ep 1.

  10. Also enjoy how they’re wearing scarves in class. Is Japan that hard up for natural gas or coal that they can’t heat up their schools such that all the teenaged girls could still be comfortable in their mini-skirts?

    This raises an interesting question; if the school goes out of its way to install airconditioning but don’t bother with heaters.

  11. Only 4 episodes more to go…

  12. The funniest part for me was Jun’s imagination of what the club members would do if they found Azusa’s cake in Gitah’s case. Mio hiding under a water pan, Yui under a bucket, Ritsu ducking….and Mugi hiding behind those crafted tree limbs from the play. Along with Yui’s phase about its a bomb (Captain), Mugi was the funniest one there.

  13. I hope Yui gets to ride in Ato Saizo’s cab. And be chosen as a Selecao.

  14. Dude, that minor bit about Mirai Nikki got me interested and, like a fool, I looked it up.

    Its now 5 days after this post and I can tell you , having finished it last night I woke up for work shattered, not because I had pulled a all nighter reading it.
    Oh no. Instead I couldn’t sleep due to nightmares about Yuno’s blank face looking at me around a corner before she cut my head off. WTF!?

    GJ, keep up the good work. Love the blog.

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