five images: kiss through the glass






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  1. Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the-
    *gets shot*
    Now that that’s over with… did a double-take on the first of the five: “Wait, why is Senjougahara kissing Kyousuke?”

  2. I wish I had a drawing tablet like that one….that’d be so cool.

  3. Where’s my Lulu/Suzaku!? :(

  4. That’s Ayase, not Kuroneko, kissing onii-san

  5. Let’s try again –

    That’s Ayase, not Kuroneko, kissing onii-san

  6. Damn, I wasn’t watching this weeks Madoka carefully enough.

    bluemonq: Wait, why is Senjougahara kissing Kyousuke?

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who mistook Kuroneko for Senjougahara – only in my case I just assumed the guy was Ararararagi. The blood spatters in the background didn’t help that impression either.

    dublish: Where’s my Lulu/Suzaku!? :(

    That’s for Jason’s private perusal.

  7. That’s Ayase up there =P

  8. Last picture: So ronery ;-;

  9. Neriya – i think that’s Kirino, not Kuroneko

  10. I thought that was Ayase

  11. @Crowbar: Hmm, I was just going by the Kuroneko tag and assuming the artist had just got the wrong hair colour, but your right, the style’s wrong too… The features look like Kirino’s, but no bright orange hair or side ahoge means I’m inclined to agree with GhostBanquo, even though Ayase’s hair is black rather than purple as well…

  12. Neriya – true. Artistic liberties…. *shrugs*

  13. Holy shit that tablet has legs!

  14. I thought it looked like Kyousuke was kissing Solid Snake. Then again I also have a pretty bad fever and thought ants were trying to eat my eyes this morning.

  15. Yup, wish I had $2500 for a tablet like that.

    It’s probably Ayase. Even though her hair is purple in this image, it’s probably just a color shift because the image has Kyousuke with purple hair also.

  16. The last photo represents Jason? Because that second picture did not look like Kuroneko. Hair was wrong, for one.

    Also,Genshiken Nidaime is calling for you…

  17. Looks like Ayase to me…

  18. wheres my azu-nyan?

  19. Last picture: Forever Alone

    Hey, wait a minute…


    It’s Aragaki Ayase!!!

  21. Remember the principles of CQC

  22. The last picture is epic……….

  23. Wait, in that last pic, is that guy kissing an android girl with a tablet for a torso? Or are the legs like some form of super tablet holographic projection capability that I know not of?

  24. What the… I didn’t even notice the legs. Guess I’m not very perceptive.

  25. Nah, it’s just a tablet and one of those disembodied limb pillows (

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