nichijou 12

“It looks like Sleeping Beauty woke up without a kiss.”

So cute. The only way Professor can be cuter is… mmm… if Sakamoto-san were a shiba inu instead of a generic black cat. Who can resist a talking shiba inu with a pint sized Professor? Cats just don’t give a fuck.

(Better yet… shiba inu with wings. Or a dire wolf. I’d go for that too, especially if dire wolf Sakamoto-san keeps ripping Nano’s arms off. This could work… this could work…)

It’s not hard to predict the plot of Nichijou… once you saw Yukko happily strolling into class saying that she did her homework, the question isn’t what happens next but instead how long can they string out her despair once she realized she didn’t have her homework. And it got strung out. For four minutes. Rice cakii fair 4tw!

Is Mio the only person left in the world who reads newspapers? Seriously? Do you know anyone under 21 who still reads newspapers everyday? Or even spells “seriously” correctly?

(I have immensely enjoyed Game of Thrones. It just shows that great writing plus great directing plus great production values can happen. It just happens rarely. Everyone who has read George Martin’s books knows that the source material is good. Everyone who has watched and read the books know something good happened. Everyone who watched but hasn’t read the books now wants to read the books. Remind you of anything? Yep, last time something like this happened… Haruhi Suzumiya. Not everyone knew the books, but those who have knew that if Kyoto executed, it would be great. And it was. And people who didn’t read the books suddenly wanted more Haruhi after watching.)

(I guess what I’m trying to say is… Tyrion is awesome. Might even more awesome than LOL FANG-TAN. *ducks*)

Somewhere, Ben Wallace is so totally jealous of that afro. It must take some serious dedication and hard work to get an afro that looks like that.

Poor Annaka… everyone else on this show gets trolled by their friends or family, she gets trolled by merchants. Felt so sorry for her too, but anyone dumb enough to play a carnival game gets what they have coming to them. (Half an eggplant in this case.) She should have shot the SOB carnie with her last bullet.

Thinking for my new business cards, I’ll just write “Jason” on them with huge comic sans font and nothing else.

“It’s not like I bought this drink because of you or anything.”

If there’s one anime I hoped wouldn’t have a tsundere, it would be Nichijou. Gosh dammit, tsundere overpopulation will hurt anime one day. You hear me? Overpopulation!

(Feels like a crazy guy going on and on about global warming.)

Great example of having to deal with a good turned bad situation that you don’t want to deal with. Basically, getting excited about going to the bar, going your mack on with a girl, just to hear her say that she has a boyfriend who is stopping by soon. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll have the same face Yukko has for the next half an hour. Unless, of course, she has a hawt twin sister who is available and owns a Keroro cell phone strap. But that doesn’t happen in real life. (Often enough.)

The costumes on this show just scare me. And Yukko looks like a little boy in this photo.

That crafty Nano… I liked how she tried to trick Professor into removing her screw, but Professor saw through her plan and outfoxed her with childish whining. Ah, good old effective childish whining. (Basically, every argument on the internet.)

(And concerning how Nano wears shirts when she has a screw, all I can say is that it’s just one of those mysteries like water, fire, air and dirt and even fucking magnets, how do they work? Maybe she has the same advanced technology that lets Gundams dodge lasers or Kyubey’s ability to mine entropy from teenaged girls.)

(More realistically, Nano could just put a slit in her cloths that lets the screw pop out. Or, her shirts are actually cut in two, and she velcros them together at the middle. Tada!)

Three MVPs…

1. Tyrion Lannister
2. Daenerys Targaryen
3. The Dire Wolves

8 Responses to “nichijou 12”

  1. I just noticed…the stained glass from Mai’s trolling of Yuuko are still in the classroom.

  2. You speak wisely, Jason. Tyrion IS more awesome than LOL FANG-TAN.

    /me getting beat to death by LOL FANG-TAN fanboys.

    Glad you also like GoT. I’ve also been enjoying Game of Thrones immensely, hope HBO will take care of this series better than Rome or Carnivals (read: please dear gods don’t cancel it prematurely).

    Between GoT and Nichijou, the troll anime, I’ve been very satisfy with shows of this season.

  3. Someone needs to teach whoever’s working on this show how to properly draw a gun. It looked like Misato took a hatchet to the back half of her P90. Which reminds me that we need more Full Metal Panic so badly… sigh
    And why is Annaka being flagrantly cheated by the merchant funny? Why is the coffee house scene — when the lady was carrying enough idiot balls to last 10 lifetimes — funny? Why do I keep watching this show in the misguided optimism that at some point I might finally find something amusing about this show?

  4. Depends what type of funny one is looking for. There are many kinds of himor in the world, and not everyone gets each kind. There is also things that aren’t suppose to be funny. They are suppose to get a different reaction that leads to something else being funny, ironic, or cute.
    Annaka’s shots were awesomely grouped. What is funny is the reaction ofthe carney to being found out, and then Annaka’s full on proof she’s being cheated. He actually gave her more than he wanted to give (he wanted to give out nothing and laugh at people wasting money all day long)…and half an eggplant and possible word of mouth loss of customers is funny in an ironic way.
    Sakuri-sensei and the casher were cute. That was about all.

  5. That’s not a afro, that’s the offspring of a metroid and a poodle.

    Have you seen the latest Amagami shorts? They’re surprisingly funny.

  6. Tyrion is the gift that keeps on giving. and he’s travel size. ^_^ the stark siblings are a close second (excluding sansa of course)

  7. Starting to dislike the little scenes they put between the skits, where they show a static picture (in this case, a tennis court) and nothing happens. It’s the elevator scene, but in every episode now…

  8. [i love the wallet scene]

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