if you want to get me a last minute present…

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I want Minori’s coffee mug.

(How did I not notice this two years ago? Grrrrr… fail whale indeed.)

5 Responses to “if you want to get me a last minute present…”

  1. Odd, thought you did mention it the first time around. Anyway, folks have been selling Fail Whale mugs on Zazzle since before the show aired. Usually around $18 or so.


  3. You can have the mug. I’d rather have Minorin.

  4. Odd story. I checked the blog. Then saw your twitter feeds at the bottom, and figured “Meh, might as well”. So I went and registered for twitter…..and got a “twitter is overloaded” with that same fail whale image (The one in the mug, not the actual screencap)
    This is like 6 mins between both occurrences.

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