the noodle incident chapter

“I love you from the back of my knee navel of my belly spaces between my toes tips of my fingers…”

Another month, another KatanagaAmagami SS post. The fourth heroine, Nanasaki Ai, is quite likable. She had a lot of good lines early like “You’re perverted eyes are pretty cute when they’re oogling girls in swimsuits” and “You were pretty cute when you were looking at my skirt like you wanted to bury your face in it.” She speaks the truth though.

(I like how she rides the swings. I also like how she punishes on the swings.)


Noodles and sexual innuendo are prominently featured with this haremette. I don’t really understand the whole “Junichi goes bat-shit insane inside a haunted house and pictures Nanasaki as a bowl of ramen” except, well, they obviously substituted the body part that was supposed to be sucked and or kissed this time around. Let me put it this way. Junichi compares it to melted butter. He sticks his thumb inside it. And guess what? He’s sucking on her index finger!!! Oh anime~~


The whole udon stand… why did this scene need to happen? And why more noodles, yet unanimated noodles as I didn’t see any udon noodles except in the bowl the little kid dropped. Throwaway filler scene when we could have had more time with Junichi and Nanasaki at the hot springs… which brings me to…


… I love it when anime proves me wrong right after I write something. From two days ago:

(I like how every guy in anime screams and runs away from the nakkid girl in the bath. I’ll dub this the Eighth Modern Law of Anime: guys run from cute, nakkid girls in baths. Only exception I can think of is in the final accepted episode of Mahoromatic when the girls give up on Suguru and arrange for Mahoro to meet him in the bath. He starts to run away but ends up staying. With implied bonking.)

Yep. Junichi doesn’t run away from Nanasaki throwing her nakkid body at his nakkid body. This tops Haruka’s amazing top floor kiss, WASH’s disappointing performance in the closet-bed, and Sae’s best couple kiss. Thanks guys for busting the Eighth Modern Law of Anime. I’ll refer to it now as the Former Eighth Modern Law of Anime. Or at least adapt it to exclude open air hot springs as that’s where Suguru and Mahoro were. Needless to say, I have landscapers over next week to give me estimates for installing my own open air hot spring in my backyard.


Enjoyed how when Nanasaki says that she wants Junichi to look at her, he turns away. Sigh. Also enjoyed how she lied to him about the swimsuit… they showed her back (swimsuit-less) right after she said that, but obviously Junichi had no blood left in his brain to realize that, “Wait, no swimsuit from the backside means… no swimsuit on the front side”.


But what I enjoyed the most? When they were bonking in the hot springs, the deer were watching them. Voyeuristic deer 4tw!

(I gotta admit. Bonking in an open air hot springs while the snow falls and wildlife watches seems… appealing?)


So she hijacks Junichi on a mysterious final bus ride then brings him up to the top of a mountain… and he fantasies about what will happen there. I liked how he fantasizes about how Nanasaki would torture him and harvest his organs. I would have thought of that one. Plus, maybe some stargazing? Or has that been done already?


“While I wouldn’t say they’re big, those breasts have been forged by constant training! Pushed up by well-toned pectorals against a tight racing swimsuit designed for minimal resistance! I wanted to see them, filled with so much energy it’s like they’d explode beautifully like gunpowder any minute! So before I knew it, here I was, peeking!”

Dude knows how to sweet talk a girl.


I like the new OP that they cut in the middle of this arc, but I’m going to miss the old one if only because the lyrics were fun to manipulate… oh I love you, from the fire in my belly…

(Just realized that three of the five shows I watch weekly right now are done by AIC. Has AIC usurped the harem crown? If there’s a new harem series coming, would you want any studio to work on it besides AIC? They do the cheesy harem stuff like Amagami well. They do the fanservice harem stuff like Sora no Otoshimono well. They do the fun harem stuff like Ore no Imouto well.)

(Random projection: Amagami would have the most sordid sexual scene, Sora no Otoshimono would have the best story with the most touching moment, and Ore no Imouto would turn into slapstick before it’s done.)


I like how Junichi takes a short detour this route by checking out his sensei. And then not taking advantage of her when she’s dead drunk. If they make a season two, I would nominate sensei, Haruka’s ponytailed friend, and the robo goth girl from the tea club as potential heroines. And mebbe Junichi’s little sister. Come on, AIC, you know you wanna.


And just realized Junichi has bagged both of his sister’s friends. Damn, no wonder Kyousuke was so passionate about defending Kirino’s friends and hobbies! It all makes sense now!


“Sleeping on your legs is so warm and comfortable, Ai.”

This is the opposite of the leg pillow scene from Ore no Imouto 3. Also like how it only took a night of bonking in an open air hot spring to get Junichi to start calling her by her first name as per Japanese cultural norms.


My favorite scene though is when Junichi dives into the pool and chases Nanasaki around. One, no wonder she didn’t make the cut for the swim team– she couldn’t even outrace a guy wearing a suit. Two, he doesn’t take his cell phone out of his pocket. Either he doesn’t have a cell phone, or like most other anime worlds, cell phones do not exist. Three, they play her character song as Junichi hugs her and she breaks down. She later admits that she didn’t want him to see her cry, but her crying brough them closer. Awwww shucks.

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  1. Not much to say here, this arc was completely awesome and Ai is love… well, her name means love, but I meant… well you get it.
    The udon stand scene was useful in that it allowed us to see drunked hawt sensei and Hibiki scolding Haruka. Which leads me to…
    Sensei-route and Hibiki-route would be so much win. AIC, do it, for Nishishi’s sake.

  2. Wow you’re cranking out posts like mad! Does this mean we’re still getting a thin slice of this season? :3

  3. Pic related to post name

  4. The whole trippy haunted house reminded me (fondly) of the Hitchhiker’s Guide, only ramen instead of petunias. The whole scene is excellent, especially when Ai surrenders herself to be eaten. AIC must be having a lot of fun with this series.

  5. The third scenario at the top of the hill doesn’t seem THAT bad…. things could get interesting…
    Anyways, I liked this arc more than I thought I would, I can understand why Nanasaki is so damn poplar.
    I’ll miss the old OP too, but watching the heroines sing along and “dance” for the first 30 seconds isn’t bad either.

  6. My interpretation of the theme park incident is that Junichi suffered from a transient loss of consciousness due to what can be called a “vasovagal response” to the stress-inducing conditions inside the Egypt-themed haunted house. After he collapsed, Ai was trying to open Junichi’s airway to initiate mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. It seems he has a history of episodic vasovagal syndrome, as we saw during his time with Sae in the bathhouse.

  7. Miya does get her own arc in the OVAs:

  8. >>>And mebbe Junichi’s little sister. Come on, AIC, you know you wanna.

    She’s getting her own episode as a bonus ep in the BRs

  9. Don’t believe you didn’t take the chance to say anything about the ending of Sae’s arc. I thought you’d jump on costume rape, questionable home movies and Miya being the Haruhi to Sae’s Mikuru like Juniichi on an exposed belly button.

    This arc needed more Miya. But she did a great job discussing boobs with Junichi in the presence of Sae and Ai in episode 14. Any scene she’s in becomes 100% better. If her bonus episode doesn’t start with “Hey Nii-nii, I’m gonna go build a harem, you can come along if you like” I’m going to be very disappointed.

  10. Oh yeah, here’s Miya’s inane can-can if you haven’t seen it:

  11. but obviously Junichi had no blood left in his brain to realize that, “Wait, no swimsuit from the backside means… no swimsuit on the front side”.

    ^this is why i read and have read this blog for years

    also, first comment, ai’s name does not mean love, it means meeting (between close people), it’s a homophone.

    also, i love how u posted the screencap of 7saki kneeling before she enters the onsen, i love the art of it so much!!


    nice find!! LOL

    btw miya route isn’t incestuous as far as i know, i watched the game vids and it’s actually just good realy cute brother-sister love. :33

  12. Has AIC usurped the harem crown?

    Retaken, actually. They had it back in the 90s with Tenchi and El-Hazard and Dual and whatnot. They were a first-rank studio back then, but declined sharply into the early zeros. (Possibly Battle Programmer Shirase was their nadir.) Now they’re back again.

    The first Tenchi OAV came out in 1992; is it older than the median age of readers of this blog?

  13. Udon? I thought the Girl’s Swim Team had an Oden stall, since there was fishcakes galore.

  14. Wait a second, you forgot to add Yandere Ai taken from Junichi’s imagination which is more appealing to me for I’m a M and passive like Tohru.

  15. Love this show and the haremettes so much. Also, nice Calvin and Hobbes reference in the post title, best newspaper comic strip ever.

  16. Amagami would have the most sordid sexual scene, Sora no Otoshimono would have the best story with the most touching moment, and Ore no Imouto would turn into slapstick before it’s done.

    Yosuga no Sora just proved you wrong on that sordid sex scene part. Fortunately, Sora no Otoshimono has touching moments aplenty with a great story (buried in a metric crapload of fanservice, but hey), and Orenoimo is already slapstick since episode 2, so 2 out of 3 correct predictions aren’t bad odds.

  17. Did anyone see the Bungaku Shoujo refrence in episode 14? If I’m not they are both from Enterbrain.

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