angel beats ova

“My stomach is destruction!”

First new post of 2011… has to be… K-On!! Kidding. Let’s start off with Angel Beats, which really needs a 24 episode remake instead of a single episode OVA, but hey, it’s a start right? It’s supposed to tie up loose ends, right? Nope. Hell no. It’s a filler OVA stuck between when Iwasawa left Girls Dead Monster and when Yui became head of GalDeMo. It’s not even a character development filler but a “Yuri got a stupid plan” filler. Oh Angel Beats, oh you.

Still, a fun reminder of what could have been. This should have been a much better show with a much better OVA, but it underachieved. Just like the 2011 Minnesota Vikings.

(There is a two minute epilogue that shows how Otonashi has become the new Student Council President in lieu of Kanade, whom he still pines for. Is it a setup for season two? If it is… I hope PA Works goes for train wreck and fanservice because I’m not sure how the narrative is salvageable at this point.)

Way too much jizzing in the pants for me. Waaaaaaay too much.

The Tension Meter is awesome, if only because I think we need more charts and graphs and stats in anime, like when I tried to do a sanity meter for Higurashi back in the day (before the charting plug-in broke). I think we need a Moe Meter, Gar Meter, Train Wreck Meter, and Meido Meter for all anime. Like it could run on a separate track, but we need this. I need to know my Moe Meter stats over time for K-On!! vs. Ika Musume. You do too.



(Easily the best part of 2010 is TK.)

Yurippe would be an excellent correspondent for Fox News. Just the right combination of sinister knowledge, evangelicalism, stupidity, and douchery.

“I got this chiseled muscle body just for writing this blog post!”

Repeat gags are fine if they’re repeated a few times… not constantly. This felt like Endless Eight crammed into a single ep and sped up with all the gag repetition. Really, there must be a better way to show how “high tension” someone is? And is being stressed all the time good for you? Leads to heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments. Yurippe really is trying to run her team into the ground.

Still not sure how having an impromtu sports festival is supposed to show that they’ll well-adjusted students… after all, well-adjusted students do nothing but hold impromptu sports festivals? Wouldn’t the plan go better if they were all just normal students instead of weird spazzes who look like they’re possessed by head crab aliens?

(If this were Sora no Otoshimono, the cavalry battle would feature panties instead of handbands. Sigh.)

My big issue with this episode is the overuse of speedlines and exclamation points. It’s like putting an “X” in a name to make it X-Treme. My gosh, I almost had a seizure from all the speedlines… speedlines for band music playing, speedlines for eating, speedlines for sports, speedlines for TK, speedlines for sewing teddy bears, speedlines for speedlines. Just gets too XXXXXXX-TREME for my tastes.

Feels like a Detroit Metal City concert.

(So I’m back from vacation and really not feeling in the mood for anime… until I saw Gundam 00. I’m highly giddy now. Except my internet connection has turned into mush. Before I left, it was reasonably decent DSL, but now it’s just been terribly slow and unstable. Gah. Where’s my broadband stimulus plan, President Obama?! We need nationwide fiber to the home! Nao!)

New Modern Law of Anime: The sum of Tension Meter and IQ Meter must equal 100 at all times.

Quality turnip she has there. I think the vegetables from Super Mario 2 look more realistic. Though this does open up a “turnip moe” category… lemme check Danbooru to see if such a category exists yet. Okay, nope. What’s wrong with you guys?! Turnip moe will be big in 2011!

Dehydrated Yui looks like Zombie Yui.

The difference between Hisako and Yui is even larger than between Mio and Yui. O. M. G.

(Only slightly fewer hawt cheerleaders than a typical blog好き fantasy.)

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  1. Can’t believe you missed the one that went OVER

  2. Welcome back! I question the choice of blogging THIS headache-inducing 20+ minutes instead of, oh, the Disappearance movie, the mindless-fun of the Gundam 00 movie, or even the pseudo-90s nonsense of the Trigun movie. Really Jason, I’d think you’re slipping.

  3. I agree with Myssa Rei but will be a little more specific.
    Blog on Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya yes please.


  5. I had a feeling the cheerleader pic would make its way into this post. The SSS uniform must have some sort of super melonpan supressor built into it.

  6. Now if that was a sexual tension meter….

  7. Welcome back.! This episode wasn’t bad for some light standalone entertainment, it’s not like another 20 minutes could have tidied up any of the mess that was the last few episodes of the season.

  8. Do yourself a favor Jason, don’t watch the Gundam 00 movie… it is painfully retarded. Watch the Disappearance movie or the Trigun movie instead… or at least take the Gundam 00 movie in bite size pieces – I don’t think any of us want us to lose our Meido Militia leader.

  9. The only redemption in this ova is Shiina

  10. >>> I agree with Myssa Rei but will be a little more specific.
    Blog on Disappearance of Yuki Nagato yes please.

    Fixed. And yes please x2.

  11. I was disappointed not by the plot, because I was satisfied with the series on this side (yeah I wasn’t expecting much in the first place), but by the general unfunnyness, that Arakawa last episode I watched before was much funnier. It’s not moemoe but there is soe fanart of Harvest Moon girls with turnips.
    Didn’t know there is a Trigun movie. Gonna check.
    It’s not like I want you to blog the Nagato movie or anything!

  12. Rockmanshii being tsundere make me… =3=

  13. I am also disturbed by the lack of CUUUUUTO! in this post.

  14. Good to know you’re watching quality subs… .. .

  15. actually I’m kinda glad you didn’t include that part. I had someone else spoil it for me and its so much less awesome if you know it’s coming.

  16. Here’s hoping future “episodes” will be better. “Hey guys! Let’s all act like Yui & see if we can irritate the heck out of God!” Just doesn’t do it for me. Made TK seem kinda normal though.

    I agree with your idea of a 24 ep remake. Might have been that way if they didn’t have any time/budget constraints.

    Yuri could seem “as much at home” on Fox or CNN (I watch both.).

    Some thoughts & ruminations here:

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