the world god only knows 3

“I can see the end!”


“Nevertheless, I want to live in your heart! If you don’t want me, then you can return to that world! You must choose for yourself. Decide how you will live your life!”

Keima, you slick sick son-of-a-bitch. He is anime’s greatest seducer of women, even more effective than Keiichi Morisato, Jun’ichi Tachibana, and Tomoya Okazaki. He’s great because he loves them and then leaves them (the girls forgetting about him helps to a degree too)… not for other women, but for 2D women. Now that’s a man. I would nominate Keima to be the next Old Spice spokesperson.


I liked the series gag where Keima’s cart got more and more ridiculous. The zaku helmet was a bit much though. Somehow, I feel like it’s more appropriate for Kyousuke to pull Kirino in something like this.


Reminds me of Cliff Hangers from The Price Is Right. It would be such an upgrade for the show if Elsee replaced the fat dude in this game.


Up up down down left right left right… I see! This is the type of instruction I need to succeed at ballroom dancing. And, yes, Keima tops the list of characters I would like to see on a fictional anime-inspired Dancing with the Stars. The other stars? Mako-cakes (riveting which way he goes), Kotomi-chan (for bullying purposes), Kamina (gar it up), Mr. Delicious (token bald fat guy), Mikuru Prime (odds on favorite to win?), Horo~n (she can dance), and Celty (think of the things one could do without a head).


Awkwardly jealous meido Elsee? Swiftly approved. I feel like one thing to really push The World God Only Knows over the top is if Elsee were a ridiculous jealous trap.

(Another thing to punch it up a level? If every haremette had a different body part kissed or sucked on. Oh wait, that would be stealing another show’s idea which would be unacceptable because anime is completely original all the time.)


The bike and Keima’s outfit cracked me up. Hilarious. Even more hilarious if you imagine Suzaku giving Lulu rides like this. Is it possible to make an anime without a tsundere? Must be illegal, right? Is there a tsundere Pokemon?



Speaking of Pokemon, doesn’t he look like a Pokemaster like this? “Elsee, I choose you! Broom whip attack!”

(After my trip to NYC, I’ve now been to the ten largest US cities. Here’s my quick review of each one… NYC = city that never sleeps… LA = perpetual traffic hell… Chicago = not very interesting… Houston = Walmart, gun shops, and strip clubs in the same shopping center… Phoenix = old retired people with a few young people doing service jobs… Philly = surprisingly underrated city… San Antonio = very, very boring… San Diego = a lot more fun than Chicago… Dallas = a lot of fat dudes with goofy hats dining with plastic-y MILFs… and San Jose = highest concentration of anime bloggers in the US?)

(Just as a bonus numbers 11 and 12… Detroit = underrated sports town… SF = the Stanford to NYC’s Harvard.)

(And while I am happy SF made the World Series again, I am terrified of driving on the Bay Bridge while it occurs.)


I like how Keima is doing the hard work and violating federal law by rooting through Mio’s mail, Elsee is goofing off. Hard-working, competent sidekick 4tw!

(Three episodes and two haremettes down already? This show is going fast. Just for comparison, Kyoto stretched a 12-page 4-koma chapter into a single episode for most of K-On!! whereas Manglobe is compressing two 20-page chapters into a single episode for TWGOK. Two very opposite ends of the spectrum. Oh, well, at least they’re not squeezing 200 pages of light novel into a single episode a la JC Staff.)


Mean… flat… short… impetuous… dishonest with herself… puts up airs… difficult… dirt poor… lacks common sense… puts on airs… unpleasant personality… Keima must be wondering, “How come I drew the short end of the stick?”

(At least she has twin tails!)

(Next haremette… big upgrade. Like going from a zaku to 00 Gundam.)


Andohbytheway, I think we’ve solved the mystery of where Akiko’s jam-mu comes from.

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  1. While I’ll prefer to hone my skills as a pilot in a Zaku instead of just becoming an idiot who can’t do a thing without plot haxx and trying to become a Gundam for 50 eps, a movie, and failing miserably, (andohbytheway, seeing Banagher Links do that in less than an hour in Unicorn), I agree that the next haremette will be like a total overhaul.

    Strange that a tsundere like Mio wasn’t voiced by TEH RIE

  2. Kiss Score Table
    Keima scored 2 short kisses (1 from the girl and the other 1 by himself) = 2 points
    Haru scored one of the best kisses, rinse and repeat (excluding his previous kiss with his sister) = 6 points
    Touma scored nothing, oh the legendary loli bite returns for a longer duration = negative 10 points.

    @ the last image.
    Omg, let me out of this blog, you reminded me of the one of dangerous food in the anime history and that’s one of them, she’s holding (from Kanon)

  3. lol at Akiko’s jam

  4. Its been four year and Kyoto has done five different seasons of shows since then but we no know what Jammu is made from.

  5. Glad to see Kanon-chan’s double stun gun charms are appreciated.

  6. What about Seattle?

    I actually skipped this part. Too many of Keima’s choice lines are dissappearing…

  7. You SO pegged Houston, and that’s why I love this town!

    As for this series, so far the high point has been the first 15 minutes of ep. 2. “ASK YOUR CROTCH!!” Although I don’t get why everyone’s bitching about the voices. I mean, they’re not outstanding, but they’re good enough. Not everyone can be Jun whats-his-face, and if they were, we’d be bitching about how many different shows he was the male lead in, and when are they ever going to give someone else a chance….

    Oh, wait. That was last season.

  8. Mean… flat… short… impetuous… dishonest with herself… puts up airs… difficult… dirt poor… lacks common sense… puts on airs… unpleasant personality…

    Some of these are positive traits, at least to some of us. Anyway, they’re canceled out by your own screenshots, including the slinky dress (and the twintails).

    So does this mean I have to subscribe to Crunchyroll now? Haven’t watched the actual show yet, and I’ve had some trouble with streaming.

  9. There are people who are releasing subs…

  10. Elsee got Keima’s Aqua Permanence?

  11. Blushing tsundere ojou-sama in silky dress and twintails counters any negative traits. And then some.
    Man, I’d let her dance in my ball, if you know what I mean.

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