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Wait, yet another Haruhi manga? When are we going to get the one set in Feudal Japan with rollerblading mecha and Pizza Hut delivery service?


Gotta admit. I’m liking this one. Maybe it’s because I need something to wash away the taste of Endless Eight, but there’s something to this retelling of the Haruhi story. Basically, it turns Haruhi into To Heart. Don’t change the channel so fast– it’s not necessarily a bad thing.


The remix is simple. There’s no espers, time travelers, or aliens. Everyone is a “normal” human, and the story focuses on Yuki (hence the title, Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu)… and Yuki has literally become a cross between Clannad‘s Nagisa and To Heart‘s Akari. (Yes, I have been watching To Heart lately, why thanks for asking.) The manga then proceeds with the same deliberate (read: not so fast) pace of simpler slice-of-life anime. Basically, Haruhi got reboot into a pre-Haruhi slice-of-life show when things weren’t so… kinetic.

In this series, Yuki has to deal with some mundane stuff, like figuring out how to keep the literary club going, and how to buy a turkey (actual plot). She keeps the club going for one specific reason: she has a crush on this member named “Kyon”. Kyon goes through a radical transformation. No longer burdened with Haruhi’s antics, he’s turned into normal harem male much in the Tomoya or Keiichi mold. A poor haremette’s prince.

(Of course, once Kyon reveals he likes ponytails, all the girls start wearing them. Like on cue. I wish my life were like this. *pouts*)


The other member of the club? A remixed Canadian Asakura who is lot like the old LOL FANG-TAN. She also provides the costume raping. The new LOL FANG-TAN? She’s the Utena to Mikuru’s Anthy. Yes, she is deliciously jealous of anyone who talks to Mikuru and “jokes” about tying Mikuru up for herself. Mikuru, in turn, becomes a mere prop in this adaptation. Then again, Mikuru was a prop in 75% of the mother franchise.

Of course, because Kyon never traveled back in time to meet middle school Haruhi… Haruhi goes to a different school… and never cuts her fair hair. But she’s the same. She hasn’t changed, just she is not as accessible. And Itsuki… less gay. But he’s reduced to a bit part as well, and I’m glad. The focus is squarely on Yuki, Kyon, and Asakura.

There’s just something strange and familiar with the characters. It’s less of the supernatural spectacle that the mother franchise is yet retains the best slice-of-life elements. I’m enjoying it, and it’s making Yuki a lot more likable character, unless you’re into the frozen, untalkative doll type. At the very least, The Vanishment of Yuki Nagato can tie us over until The Surprise of Kyon-ko.

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  1. Doesn’t Haruhi NTR the shit out of Yuki in this?

  2. Kaisos: I understand that Haruhi pretty much does steal the show whenever she appears in the comic. It doesn’t happen often though, as the narrative is placed almost entirely on the Literature Club trio.

  3. @Kaisos – She was close during one of the chapters, during Valentine’s Day.

    But even though Yuki is supposed to be main heroine, Haruhi is slowly taking over…

  4. I’m with Kyon on the ponytailed Yuki. I love it.

  5. How did she instantly grow her short hair to get such a manificent ponytail? Power of love? Pharmaceutical Industry? Geass?

    A cowering Yuki is fine too.

  6. And here I thought I was the oddball of the world, reading this consistently.

  7. I love seeing this Yuki featured, without worrying about the parent story slash canon. Come onnn gym storage shed scene.

  8. You only just discovered this? Haruhi is STILL strange… but she only haunts Yuki now and again. Horribly cute worried Yuki is like a less frightened Mikuru.

  9. Phocus: given that’s an in-series nightmare of hers, I wonder if she’ll get a bit more aggressive, as she sorta-did at Christmas.

  10. Yuki a lot more likable character, unless you’re into the frozen, untalkative doll type

    How can you say that after Disappearance?

  11. Beowulf: my personal theory is that this is a timeline branching off of Disappearance where she got to forget everything, and be normal.

  12. Akari is love.
    ToHeart is yawwwwn. But a cute yawwwwn.

    Also, checking this as I write. Delicious Nagato, must get.

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