ore no imouto 6


Only good scene from a boring episode. Seriously, focusing on Manami is like focusing on Fuyuki for Minami-ke… or starting Carlos Arroyo ahead of Dwayne Wade. Her family is just as unspectacular. The series is called “Ore no Imouto“… let’s not deviate from that, k? And I don’t care how unlikeable Kirino becomes. I want her to become less and less likable for the same reason I root against LeBron– sometimes, it’s fun to have a foil, a villain, a bad guy. Anime needs more memorable bad guys of late. Especially the cute little sister type.


I felt the same way when I got my iPad. Anyone disturbed by Kirino rolling around and frolicking with a pillow featuring two little sister characters? I mean… it’s one thing to do that as a 25 year old man. It’s another to do it as a 15 year old girl. And is it more or less disturbing that the girls are fully clothed? I say… more.

(No one is disturbed? Good. I trained you well.)


“It’s a device that relieves stress.”

I was going to say, man, that’s a huge box for a… uh… “marital aid” device. Though I like their take on Amazon’s trademarked smiley face box. Still not as awesome as the bear boxes from Kanon.

(No wonder the mom was interested… mmm…)


“How about we take a bath together?”

If we replaced Kyousuke with Yosuga no Sora‘s Haruka, they’d be bonking like sea otters in the bath. Because, frankly, shower sex is always a highlight. It’s like a fake punt in football– the degree of difficulty and the spontaneity of it– I should shut up now.

(And good job by Kyousuke by calling her bluff. That’s the right response. And good job by Manami in asking her grandma for how to handle the situation she got herself into. And good job by the grandma to tell her, “ARE YOU AN IDIOT!? GO TAKE A BATH WITH HIM!!!”)


“He wants to put it in my ____! Grandma, help!”


I enjoyed the grandpa pushing the two of them into bed together. Reminded of the The Wedding Banquet, except with less gay sex. I was surprised that grandpa didn’t put a small mountain of condoms next to the futon… then I realized… he wants Manami to get knocked up! Genius on his part. Too bad Manami is as able sexually as Hilary Clinton. And Kyousuke is too attracted to his little sister.


Dishonest and difficult little girls… sigh. I think Kirino wants to trade places with Manami. Watching Kirino and Kyousuke is more frustrating than watching Aoi and Kaoru in Ai Yori Aoshi or Rachel and Ross in season one of Friends.

(Ha, though I was going to go with a Mulder and Scully reference, didn’t you? Curveball, man, curveball.)


Ponytail… bath… mmm… sorry, lost in thought. I’m just appreciating the scene much like how I appreciate a good LeBron dunk.

(Though I like how even though she “hates” her brother, she can’t stop thinking about him all night long. While rubbing herself against her pillow a la Chelsea Handler.)


Typical harem loser male pattern behavior– doesn’t want to score with the chix0rs, but also don’t want to have other guys hitting on them. Just like a real harem from Arabian Nights lore, except with less Johnnies being cut off. I can’t fathom Manami’s appeal– she has the body type of Justin Bieber and acts likes a stodgy old grandma. I’m in love!!! This is about as realistic as Symbian resurrecting itself as a viable mobile platform.


“Skinheads are popular now, aren’t they?”

No, no, and no.


Halloween was last week. Talk about poor planning… much like how The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror is never on Halloween anymore thanks to the World Series. Still, can I make a, “He’s thinking of eating her pumpkin” joke?


“Kyou-chan… next time…”

A. “… I promise to DVR Walking Dead.”
B. “… I promise to lie there like a dead fish better.”
C. “… I hope you last more than a minute.”
D. “… we can invite Kirino over as well.”
E. “… we can invite YnS‘s Haruka over as well. He’s so damn cute!!!”

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  1. Anyone noticed the crossword?

    down~ kaimono (shopping)
    across~ imouto

  2. I actually enjoyed the Manami diversion better than the previous 5 episodes, especially the new (and improved) niconico-style opening.. fewer headache-inducing stupidity and fake dorama angst.

    Heck, I don’t care if we’re going against the title, go ANYONE but Kirino for the pairing. Tsundere (type 2) imouto just doesn’t work for me, but I have a little sis, so I might be biased. Or going completely 180 and taking Kyousuke out of the picture works too. I’d watch 24 minutes of Kirino complaining to Kuroneko and fondling her otaku goods looking like she ODed on ecstasy anytime.

  3. I watched Friends specifically for Paulo.

  4. The words in Mom’s crossword are “kaimono” (shopping) and “imouto”. I feel like there were funnier options for that first word – joke opportunity wasted.

  5. I was not disturbed at all…..Jason what the hell have you done to me?!
    Also, shower sex analogy….. +100 respect, +100 skill, +10000 wtf man?

    Oh and C, absolutely C.

  6. Kirino it’s a tsundere, want it or not.

  7. Sems to me that you don’t really like the osananajimi as a stereotype. They’re supposed to be cute, understanding and vanilla. That’s why they’re still around you after all those years, although you’ve been an asshole so many times. It works the opposite way too; if they’re not cute, understanding and vanilla, you’d probably be totally fed up with them after some time (girls growing up? pain in the ass, man). So Manami is perfect in her role. So much that it’s almost disgusting. But no so much so we cannot have “OMG SO CUTE” moments once in a while.
    Also, D. That’s the only option for your goodly broken readers. E is for the badly broken ones. Of course, “F: invite trap/genderbent Haruka” would probably unleash a civil war. And “G: Invite Haruka cosplayed as Kirino” would be our absolute doom. With hysterical, broken laughing as the soundtrack.
    Yeah, I’ll stop typing as of now.

  8. Weren’t you complaining the other week about it being an otaku plot about doing otaku things, and that they reused the discovery event three times? Now you’re complaining when they do something different? Ima start calling you Kirino.

    I really enjoyed this episode. The family’s antics cracked me up (especially Kyousuke calling Manami’s bluff, then both the grandparents calling his). It was quite nice to see Kyousuke in a different environment winding down and relaxing rather than getting wound up as is normally the case. Kirino’s tsun and dere intermissions were done well too. The episode title was very apt, I had no real opinion about Manami before, but she is surprisingly cute, and they go well together.

    Did anyone else get Clannad vibes? Maybe it’s the combination of Kyousuke’s seiyuu and the family approach to this episode.

  9. Yeah, I vote for genderbent Haruka as well.

  10. That Kirino pose while in the bath… mmmmmm. Brb.

  11. I think Manami is extremely cute, I keep wanting to kick Kyousuke every time he misses her signals, starting when he would not lay his head in her lap a few episodes ago. Kirino went down a lot IMO when she threw her friends under the bus

  12. The razor blades are out. More hope for a Nice Boat ending!

    I liked this episode a little more than the last one, but overall this show feels underwhelming. I think it’s more high expectations at the start have fallen flat. Compared to TWGOK, which is mostly living up to its potential. After that, it’s Amagami Super Sport and Ika Musume that I most look forward to.

    (Jason, you should do a half-order thin slicing of just the shows you actually kept watching. Just so the rest of us know what we’re missing. Although the YnS-style posts are just as helpful in that regard…)

  13. Kirino’s screentime is inversely proportional on how I enjoyed the episode.

    And yeah, best final episode ever.

  14. Dear Kirino,

    Please stop hating Manami.

    Your onii-chan


  15. I dunno, if this were any other story Manami has a huge shot at Kyousuke. *If* this were any other story. Unfortunately the OreImo novels seemed to have plunged completely into Siscon territory from the fourth book onwards, so Jimi-chan’s chances are terribly terribly dim.

  16. Related to my post above, I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop at this point. The ‘accidentally mixed at birth’ card hasn’t been played yet, after all.

  17. Silly Imouto, pen knives are more of a yandere thing.

  18. Kyou-chan, next time we should have an orgy with Ryou, Tomoyo and Kotomi …
    Wait, that’s wrong series ARGGGH

    (Anyway, when will we actually get to brother sister love … mmmmm… mmm)

  19. Suddenly, candy. Also, this episode reminded me of the Furukawa bakery.

  20. This episode was a bore, to be honest.

  21. Kirino for the win!

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