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So do you want to be a mahou shoujo?

So, I guess, the news first: K-On! is continuing. Like we always expected it to. In the way we always thought it would happen: one manga will now follow Mio, Ritsu, Yui, and Mugilicious throughout their college years (yes, exactly like what Saved by the Bell tried and failed to do) while another will follow Azu-nyan, Ui, and Jun left behind in high school. Basically, this is no different than CSI spawning CSI: NY and CSI: Miami. I just want Kyubey to be involved in the high school manga… would be total bi-winning move if he went up to Azu-nyan and went, “Do you want to be a mahou shoujo?”

(In any case, half my readers are face palming at more K-On! while the other half have already started to spoon either their guitars or their Mio dolls and/or pillow cases.)

UPDATE: Seems like it is still one manga, just going to ping-pong between high school life and college life. I still want an alternate retelling where Yui is visited by Kyubey…

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  1. Is it really like CSI? Were NY and Miami once part of a whole?

    I find it quite retarded to split them up like that. They could’ve done it differently, switching the focus to one group at a time and later on have some chapters with all of the characters, or a few of each group.

    It sort of feels like you have to buy both now if you’re a true fan. Maybe not that much of a problem but it’s still weird. I like K-On but this is stupid.

  2. Well I’m part of the first half but like you said we all expected it to continue so I already facepalmed long ago.

  3. Remember that the story with Azusa, Ui, and Jun can only go on for one school year, as they will be seniors, thus, if they join the college Ritsu, Mugi, Yui, and Mio are at after that, they can recombine the titles after that period.

  4. Goddamnit, I swear if Kyoto decides to make more K-ON anime because of this and doesn’t pick up something actually good………..
    I used to love Kyoto so much too.

  5. Facepalm. Predictions:

    With no Yui to look after, Ui will become lazy, demotivated and unreliable, spending all her free time snacking and lazing around in Yui’s room/Yui’s seat in the club room. On the contrary, without Ui to look after her, Yui will become the most generally talented and reliable member of the college group.
    Mio and Ritsu will give in to the inevitable and become lovers. Mugi will film it.
    All of the girls will learn never to accept anything Mugi offers them on a night out.

  6. I don’t know were everybody is getting this idea that there will be *two* series. Nothing in the actual announcement suggests that. Yes, chapters will appear in two magazines (under the same name “K-ON!”) and when the time comes to publish a tankoubon, chapters from both magazines will go into the same volume in chronological order. That’s how they did it in volumes 2 and 3.

  7. It seems like people are forgetting something important: you need four people to form a club. With Azusa, Ui, and Jun, they’ll need a fourth. So we’re getting a new character, and I suspect it will be a junior. A junior who will then recruit her friends, only THEY TOO will be short a person, requiring them to recruit a junior –

    Mein gott! It is

    I N C E P T I – O N!

  8. No facepalm here. K-On! is simple, cool, and (dare I say?) cute. Yeah, extremely formulaic, repetitive, and predictable, too. I love it. I also love the Stooges (Horowitz and Feinberg varieties only), although they were never cute.

  9. I find this great, don’t know why you’d facepalm. The show was just to good to end like that lol. It’s like Sesame Street, you watch enough of it during your early life you feel like you’re part of it. Down the road you remember how good it was and still is because it still makes me laugh to this day (like the yip martians). K-ON is special, enough for this to probably be like the Truman Show where we’ll watch the girls every day whilst they grow up it’s that good. God hope they don’t do that or it’d be freaky actually haha. Anyways, can’t wait for the anime to pop up.

  10. Don’t you mean by “I still want an alternate retelling where Yui is visited by THE Kyubey…”? xD

  11. I’ll facepalm hard if KyoAni decided to milk this thing like a certain video game franchise. Yet somehow it doesn’t seem too far-fetched….

  12. If Kyoto Ani starts a new K-on BEFORE I get my full metal panic fix….. Well it ain’t gonna be pretty.
    Need some land mines and my glock, that’ll learn em.

  13. Nodspy, you nailed it man. The damn novels are over so what’s holding them back to animate the whole thing?

    Fuck this. We’ll probably just be seeing them having tea time in college and just do girly shit all over again.

  14. I really enjoyed The Melancholy of Azunyan/K-ON!! but I agree that we need more Tessa.

  15. Oh yes! I can continue to do this and that while I watch my favorite girl band perform and eat sweets.

  16. We are forgetting something very important here. Namely, that more “K-On” anime means more Yoko Hikasa singing songs. Ipso, facto, and therefore, this is great news.

  17. Spooning. Although I never really learned to play guitar (I didn’t buy it for K-ON), plus I think it’s a boy.

  18. I just realized the significance of the header. AIIIIEEEEEE.

  19. @Neriya: I stumbled into the same conclusion. If they continue the story they’ll have to show the life of the girls until the end and their marriage, or at least I doubt they’ll portray them as looser girls who can’t find boyfriends in College, so to not make fans rage everywhere they’ll all become lesbians and marry each other. Mugi will film it all.

  20. Oh for gods sake…

  21. It was going to be an All Girls University, wasn’t it?

  22. I just hope nothing happen to the studio after this 8.9r Earthquake…
    My condolences to Japan…

  23. I enjoyed CSI Las Vegas immensely, got all the seasons on dvd as well as all the crossover-episodes.
    Miami is just colorful and exotic, no real substance. NY is one man forever angsting, 9-11 on repeat and gloomy serial-killers.
    1 awesome spawn 2 fail. Kinda like my dad.
    Still gonna pick up the K-On manga though. And read it while cuddling my bass guitar and Mio pillow.

  24. I’m attempting to imagine the reactions and images chosen for episode 27’s post, assuming there will be one here eventually. I keep seeing a mix of various Mio and Mugi shots.

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