k-on! sidetail collection









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  1. Oh yes can’t have enough Mugilicous in your diet

  2. Mugi is the best.

  3. You can never have too much sidetail.

  4. I would say moe sidetail overload, but you can’t ever have too much sidetail. I wish real girls would wear their hair like this more. ;_;

  5. The only sidetail is the left-sidetail..

  6. But wait, why did you stop posting images? Are you mad?!

  7. http://blogsuki.com/images/k-on/711.jpg
    has been my GLORIOUS wallpaper for the last few weeks :D So many friends have stolen it from me and also made it their wallpaper.

  8. On my PC, the polkadots on the last are the exact same distance apart as one notch on my mouse scroll wheel. So as I scrolled past it, she appeared to be floating against a stationary background. That was the oddest effect.

  9. I like the group one where they’re dressed up like hosts.

    Everything is loev

  10. Something about the color choices/art style in the last one made me think of Madoka in Kimagure Orange Road.

  11. @C Bongo
    Also maybe the 80’s-esque shirt?

  12. Sawa-chan. ooOOH YEEEAAAAAAH!!

  13. kawaii :]

  14. I don’t like K-on, but I do like a good sidetail.

    delicious fetish is delicious

  15. First thing that came to mind while looking at the first picture: ‘wow thats a small bathroom where’mugi is in’ you would expect something with a lot of marble and gold and offcourse more spacious.

  16. I’m surpriced I can’t find a K-on/Lucky Star OP, where we have Ritsu feature Konata, Mugi feturing Miyuki, Mio featuring Kagami, and Azusa featuring Tsukasa. Yui, since she is just waaay too odd, she sits out, and Ui keeps her company.
    *le-gasp!* Could it be? It hasn’t been made? *loads up potatochop*

  17. New wallpapaers for my Droid, whoohoo! Thanks!

  18. #4 image in the content: where’s my pedobear ?
    Mugi still da best, man… I’d hit that belly button.

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