sora no otoshimono forte 1

Okaeri nasai~~


Wow, just like my dreams, except with fewer sidetail.

(Definitely like how Sohara kept dreaming about super deformed Tomoki instead of normal Tomoki… I’m convinced both SD Tomoki and Dan-kun from Bamboo Blade are just Johnnies. As in their complete bodies fulfill that function. It’s the only explanation. This leads to my newest hypothesis: super deformed shrinks the body but enlarges the Johnny. Conservation of mass.)


I… I… fell out of my sofa laughing. Genius. Pure genius. AIC Asta parodied the great OP from the first season by replacing Angeloid melonpan with Tomoki Johnny. Enjoyed it. Just great sense of humor from the studio to do this… especially enjoyed Tomoki singing I Can Hear My Heart Bell and enjoyed how his superweapon is deployed from his groin. AIC Asta, take a bow.


Astraea is the third Angeloid. I wonder if this season of the anime will make it to the fourth Angeloid, who has probably the best backstory and brings a new depth to the story. Unlike Highschool of the Dead and Panty and Stocking, Sora no Otoshimono has– gasp– a story sandwiched between the cleavage. (And it’s a good one. Fanservice doesn’t mean poor writing. Well, at least for 5% of the time.)


Lady Gaga 4tw! Amazingly, is Ikaros the only haremette on this show true to herself? She seems the least mentally developed, but at least she’s honest with her feelings. Sohara definitely has issues with her feelings toward Tomoki. (But awesome dream. Loved how her “secret” got exposed in such a perverse manner.) Nymph won’t be honest with her feelings toward Tomoki for a while. And Astraea is just too dumb. Epically dumb. Highschool of the Dead cast dumb.


Sugata goes from minor supporting character to major plot driver in this season. Definitely very competent character. I can definitely picture him hosting the “That’s Gay” segment on Infomania in a few years.

(Okay, okay, as I tweeted already, I am hooked on Infomania. The Soup is overproduced and stale. Tosh.0 is a bit pompous at times. But Infomania just has that right combination of intellectual humor. And, of course, you probably never heard of Infomania since it’s banished on Al Gore’s Current network… which, of course, I cannot get with my TV provider. Grrrrrr. Seeing Infomania trapped on Current is like seeing Kevin Garnett trapped on all those bad Timberwolves teams.)

(My favorite segment? “That’s Gay”. Here’s the No Homo clip that made me wish Setsuna would go up to Lockon and go, “I love ya, but no homo” just to clear things up.)


He does kinda look like Setsuna F Seiei from this angle. Don’t you just want to pinch his cheeks? No homo.


Student council prez? Awesome as ever. Mikako reminded me of Chiri Kitsu during her dream sequence.


And her yakuza tats? Awesome as well. I can’t wait for her to go up against Fumoffu’s Ren in a battle of the yakuza princesses. It would cause more bloodshed than the Tupac and Biggie feud.


Both Sora no Otoshimono and Panty and Stocking feature a morning wood gag in the first five minutes. Only Tomoki’s was much better. In both laughs and amount of censoring needed. I just hope we don’t get a similar scene for Iron Man.

(Desperately need a stripper pole in this anime. Stripper poles make everything better. My life hasn’t been the same since I installed one in my living room next to the TV. They need to put them in dressing room of Macy’s, at In-and-Out, Jury waiting rooms, lobby of Microsoft buildings, Golden Gate Bridge, etc.)


Dame! You can’t put sashimi there! Your shrimp is so wriggly!”

I wonder about Tomoki sometimes. He’s living with two Angeloid who will do his bidding and next to a girl who dreams about his sashimi and shrimp. Yet… he’s no farther along than Keiichi Morisato. I think Sora no Otoshimono is the evolutionary Aa! Megami-sama in that regard. And despite dripping with fanservice, this show does have a plot and does have its touching moments, like when Tomoki liberated Nymph last season.

(Plus, tons and tons more of trap Tomoko. Can’t forget that.)


“My goal is to bang all the girls in the world. I was so close too. Only three billion to go.”

I feel the same way about anime shows this season… new season… new thin slicing… one (well, two) down, and a lot more to go. Help!

(You know who could do this? Keima. The Capturing God.)

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  1. No, I don’t want to pinch Tomoki’s cheeks – I want his harem.

  2. My God. The OP.

  3. I died. I died at the OP. I highly anticipated this season and the first episode did not disappoint. I can’t wait for the 4th Angeloid, or the stupid contest. Or the festival……man I’m excited.

  4. I died at the OP. Very damned funny. I’ve highly anticipated the second season, and now that it’s here, I can say the wait was worth it. SD Tomoki gets me every time. I hope we get to see the stupid contest, as well as the festival. Can’t wait!

  5. I nearly gouged out my eyes when I saw that. Worst my sister saw me as I was screaming “my eyes!!! MY FRIKKEN EYES!!!!” as I rolled around in my room. It was so evil I watched the rest of the show with caughtion.

  6. The OP almost killed me, literally. I was laughing so much I choked XD

  7. I agree with the “Fanservice with a story of gold” motif. Unfortunately (fortunately?) it falls under the “I watch it for the story” trope. I hope it makes it to the 4th angeloid. That arc has my two favorite laugh out loud moments thus far (Purity Test and Tomoki Train). Judging from how they are rearranging the order of certain events, we might just get there. *fingers crossed*

    (Yeah, I know I’m late to the party here. My internet has been out for the last week.)

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