hanasaku iroha 7

“All Quiet on the Kissui Front”

Seal Team 6 discovers that their target is smaller than what was presented during the mission briefings. Also, patrons of an inn sexually assault and stalk the waitress staff of said inn. If Hanasaku Iroha isn’t getting their storylines from today’s events, I don’t know how they come up with this stuff. I just find it impressive PA Works managed to animate perverts stalking chambermeido the day when news broke that the IMF chief Charlie Sheen’ed a meido. Just fantastic, relevant work. The South Park guys would be proud of how fast they turned this episode around.

“You’re sparkling!”

So many thoughts. Even if we ignore the dead nakkid dude in the bath.

1. Any paramilitary group trying to peep on high school girls always ends badly. Full Metal Panic taught us this.

2. The face and laughter Tomoe had when she went bat shit crazy with the hose… don’t mess with women who are approaching 30 or 40, as Denpa Onna has taught us.

3. We wanted to see more sparkling between Nako and Ohana.

If I haven’t already made a Modern Law of Anime for “older but cool woman who always comes home to a small apartment, grabs a beer, plops down in front of the TV, wears a tank top, and shows off some side boob,” I should. It would be the Misato Katsuragi Postulate.

Oh gosh, he looked so happy that Minko made the onigiri that I thought he was going to jizz in his pants. And it was so good, it deserves some song…

You don’t know how to express yourself so /
You just gotta sing /
I just ate some onigiri /
And it tasted so good (so damn good) /
A woman made the ball of rice for me (me) /
I just ate some onigiri
And I’ll never go back to MRE (MRE) /
To the not-having high school girl rice /
Ways of the past

(And good job by PA Works for completely ignoring Tohru’s storyline after dropping hints the last two episodes– way to strike while the iron’s hot! PA Works is going to be equated with poorly outlined anime.)

First time we have ever seen Minko genuinely happy in this series. It’s shocking. It’s like seeing Lindsay Lohan sober, an actual useful tweet, or something at the Palo Alto farmer’s market that actually costs less than the equivalent item at Whole Foods. Even if Minko manages to bed Tohru, it’ll be more of an expression of relief and “how can I break his kneecaps a la Misery” than genuine happiness.

“We’ll definitely break your defenses next time.”

I want to break Nako’s defen– wait, was I thinking out loud again?

So many snacks. @_@

I think we’re firmly in the “just killin’ time, let’s give everyone their vignette episode” phase of Hanasaku Iroha. I was hoping we’d get Ohana going around fixing everyone’s issues a la GTO or Angel Beats, but instead we just get low calorie slice-of-life. There’s nothing wrong with it. The stories are charming in their own way, and there’s a lot more plot-like substance than Haibane Renmei.

This story about Tomoe was pretty predictably generic– Fumoffu tackled this subject to much better detail, story, humor, and pacing. And everything was so predictable– she’d stay at the inn?! (No drama, we all knew she would stay. Her plans to get fired would backfire because weirdos like being treated weirdly?! (No drama, we all knew this was the result.) Let’s just say we won’t get seeing Hanasaku Iroha being promoted on TNT anytime soon. They know drama.

Just wondering how early Nako needs to get up every morning. She has to get up, commute, change, do her job at Kissui, change into school uniform, and go to school… if school starts at 8, that means she’s getting up at 5 or 6am every morning? What high school student would do this? This is a bigger stretch than Gundams dodging lasers.

Also, what kind of inn is it that doesn’t have 24 hr service? If Ohana is sleeping, and Tomoe and Nako go home, who is doing the 2am calls from rooms asking for spoons so they can enjoy some ice cream they picked up at the corner store?

“Tomoe-neesan, please teach me~”

Three MVPs…

1. Crazy Seal Team 6 Wannabe.
2. Crazy Seal Team 6 Wannabe.
3. Crazy Seal Team 6 Wannabe.

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  1. Silly @blogsuki, you don’t watch Denpa Onna for the male lead. You filter him out like a vuvuzela during the world cup.

  2. In my experience, getting up THAT early is common enough, especially in anime/manga (note Hinagiku being able to jog several laps around her neighborhood prior going to school). Time management, I guess.

    I remember waking up even EARLIER (around 4-ish), and this is in the Philippines.

  3. Also, what kind of inn is it that doesn’t have 24 hr service? If Ohana is sleeping, and Tomoe and Nako go home, who is doing the 2am calls from rooms asking for spoons so they can enjoy some ice cream they picked up at the corner store?

    I work at a hotel, so I can answer this. Quite a few hotels don’t have 24 hour maid service. I in fact work as the Night Auditor, and the only employees on premises from ~1am till 6am are me and the security guard.

    Now, Kissui does seem understaffed, but I’m willing to grant there is a day staff we don’t see because Ohana’s at school while they work.

  4. I liked this episode, it brought back some of the spark – sparkle that’s been missing from the last few.

  5. >>that means she’s getting up at 5 or 6am every morning? What high school student would do this?

    I did. For about 4 years. Early morning rowing is the best rowing. Got up at about 4:30 six mornings a week. And I didn’t get paid for it.

  6. Childhood day
    4am wakes up, eats a pandesal with malasado sunny side up fried egg and drink hot ovaltine. 4.30am takes a bath, brush teeth.
    5am since all school needs and uniform are already prepared last night, takes off and go to school commute mode.

  7. The only thing that will get me up at that hour is a noise disturbance. I had to catch a 6 am flight once, and I was sick like a dog after getting up at 4 am or so.

  8. As much as I disagree with you these days about Denpa’s lead I couldn’t agree any more with you about this episode 7. I think I’m the type of person who gets entertained easily but I’ve been really bored watching this. Would’ve skipped some scenes if not for my sis. I felt like watching a poor man’s Fumoffu hotsprings episode.
    My sis asked me the same question about when Nako wakes up. I don’t remember what I answered her… probably something like Mysa said.

  9. I wanna be ordered around by Tomoe…

  10. All I can say on this episode is Tomoe-san is sparkling.

  11. Hahahhah, nice job Jason. Definitely love the “I just had sex” parody :D

  12. Hanasaku Iroha is scheduled for 26 episodes, so I think the pacing is naturally a bit slower. But as far as pacing goes, I think Madoka trumps it.

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