hanasaku iroha 6

“Nothing Venture Nothing Win”

(Excellent Engrish. Feels like something Charlie Sheen would say. And, yes, low cut dresses are win. Especially on Nako.)

Not sure what I enjoyed more… the totally generic plot that “Hey, scantily clad girls will be involved in an awkward situation with a married man,” how Ohana is perfectly fine wearing such a revealing qipao, or how Nako just goes to pieces Mikuru-style while wearing her cocktail dress. Needless to say, if the Mirage had more cocktail waitresses looking like Nako, I would have spent a lot more money on the slots there.

(Mmm… I’ll go with Nako having a Mikuru-style breakdown. Just something enticing about a well-figured girl getting costume raped into revealing cosplay outfits. Shy girl being forced out of shyness has its appeal.)

Also enjoyed Ohana’s “Muhahaha I am rich!” smile. I imagine this is what the executives of Goldman Sachs look like as they think of new ways to bilk mainstreet of their hard earned cash.

I just spent ten minutes going through Amazon, and I still can’t find a briefcase that explodes into cosplay outfits. Good news is that we finally have a rival for ef‘s Kuze. You go Takako.

(Tarou is probably thinking, “Why don’t you try some of those out, Takako?” Dude has such an obvious one-sided crush on her… so pathetic… if it weren’t for the leads to Denpa Onna and Ano Hi wussing it up.)

“Standing pools gather filth!”

Takako feels like she was lifted out of Dilbert.

That looks like the penismobile from Utena.

(When she took out the briefcase from the penismobile, I was rooting for it to contain sex toys. Close, but no cigar.)

I think the room full of old kimonos is pretty awesome. Ohana and Nako should wear them more often, at least once a week. My company has Hawaiian shirt Fridays… I’m sure a Japanese inn can have kimono Fridays. Bunny girl Mondays. Qipao Tuesdays. School uniform Wednesdays. Meido Thursdays.

(Or just do meido Monday through Thursday. I can sign-off on that one too. I’ll even offer my consulting services for free for this topic for them.)

I haven’t seen anything quite like the Lakers collapse in Dallas since the Cavaliers collapsed last year against Boston or the Pistons against Miami back in 2008 or Golden State over Dallas in 2007. But none of them were the two-time defending champions. That’s just a pathetic display that showed a team crumbling for the sake of crumbling. More interestingly, the announcers kept mentioning that Pau Gasol was troubled by “off-court” issues hence his poor play. They never said what it was, but it surely can’t be worse than the Jason Kidd, Jimmy Jackson, and Toni Braxton love triangle that blew up the 1996 Mavericks. Isn’t that a great excuse for life? Lulu couldn’t overthrow Britannia because of “off-court” issues. Shinji couldn’t stop the angels because of “off-court” issues. Bush never caught Osama because of “off-court” issues.

(Ohana keeps changing her hair pins to match what she is wearing… does she just have a huge stash of them?)

Something weird about Japanese fashion in that men wear these shirts and ties but then wear some sort of pajama cover over them. Why not a sensible and low profile cardigan or a sharp sports coat instead?

Definitely something going on. We’re not done with Minko’s and Tohru’s story.

(The final egg drop by the chef when he saw Tohru’s face strongly hinted that he’s in love and something is going down. I just hope we get actual plot-like substance soon. Oh who am I kidding? I’m just hoping for more fanservice and serviceable likes like “I want to sparkle!” and “Nothing venture, nothing win.”)

Three MVPs…

This is 3.

This is 2.

This is 1.

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  1. Tohru becoming attracted to Ohana is expected, as that sets up even MORE drama between Minko and Ohana. Or at the very least revenge yuri bathroom antics. I want to see Minchi make Ohana sparkle~

  2. Wait, wasn’t that the some sort of luggage that Mako-chan pickup up in the canals? Is Takako stealing Haruhi’s stuff? Or is….uh oh.

  3. I’m not following this show (nor anything, actually), but gosh, this one delivers tasty images week after week. If all MVPs were this good, I’d be watching sports religiously. Would’ve been perfect had Goldman Sachs not been mentioned- those scumbags ruin everything.

  4. “The final egg drop by the chef when he saw Tohru’s face strongly hinted that he’s in love and something is going down.”

    The face that Ren had when he dropped that egg has got to be the most epic “Oh fuck not ANOTHER love triangle face >:(” ever.

  5. Oh and Nako4ever…. carry on.

  6. Girls in qipao = Instant win.

  7. All we need now in this show is for Nako to fall for Ko when he eventually visits Ohana, then we’d have a textbook love bowtie.

  8. I’m not sure whether Ohana’s open minded or just impressionable. Probably both. Either way, she’s a great lead character.

  9. After examining that “money shot” in closer detail, I have to say Uchida has been out-Uchida’ed.

  10. Nako: Mikuru of the new decade?

  11. We have nine years or so left in the decade. Mikuru worked because she arrived in 2006, and again in 2009, one could gauge the rest of the competition already by 2006 and have a relative clue. It is 2011…we got a long ways to go until 2020.

  12. Penismobile?

    No no, looked more like an Aero 8 to me. Ass ugly car, but any woman who drives a Morgan is all types of awesome.

  13. “Also didn’t take long to realize we’re going to have a terrible love triangle between Tohru, Minko, and her since I can’t imagine Ohana developing a relationship with Tohru (this creating a love rectangle which is too advanced for anime but commonplace in 90210).”

    Judging by Tohru’s daydream while eating, I guess you were a little too quick to dismiss Ohana. Besides, who says we have to have a 90210 situation? I’m thinking… A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

  14. This episode is chock-full of OH SO EXPLOITABLE screencaps.

    But seriously… why the hell are they ignoring Nako? She’s like Mikuru, except a lot more competent. The only reason I could think of is that it’s HanaIro’s running gag, sort of like how people tend to look in the distance while not seeing the one thing right next to them… Would make sense as a recurring theme.

  15. Whatever you are doing at the moment is not important.
    Working? Bah.
    Sleeping? Do it later.
    Preventing the heat death of the universe? That won’t be necessary.
    Take your heart meds, then Go watch Denpa Onna 5.
    Omadoka-sama have mercy, SHAFT is going for the kill.

  16. it looks like jason is out of work right now.

    which means he has more time to watch anime.

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