nichijou 11

“Midnight submarine… I want to ride with you.”

“Huh? huhwha?”

SO CUTE! I am melting in cuteness.

(The more you struggle, the more it takes you in… like quicksand! Or hentai tentacles. Speaking of awkward references…)

… this video is rated JB for Jail Bait.

(Except Sayaka Sasaki is like 29. But don’t let those pesky details derail you.)

(I like the acappela version the most. The bossa version just isn’t doing it for me… what next? Hard metal version?)

Why is he carrying a blender top to class? As much as I enjoy a cool fruit smoothie in the morning (frozen strawberries and bananas plus some Greek yogurt equals crazy delicious), I don’t carry my blender top to work. And that looks like a solid 70 ounces of fluids… he’s not going to be paying attention in class, if you know what I mean.

This scene was pretty cool. Mio’s only appearance this episode… what ever happened to her love for goat boy? Did that plot point get abandoned a la every other plot point in Hanasaku Iroha?

(Weird seeing shiba inus in anime without wings.)

“Super ultra great delicious wonderful crap.”


A. Original prototype codename of Wii U.
B. A blog devoted to gashapon toys.
C. What I had for dinner.
D. Anything held up on a stage by Steve Jobs.
E. Walmart.

(Yukko’s mom is a Tiger Mom. She’s just going to sink her claws into Yukko and eviscerate her like a tiger disemboweling a gazelle.)

Wouldn’t you get hypothermia? And wouldn’t all the ice melt? Didn’t Nano say it was like 35 degrees Celsius in the afternoon, so it must still be above 25 at night? And I don’t know about you, but I have a fairly nice fridge, and it can’t crank out this much ice in that short amount of time.

Taking a helicopter to school? Who does he think he is? Larry Ellison?

Yukko does seem like a gifted poet. She could be the Japanese Emily Bronte. If, you know, Yukko wasn’t such an easily trolled idiot.

(Did you ever have those nights when you realize something big is due tomorrow, but you haven’t done it yet? When that happens to me, I usually stay up and half-ass it.)

Sad man is sad.

(Ah, the good old days when people have home pages instead of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or WordPress. The nostalgic days of GeoCities, iWeb, and Prodigy.)

“Surely happiness must taste like mud.”

Not sure what is sadder: that his grandson trolled him, or that he was happy to be trolled. Rats. This must be what Charlie Brown must be like if he made it to old age (assuming, of course, a Lucy football prank doesn’t go horribly wrong and kill him.

Let’s just say that if this incident happened to anyone except a mild-mannered Japanese man, hell would have broken loose. Not sure if this is a joke or a subliminal message to get people to meekly avoid conflict the Japanese way.

How did they get out of the glue? Talk about unexplained miracles. Just like planting a little seed and nature grows or fucking rainbows after it rains. There’s enough miracles here to blow your brains.

I want to know where Nano gets her T-shirts. So fashionably cute. I just hope she wears a “I AM BOSS” T-shirt before the show is over.

Getting trolled by a teacher’s bad drawings on an exam… HAHA! Best part is Yukko going to pieces and depending on Mai as her savior… that’s like depending on Chris Bosh on game six of the NBA Finals.

(Going to an exam without an eraser is like going to a mobile suit fight without a beam saber.)

Shouldn’t she just turn back the clock a la Homura? Keep repeating the exam over and over and over until you get your desired result. Oh right…

Three MVPS…

1. Sayaka Sasaki.
2. Hiromi Konno.
3. Mariko Honda.

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  1. The juice mixer and juice was gifted to the guy as the “drink” the club president promised to buy him. Aside from the awkwardness of lugging the blender around for a day, he gets one for free, so it’s not that bad. The juice can be shared with your classmates of course.

  2. The soccer club president said i’ll get you some juice for tommorow and just before the chopper ride said to the driver get him a mixer and an apple orchard.

  3. “what next? Hard metal version?”
    Yes…with Sakomoto-san singing.

  4. …How the hell does Nano put on a T-shirt…? With the crank and all…?

  5. Mystery of Science

  6. How did they get out of the glue? Talk about unexplained miracles. Just like planting a little seed and nature grows or fucking rainbows after it rains. There’s enough miracles here to blow your brains.

    I thought it was a totally separate clip and was not related at all with the glue. I thought it’d be like the various horrible things happening to Yuuko and then her never mentioning it ever again aside from that exact sketch.

    And then Sakamoto stepped on the glue and I was all confused.

    Also, video down.

  7. What? No Dirk Nowitzki for MVP? ;)

  8. I just assumed since Nano’s parts are removable she removed her parts until she got out of the glue. Then rolled her way to the water. sacrificed a hand to the counter to pull herself up and used an elbow to turn on the faucet. OR, professor cried tears of laughter until she got out.

  9. Your video isn’t available. Thankfully, I found it straight off Lantis’ official Youtube channel:

    Forget Mio. This series needs more Sakamoto, Hakase and Nano.

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