nichijou 6

“Death or die!”

Would it be disturbing if I admitted that I wanted to see a sex video starring Nano just so we can hear her scream phrases like “Death or die!” and “Rock and roll!” during sex? Bonus points if her windup screw spins around during climax.

Cute and adorable trolling. That’s what you get for having Professor help with anything. Epic troll is epic troll… well…

… Mai-chan still takes the cakii. My gosh, I love how she just teases poor Mio and Yukko with her In-and-Out cheeseburger meal, her “juice,” and her fishing. She’s like that friend you have who keeps headshoting you in Counterstrike before you even get a chance to spawn. And she only pisses you off more by acting nonchalantly like it was unavoidable to the point you’re begging to be tea bagged.

That’s Mai-chan.

So fucking awesome. Onizuka-sensei would be so proud of that suplex.

(I think this proves that pro wrestling is faked. No way the deer loses to principal for realsies. The principle would have been trounced, and this example is just a typical “heel works over the babyface until the babyface rallies back.)

(Okay, you know how this could be more awesome? The principle whips out a luchador mask, puts it on, and then gives the deer a suplex.)

After seeing this fight scene, it does make me long for a Kyoto Animation remake of Pokemon. Wouldn’t they be able to nail every aspect of it? The Pikachu cuteness? The non-fanservice of Nurse Joy? The violent Pokemon vs. Team Rocket clashes? I even have the perfect Brock for them: Taniguchi.

(Between the deer vs. principle encounter, the terrible camping trip, the shiritori game, Nano/Professor bathtime, and the win Game of Life interstitial, I really enjoyed this episode.)

Can I make a “Mio just turned into a witch!” joke? Come on! She qualifies… lost her curry lunch, lost her rice lunch, and lost her fresh salmon lunch.

I think it would be terrible to be friends with such a dimwit like Yukko and such a troll like Mai. I would just give up and find less broken friends.

Not even K1 Maebara was this terrified of the Sonozaki sisters. I like how Nano just goes to pieces over a cockroach. If only we get her, K-On!‘s Mio, Tsukasa, and Tomoya trapped in a room with cockroaches, barnacles, reindeer, and Kyo in gym shorts, we would have the greatest panic room ever.

(The BGM during this scene was tremendous. I like how back in 2006 Kyoto dominated the field with their superior work on Haruhi Suzumiya in terms of visuals, and now they’re dominating the field in BGM. Not as noticeable, but they are doing a great job, even besting Shaft’s effort in Madoka. Kyoto still comes up with original BGM snippets even 6 episodes in.)

Was there any doubt that Mai would win? Would anyone bet against her?

Sakamoto-san being the voice of reason in a sea of childish idiocy must be what the Republican National Convention must be like. Except without a Sakamoto-san analogue.

Math plus bath time = win.

(Want a question to chew on? How much water does Haruka Minami displace when she enters the bath?)

When I first saw this terrible sketch, I thought it was Cthulhu mated with a cow. There’s no winners playing shiritori (or really anything) with Yukko. And only Mai wins playing against Mai… poor Mio. Terrible friends, and her love interest’s deer got impounded.

2 X log(√1000) MVPs…

1. The principle and deer (tie)
2. Nano
3. Witch Mio

10 Responses to “nichijou 6”

  1. No comment about the scenes in between scenes, epic explosion was epic.

  2. Haruka Minami wouldn’t displace that much water. They’re real, so they float.

  3. funniest moment was how yukko chokes on the noodle.

  4. Yes! Nichijou 6 post! Also, poor Mio didn’t have anything good going for her this episode. And now that I think about it, I agree with you, Jason. She has terrible friends. :( … Guess it explains why she is so short-tempered and violent almost all the time. Mogami River.

  5. Okay, you know how this could be more awesome? The principle whips out a luchador mask, puts it on, and then gives the deer a suplex.

    Even more awesome: the DEER whips out a luchador mask and puts it on. Then performs a shooting star press.

  6. I guess that would make Kyubey the comparative voice of reason in a sea of evil at the DNC, then. Except with all the attendees being Kyubey.

  7. The composer from Haruhi is doing a bang-up job this season with A Channel. Too bad they’re stuck with Oniichan no Koto-style character designs.

    P.S. Is there a WordPress plugin that supports “liking” comments a la Facebook? Because it would be a perfect fit for this blog…

  8. Hmmm…I don’t know how much water Haruka Minami would displace. But can I sign up for the study group that has to observe for results via live testing of the subject in water? That would be, like Haruka, amazing.

  9. Math plus bath time = win.

    I kept waiting for the Porfessor to make Nano sparkle.
    Speaking of which, how is with the caption “I want to sparkle!” not in this post?
    How is with the caption “I want to sparkle!” not the entire post?
    I’m beginning to doubt your Shinonome Institute fanclub credentials, Jason.

  10. As always… Mai is still a troll!

    But I like the deer wrestling segment. It’s “Death or Die!”, indeed!

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