you being you, me being me

You being you (scheming devil), me being me (sadomasochism servant).

(“Gohoubi” ごほうび = reward. Yet another vocabulary I picked up from anime, though this one was from Shana.)

Couldn’t wait two more weeks to discuss Tsukasa Ayatsuji’s capture. The awesomeness of this arc is flowing out like GN particles from 00 Gundam.






“Did you read it? Did you?! So you read it. DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED!!!”

(In the manga, she does this scene in her normal school uniform. The dripping wet swimsuit is a very, very nice touch. AIC is a studio to be reckoned with. Anyone know what this scene is like in the visual novel? Also, the manga in all its various incarnations feature Ayatsuji more than all the other haremettes… in fact, I still haven’t run across a Haruka arc yet. Does such a thing exist?)


Girl with hidden dark side tells you not to reveal said hidden dark side… so you go reveal it in the next scene. I thought Junichi got off too easy! I wanted Tsukasa to land a staple in his gums.


Every Amagami heroine has realized that they have feelings for Junichi while in the bath. Awesome decision. Keima would swiftly approve.

(Tsukasa’s bath looks a lot nicer than the previous heroines’… she’s a lot better off? Or does she just demand the best? Or a combination of the two?)


Hidden signs that a girl likes you? When she stomps on your foot when you daydream about other girls. Haqua is currently punishing the hell out of Kami-nii-sama’s feet right now as he attempts the quintuple capture. Junichi needs to step up his game and try to capture Haruka, Kaoru, Sae, Ai, Rihoko, and Tsukasa simultaneously. See, this is the difference between a real Capturing God and imitators: Capturing God doesn’t need to omnibus it.


Why do men comfort each other by suggesting video games and pr0n? After I get dumped or stood up, the last thi– wait, got a phone call. Sup, Jeff… Pink Poodle and Halo? Sign me up!!!

(Guys wear scarves all funny in Japan. I generally go with the Euro-style loop or a standard knot, but I don’t do the double wrap-around.)


“Neko kabute” = wolf wearing cat’s skin, as in a scheming devil core hidden inside this outstanding student and role model. This, I learned from my sensei, who taught me this phrase because she claimed I fit the bill. I have no clue why.


I had to pause because I fell out of my La-Z-Boy laughing. I think, for full effect, Tsukasa needed to unbutton her top button. Still, great that her sister and her are so different… one is completely honest with herself and the other is completely dishonest. This is kinda like Kyou and Ryou with Ryou being honest with her feelings for Tomoya… yet… Kyou still won out. There’s a lesson here. I just don’t know what it is.


“Though I don’t know what to think about you bringing bananas and energy drinks for a girl.”

That plus warm maple syrup is generally what I give for an anniversary present. “Meal” fit for a princess.


Enjoyed the other vexing devil trying to get Junichi to peek on the girls swimming. Unlike Keima’s adventures, only really Sae and Tsukasa have gaps in their hearts. Haruka is just looking for a puppy, Ai is happy even before she met Junichi, and Rihoko needs the gap in her stomach filled.


I want to know why she doesn’t want anyone to read her “scribbles”. There’s only three possibilities (a) Death Note (b) a hook-up list (c) one of those Mean Girls or Cruel Intentions type gossip diaries. If it ends up being something stupid like a cookie recipe or lyrics to Pure Pure Heart, I’ll toss my iPad at my TV.


Now I get where they got the costumes for the JAV Junichi, Miya, Sae were filming at the end of Sae’s arc. Miya is the second best imouto on right now, just behind Elsee.

(This was such a lame and wasted “trapped in a storage shed” scene. Come on. Just a pitiful effort, like watching every 2010 Detroit Piston game. Though I kinda wish they made a “I would call out for help, except I have AT&T for wireless.”)

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  1. No words but these: I wish they’d had more Haruka in this arc. She fits much better here.

  2. Sorry, Elsee doesn’t qualify as imouto, per BMW theory.

  3. An interesting girl, to say the least. I was actually expecting this arc to be really boring, and her being an actually devoted overworking student.

    Guess not!

  4. Ayatsuji maybe a interesting and mysterious heroine, but adding some red Schwert Kämpfer powers, she’ll become a badass president!

  5. Here is the best plot twist I posted before.

    The mystery is finally revealed.
    Tsukasa Ayatsuji is in fact the daughter of the main protagonists of Kare-Kano (Yukino Miyazawa and Soichiro Arima.) Remember that they have three kids, two of them are twins, namely Yukari and Tsukasa. So why they have a different surname? Soichiro and Yukino have a divorced with Soichiro leaving with the eldest daughter leaving behind Yukino and her twins. Yukino remarried thus her surname changed into Ayatsuji including her daughters.

    Yukari inherited the clumsiness side of her mother, while Tsukasa inherited both the father and mother side traits, which she’s displaying.

  6. There’s about quadruple the normal amount of conflict in this arc – though multiplying trace amounts by 4 only gives you…pretty small amounts. The scenes where Ayatsuji interrogated or bullied Junichi were fantastic though. Especially, as you said, the swimsuit, the tie-pull, and that face in screenshot 3.

    For the rest of the time, not so very different to usual. Quickly lowering her defences to Juniichi, and her cookie cutter problem being revealed. Ayatsuji, your goal for the next episode should be 10% tsun, 4% dere, 1% hiding your embarrassment, and 85% spite…or something like that.

    Junichi needs to step up his game and try to capture Haruka, Kaoru, Sae, Ai, Rihoko, and Tsukasa simultaneously

    This is beyond Junichi’s skills. I’m hoping it’s going to be the plot for Miya’s episode however.

  7. Needs green hair and a taser. Followed by carpentry tools.


  9. Junichi needs to step up his game and try to capture Haruka, Kaoru, Sae, Ai, Rihoko, and Tsukasa simultaneously

    This is beyond Junichi’s skills. I’m hoping it’s going to be the plot for Miya’s episode however.

    Meaning Miya tries to capture them? I’m down with that. Nishishishishishi!

  10. Miya is better suited for capturing help than Elsie; Miya’s reconnaissance skills should be S-Class rated. She can easily know who has the ones that float and who doesn’t.

    Also, meat buns are awesome volumetric measurement tools.

  11. How do you quote here? Ive tried HTML and BBC.

    Anyway, Jason, I lol’d hard @ your phone call.

    Tsukasa got +15 points in under 5 minutes, where as Ai got around 13 in her entire arc, and *my fav. female char* Tohsaka Rin got around 15 in the entire SERIES + Games.
    I think I found a new waifu.

    Is it me, or does her sister look incredibly alike? They almost look like twins. Which, opens up an awesome possibility for a 3way. I am so there.
    Lesson is: Eldest twin-sister wins?
    Also, am I the only one waiting for Tsukasa’s hair to flash blood red?

  12. Tsukasa reminds me of Gordon Gekko: “If you want a friend, get a dog.”

  13. @Erufen: <blockquote> quoted text </blockquote>
    Use it wisely.

  14. Miya is the best character ever in Amagami, hands down.

    “Though I don’t know what to think about you bringing bananas and energy drinks for a girl.”

    The extremely blatant innuendo in this one doesn’t even need to be pointed out.

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