the world god only knows 4

“There’s no such thing as a bad heroine.”

This episode is the first one that properly captures the mood of the series, shows the quirks of the franchise, and is properly paced… and it’s fantastic. Even though I knew what was coming, there were still quite a few moments where I laughed. I enjoyed Elsee being forced to become Keima’s notepad app, I enjoyed Elsee trapped in a cage (arguably, she’s TWGOK‘s worst and best heroine), I enjoyed the fake OP/ED for the crappy Sora game, I enjoyed the montage of teachers beating the shit out of Keima (but not taking away his PFP? whut?), I enjoyed all the random in-jokes for otaku (out-dueling Ore no Imouto in the process), I enjoyed that Macross Frontier The False Songstress was a D- retelling of an B- story. Oh wait, I didn’t enjoy that last one at all.


Why Elsee is awesome: overmatched, devoted, ponytail, easily flustered, class S zettai ryouki, clumsy, sweet, honest. She’s the anti-Kirino.


Best part of this episode? Bar none, when Eye of the Tiger was blaring in the background. So awesome. They should have tossed in a montage with Kami-sama practicing playing visual novels a la a Rocky workout scene. That would have been awesome.


So not only does anime need an app phone czar (to properly depict modern app phone usage in anime), but I think visual novels need one as well. I expected Sora to MMS some naughty pictures to Kama-sama when she asked, “Would you like to see my picture?” for the umpteenth time. And, really, I’m surprised no eroge has taken the sexting concept and run with it, a la you get awarded sexts when you are conquering a haremette.


“The extent of this failure is incredible!!!”

He’s referring to:

A. The Obama administration.
B. (Tie) Elemental – War of Magic. FFXIV.
C. Mai Otome Zwei.
D. The 2010 Dallas Cowboys.
E. BP.
F. Internet Explorer 6.
G. Endless Eight.
H. Myspace.
I. Fox News fact-checking.
J. (Tie) N-Gage. Apple Pippin. 3DO.
K. Lady Gaga.
L. The Decision starring LeBron James.


“This bug just keep looping!”

See, this is how Kyoto should have done Endless Eight. How can Keima plow through 15,523 reboots in 24 minutes, but it takes Kyoto 192 minutes? Not enough me racing Usain Bolt in the 100m has this big of a discrepancy.

(Question for you: who would be the hardest haremette to capture? Would it be someone like Kanako, who just doesn’t like men? Or would it be someone difficult like Haruhi? Or would it be someone you wouldn’t suspect to be hard yet impossible like the Haruka the Amazing?)


So Keima is basically playing the visual novel version of Daikatana? I liked the weird glitches though… he shouldn’t be running from onigiri! It’s just soft rice, man. Though I liked the random nice touches like all the girls in the background eating onigiri as well.

(True to any visual novel, there’s no other guys to be seen. None. Keima is like Ikuto stranded on Blue Orchid Island. Oh gosh, that should have been “M. Nagasarate Airantou anime adaptation.”)


Biggest stretch this episode? A PFP with sixteen hour battery life. Not even the iPad can do that. I was hoping Manglobe would toss us a curveball with Keima finally on the verge on conquering Sora… then running out of juice on his PFP. Ouchies!

(I still think the iPad is the best possible platform for eroges… come on… 10 inches of pure multitouch! Just Apple won’t let adult apps in the app store. Sigh. Come on, let’s at least get some Tomoyo After out on Cydia. And then mebbe some To Heart 2 XRATED after that.)


“You’ve been keeping those for me?”

“Because they are important.”

(I think these will be different for everyone. Insert your own!)


“I have udon for lunch everyday.”

No wonder you are so broken. Keima should have pick the extra spicy mapo tofu.


Keima’s rant about the buggy nature of the game was awesome. For anyone playing a crappy, buggy game like FFXIV or Fallout Las Vegas, you can relate. The most buggy game in my personal memory? I had a defective copy of Super Mario World with my SNES. The game kept glitching! I was devastated. I later found out that I just had a bad copy, but it’s highly traumatic for a middle school boy.


The scene where Keima tells Elysee that there’s no save function for the game… tremendous. Even more tremendous (and realz) if you picture your girlfriend in Keima’s role telling you that she’s pregnant.


Awesome. Pure awesome.

13 Responses to “the world god only knows 4”

  1. I cracked up at the various glitches that Sora had during the bug loops, including the random face change, priceless.

  2. Insert your own mental image here… Why not just put the f-ing old-man sora. Seriously, this episode had me get stomach cramps. BWAHAHAHAHA~~~!!!!!

  3. “who would be the hardest haremette to capture?” – any character in an yuri anime I guess
    “I still think the iPad is the best possible platform for eroges” – what about Wintel tablets? compatibility would be a non-issue and you won’t have to deal with the unfortunate 4:3 display on the ipad.

  4. Yuri characters aren’t the hardest. Even if there isn’t an anime plot device handy to actually turn you into a girl, you still have a chance if you can make yourself into a decent trap. I think the hardest to capture would be along the lines of someone completely antisocial and asexual, and who you put into life support in an irrecoverable brain-dead vegetative state as the result of a previous capture attempt.

  5. Hardest to capture? A Rumiko Takahashi love interest. Not so much because they’re difficult by themselves, but because the entire world would be against you.

  6. The montage part where he was still capturing her at the end though was the best. There were at least half a dozen different specific VN references I caught…

  7. Hardest to capture? that would be only a female reincarnation of likachu and tsunderizard.

  8. Save function? All I need are Mega Man style passwords! I do feel sorry for your SMW trauma.

    Hardest haremmette to capture would be Kyon-ko. You are competing with Itsuki and Haruhi. Even if you did capture, Haruhi would erase you from existence.

  9. This was both funny and tearjerking. Amazing indeed.
    Hardest to caprture? I can’t think of any right now.

  10. I’m pretty sure Keima’s huge backpack has enough batteries to last a month.

  11. “I still think the iPad is the best possible platform for eroges” – It boggles one’s mind why anyone didn’t think of this before.

    Hardest to conquer would be Yuno Gasai IMYO. She won’t look to anyone else except the one she already loves no matter what you try. I’d devastated before trying, yet I’d still try.

  12. This felt relatively well-paced because in comparison with eps 1~3 (where they dealt with a volume and a half? my memory fails me, but I doubt that capturing took 1 chapter) this “filler” episode is directly from a “filler” chapter. You could kind of see that they were running out of story – the start where they ran the visual novel “bug” for the first time (making me wonder if I really got the right anime at first), the repeating bugs over and over again…
    To be fair, it didn’t really feel like that when I watched it through for the first time. The pacing for the story should be somewhere around this episode. ‘Course, doing so would mean that they run out of scheduled episodes, and in turn would be less captures.
    As for the hardest to capture, I’m inclined to agree with @Onion; reading one of her stories makes me both feel sorry and frustrated for the protagonist.

  13. Hardest to capture? Kaguya-hime from the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.

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