puella magi madoka magica 11

… post is incubating. So I was wandering around Cal Science Academy when I saw this. I shrieked in horror.

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  1. Did you sign anything lately?

  2. “Don’t you want to be a chicken?”

    (which is kinda what the plot to True Tears was)

  3. So, did you take the plunge and become a magical girl? Pics or it didn’t happen.

  4. Do we even know if it’s airing this week or not?

  5. I read the blog title, realized it had to be a troll of some sort, thought maybe it was an April fool’s joke, looked at my calendar and realized we were still in March. So then I got my hopes up only to be CRUSHED by the incubator.

  6. Now that you’ve crushed my hope, the least you could do is to make a contact and wish for the last two episodes.

  7. Damn, I though the next ep came out, I almost jumped out of my seat.

    That machine needs eyes,

    red eyes,

    that can see into your soul….


  8. Don’t count your chickens before they’ve been hatched, I say. By the Incubator.

    *sounds of crickets*

    Sorry, it had to be done.

  9. Aw, shineyshiney beat me to it, but I couldn’t help but think the same thing…


  10. New idea for easter eggs – paint them up to look like soul gems or grief seeds.
    Eat your heart out Faberge!

  11. Arise chicken, chicken arise.

  12. Jasonko as a magical girl. Sounds like another Sixten project.

  13. With those delays SHAFT must be harvesting lots of energy from us.

  14. Bah I say. If I want to get trolled by a studio I’ll let KyoAni do it. Because at least their I can enjoy the results of the trolling as it happens.

  15. It’s okay, Jasmine. Show us on the doll where the mean ol’ space plushie touched you.

  16. Madoka 11&12 screening on April 21.


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