the between-the-toes chapter

“I love you from the back of my knee navel of my belly spaces between my toes…”


Just completely flabbergasted by Sae. I mean… she’s too shy to order lunch from the lunch lady but has absolutely no issues stripping in front of a boy she met yesterday? If this doesn’t eventually lead to her becoming an adult film starlet, I’m going to be highly disappointed. She just has that right blend of nativity, stupidity, and manipulability… and Junichi’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We’ve seen his body of work already.


Dude. Works. Fast.


I like how Junichi stares at Sae’s melonpan then declares, “You look really good in this swimsuit.” Dude is a charmer, ain’t he ladies?


“Sae… you’re being kinda erotic.”

KINDA?! That’s like saying BP is kinda polluting the Gulf. That’s like saying unemployment is kinda an economic problem right now. That’s like saying Lulu kinda wants to be penetrated by Suzaku. That’s like saying sidetails are kinda moe. That’s like saying chocolate chip cookies are kinda delicious. That’s like saying Azu-nyan is kinda untrue to herself.

(She has no issue showing her, uh, excitement to Junichi but can’t order lunch. Sigh. Anime, land where physics, logic, common sense, and cell phones do not exist.)

(The whole fish thing… Troy McClure would have been so proud and vindicated. Do they really have these kinds of fish ponds in Japan? Seems… unsanitary?)

(And, yes, Sae, the daughter of a supposed overprotective and rich father… doesn’t have a cell phone. Or electronic tracking bracelet. Unbelievable. But she talks to vending machines!)


“They’re floating! They’re floating! Mine… don’t float.”

Loved the dialogue this episode. Prizes all around. I’m just wondering… the translators for this show… can they keep a straight face as they’re translating? I know I wouldn’t.


“I don’t want to be your little sister!”

Awesome declaration of love. Just think, without Junichi’s training, she couldn’t even order lunch. Oh wait, she still can’t order lunch.


“Now take off your pants!”

I dunno… Junichi is getting more impressive each arc. He could be a serious rival to Keima at this rate. He managed to convince this poor girl to strip over and over again… I honestly thought that their manifest destiny was to make softcore videos. What else could he be training her for?!


The Johnny coffee spill. Awesome. How many Top Kill, Junk Shot, Final Kill, and Relief Well jokes can we make?


One last WASH for the road?

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  1. Now I’m going to have to watch this just for the WASH.

  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that Miya is the best character in this show. She’s a great foil for deviant idiot Junichi and any scene she’s in is likely to be one of the funniest things of the episode.

    I was getting Mikuru vibes from Sae last week, but with her obediently stripping this time I think she’s gone beyond that now.

    Her ED is the only good bit of music this show’s produced too – though there’s no way it isn’t inspired by Nadeko’s OP from Bakemonogatari.

  3. I’ve seem these fish spas in Kuala Lumpur (was told it felt odd but nice), and there’s a place in London that has them too now. Need to get Mio to this onsen ASAP

  4. Between the toes or between the top? Or are you trying to have it both ways?

    I am indeed curious as to how Keima would fare. We’ve seen the lengths to which he’ll go to save his own neck, but would he draw the line at non-traditional smooches? We know Lulu wouldn’t do it- he’d just send his maid in his place. (Now imagine him commanding, “Take off your pants!”)

  5. nativity -> naivety. Or nudity, if you prefer.

  6. Glamorous Body, indeed. Although the Haruka appearance at the end… mmm.

  7. So did he sucked her big toe or not?

  8. Yeap, the doctor fish. Evidently they can get a bit…rough. They wouldn’t let me jump in the fish pond there.

  9. All hail Miya! She was quite annoying in the Haruka arc, but she’s definitely more awesome and flexible these last two.

  10. Alt coughs and mumbles something about “getting to teh Gachi Rangers 10 review”. You did not actually hear it, it was a mumble with a loud cough for cover.

  11. No comment on Haruka finally managing to get to first base with Miya (aka. the only reason I’m still following this series)?

  12. Poor Miya, she has no floatation devices.

  13. Ok guys, after watching this episode the God of Anime Zen enlighted me and gave this idea: screw Junichi. This has to become Amayuri Nishishi. Main character: Miya. She goes through each arc, capturing every flag and scoring with every haremette. Think about it. Foru chapters of Haruka hugging Miya like a puppy. Four chapters of Kaoru and Miya being yurilicious in maid costumes. Four chapters of Miya and Sae in the bathtub. And I can foresee four chapters of Miya and Ai in wet, wet swimsuits, four chapters of Rihoko clumsily tripping over Miya (and then being caught in yuri action by Junichi who just enters the room) and four chapters of Class-Inchou going yandere after Miya. Yeah, basically, Miya becomes Keita– er, I mea Junichi. I know she can. I know I’d love it.
    And I know I’ve just had the best idea in the history of ever. But don’t thank me, instead travel to Japan and force AIC to DO IT.

    p.s.- Hell yeah chocolate chip cookies are deliciawesome.

  14. A more gentlemanly Junichi would have been better.

  15. lol miya is so cute …….. soo cute

  16. Is it just me or does Sae’s bikini look more like underwear than swimwear? The top seems to have a lot of support, but I guess she needs it.

  17. Yes, those fish ponds do exist. They have it in China as well.

  18. Haha, I love the “Kinda” paragraph. You’ve managed to make me laugh, good sir.

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