happy new year!

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  1. Loading 2011 [ ███████████████]100%

  2. Hmm, I know this is Miku and all, but I’m reminded of Mononoke (the Noitamina series, not the Ghibli movie).

  3. Happy 2011. It has just begun though, so I don’t know what to be happy about.

  4. Happy new year! : D
    Being Aussie it’s almost a day past it though haha

  5. [looks at the picture for a full minute]
    …there’s a “fish barfing blood” Vocaloid? And I thought Pokemon went too far…

  6. Welcome to the year of fail. I look at the winter preview and all I can do is sign. I hope the new year will be good for you guys.

  7. Happy New Year from Calgary Alberta, Canada!

  8. Requesting source.
    Also, Happy Nyan Year *paws*

  9. Hooray for Hanafuda references!

  10. What song is this? (if it’s even from a song)

  11. I’ll just share this and prove that Ai>all.

  12. I think it’s hachi’s Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses. lol@the blood-barfing fish. Hachi stopped making scary songs after this one I think (or maybe he did just one more, Lenne). Nowadays he makes a lot of fairy-tale like songs.


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