high school of the dead 10

“She’s got a balcony you could do Shakespeare from!”

(Quick, without googling, where is that quote from? “Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers”“)

I kept wondering what is it called when a girl ties up her hair in a ponytail yet only like 10% of her hair is involved thus having most of her hair still fall down towards the sides. What’s wrong with me?

(Takashi might actually be immune to Rei’s melonpan in this situation as he just spent the previous night, uh, indulging in Saeko’s. It’s like enjoying a steak dinner the night after enjoying a surf and turf set.)

(Please, guys, do better than making “I’d surf her turf” jokes. You’re better than that. I think.)

I’m enjoying Saeko’s contentful melancholy look. The kimono helps, of course.

(Dammit, why didn’t she stick her feet in the koi pond. You know you want to do it. Do it! The best anime is the anime we make up for ourselves in our minds. Case in point RT @andygjanes: @blogsuki re toe-nibbling fish- need to get these into K-ON somehow (Mio’s reaction would be epic!))

My first thought: Takashi sure enjoys lifting the chest area of girls. My second thought: how much dumber can this plot get. They are trapped in a relative safe haven for a day, and they already start turning on each other faster than the residents of Bachelor Pad. Obviously, this group’s relationship is not one to last much like AC Slater and Jessie Spano or Dylan and Kelly.

Takagi’s dad is just rippling in a muscle shirt, and her mom looks dynamite in a plunging cocktail dress. Boy, did Takagi get shafted DNA-wise. Takagi’s dad also looks like a typical Rob Liefeld character… can’t wait for him to scream “DIE AND EAT SHIT!” at a zombie.

Sticky cream-colored substance is Sound Effect Sensei’s (SES) secret numbing balm? Uh, hmmm… what could this possibly be?

(Very disappointed “melonpan” isn’t in Wikipedia’s slang entry for breasts. On the flipside, is “mosquito bites” the most devastating way anyone could describe someone’s breasts? I feel like Yoshida should be taunting Shana with this.)

I like how Rei kicks Takashi out of the room because he didn’t get the hint that she wanted him to rub down her melonpan with SES’ mystery cream. Of course, Rei didn’t really give any signals to Takashi other than “OWWWW!” and “NOOOOO!” Women, as always, are crazy. Crazier during zombie attacks and final trimester of a pregnancy. And may Okanade-sama help you if it’s a zombie attack during the final trimester,

(Rei thought Takashi should take responsibility for abusing her breasts by rubbing this cream on them. What she didn’t know that Takashi enjoys abusing breasts. Ask Saeko… yep, this is a dysfunctional team. Even more so if Rei ever finds out that Takashi did quagmire Saeko.)

Intense eyes. I just wish the dude from Ookami-san would act like this more often.

If there were more free-standing lights and cameras, I would swear that they were filming a pr0n scene.

Yep, what other fruit would you expect SES to bite down on and swallow?

I like how Hirano is suddenly acting so wimpy. Reminds me of Viral going back and crying to Lord Genome that Simon and Kamina has, once again, ripped him a new one.

(Do you think Hirano spoons with the guns? Yeah, stupid question.)

Oh gosh, that water is contaminated now. Good job Takagi Daddy. Sure you proved a point, but now you ruined a possible water supply… I wonder if the zombie infection is spreadable via water? I’d assume that if it spreads via bite, it can spread other ways as well.

I was disappointed in the orgy bus scene. A lot more, uh, detailed in the manga. But I think I’m going to change my zombie apocalypse survival strategy: hide in an orgy bus for as long as I can.

We seriously need someone to come up with a Top Ten Anime MILF list… oh wait, I mean someone to update their old list. Definitely Sanae would have to be involved… and… gosh, would Nagisa have to be on the list as well?

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  1. >> Please, guys, do better than making “I’d surf her turf” jokes. You’re better than that. I think.

    I’d wipeout on her crests. *eyebrow wiggle*
    BTW, that double rainbow … err, hurricane last week was a godsend to us Floridian surfers.

  2. People do not watch HSotD for the Plot ™ Jason. You know it, I know it, Haesslich knows it.

  3. I’m kind of surprised you didn’t remark how Takashi was perfectly fine around unblushing naked Rei, but one glimpse of Saeko in a kimono and it’s blushes and stuttering.

  4. I’d get A1 on her steak. =P

  5. I’d surf her turf.

  6. “(Please, guys, do better than making “I’d surf her turf” jokes. You’re better than that. I think.)”

    No, we’re not.

    This is probably the stupidest part of the entire manga. They’ve got a relative safe haven, but they’re going to leave it, ostensibly to search for the parents of the others, but in reality it’s because Takagi’s got parental issues, Saeko and Takashi get off on smashing zombies, Hirano is only manly when he’s firing a gun, and Rei….well, she’d follow Takashi anywhere necessary to send him mixed signals. Oh, and the child’s bonded with the group after the loss of her parents. The dog is their emergency food supply (shades of Excel Saga).

    So what’s SES’s excuse? More opportunity to spread Akiko’s jam-mu on other girls?

  7. >Nagisa

    Jizzed in mah pants

  8. “She’s got a balcony you could do Shakespeare from!”

    Stewie from Family Guy the mother goose episode.

  9. “She’s got a balcony you could do Shakespeare from!”

    “Golly, Mudhead! They’ve stolen More Science High!”

  10. Does anyone have any idea how hard it is to lift someone off their feet by hanging on their shirt? Hurts your fingers, fingernails and elbows, and if you are strong enough to do it, you don’t do it with your elbows bent, you go all the goddamn way because it is HARD AS HELL to stay on a halfbent elbow position.
    Unless you are picking up a 5 yearl old.

    That aside, wouldn’t she be in a lot of pain? I mean, she is being towed by her melonpan. Last I checked *i think 2 nights ago* melonpan can’t take a lot of stress. Unless you have silicon under that.

    My brain registered “koi” pond as “love pond” heh….Completely changed my image of that scene.

    Also, I’d break her waves.

    Pr0n set needs moar cameras and nakkid girls. Should check the bus for any cameras.

    I vote for zombie apocalipse orgy bus too. That creepy teacher is suddenly a hero. I’m sure he played RE games and remembers the incident in the trolley as the safest area.

  11. Also, I just realized that Hirano’s rifle, the one that resembles an M4A1 also resembles the rifle I like to use while I play Left 4 Dead 2.
    And I get lots-o-headshots with it too….weird isn’t it?

  12. Since Hild did show up in the anime does that mean she’d be ranked number one now, or has been another that can dethrone her?

  13. Akiko from Kanon 2006. Ph34r the Jam-mu.

  14. @ Erufen
    That’s a AR10 or SR25 if it takes 7.62 or if it takes 5.56 it might be an MK12 SPR either way all rifles have a longer barrel closer to what a M16A4/C7A1 looks like than an M4 which looks like a toy since it’s so compact plus it looks like he’s using straight mags which take 20 rounds as opposed to standard NATO 30 round assault rifle mags

  15. >Takagi’s dad also looks like a typical Rob Liefeld character…

    Please, Jason. Comparing anyone with a Rob Liefeld-drawn character is an insult to them. You’re better than that.

    Looking forward to the updated MILF list. AT least it’ll be a lot more entertaining than this year’s Saimoe.

  16. Punctuation is your friend.

  17. @PhoenixDown: H-Hirano?!

  18. Nagisa would rank meh on the MILF list, but you could do a Sanae/Nagisa tag team and utterly crush the competition. YES WE CAN!

  19. Remember MILF Nagisa sports a ponytail.

  20. Takagi? Screwed up in the DNA department???? This is insanity!

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