11 Responses to “boo~~”

  1. Aw shit, heart attack. Enjoy Halloween you Americans you.

  2. woo it’s party time!

  3. I don’t mind being bitten by Yui.

  4. :3

  5. The one day many of us get to feel like Mariya (…costumed); at least we can ditch the outfits once its all over. T_T

  6. I wouldn’t mind a “nya” from Azusa.

  7. I’d trick or treat Azu-nyan, if you know what I mean.

  8. haha that wasn’t halloweenish :P jk

  9. happy Halloween to all of you people.

  10. I celebrated Halloween by patriotically supporting the Stewart/Colbert rally. I protest the lack of backbone in Harem Leads and/or Democrats!

  11. death by moe

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