azu-nyan can’t be this cute

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(Just so you guys get the joke, Azu-nyan and Kirino share a seiyuu. And, yeah, similar untruthiness.)

“Don’t be so nice to me, see? /
We hurt each other again /
With all these lies piling up /
I can’t even move /
I want to see you now /
But I don’t know what to say /
If this is the end of our story /
I want you to see my smile”

7 Responses to “azu-nyan can’t be this cute”

  1. Can’t get over the fact that all those faces could be used on the Minecraft creepers and not seem out of place at all…

  2. Is that vocaloid?
    w.e. This is still pure-win

  3. azunyan human neko

  4. @Tet: Now I really want to hug a Creeper :3

  5. Wow, that was awesome.

  6. Video down.

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