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If Nichijou were Desperate Housewives, the promo for this episode would definitely have gone, “Secrets exposed! The deepest darkest secrets of one of the Nichijou girls will get exposed next week. Except… that’s not all. Bonus secrets will be exposed on this can’t miss episode of Nichijou that will change everything.”

And, the first secret? The little kid is Justin Verlander! Look at that velocity! Look at that curve! If I were the grandpa, I would have the $_$ face going. First order of business? Get him the fuck out of Japan before the NPB ruins his arm (see Matsuzaka, Daisuke… Igawa, Kei…) and into a Dominican Republic baseball academy.

Second secret? Dango Dude is Mohawk Kid’s father! Not only that, Dango Dad has a raging mohawk as well. I feel like he would be a more fearsome dango seller bald… hey, that look worked great for Jean Luc Picard and Ben Sisko.

Third secret is Mio’s taste for hawt Keima x Keima action is brought to light. Oh man, just crushing for her. So much soul crushing this episode. It’s like Nichijou is a dark happy comedy… or happy dark comedy… at times.

Fourth secret is that Nano is an android. If I had to make a ranking of top ten androids, who would make the cut? Mahoro, Data, Dorothy, and Nano would all have to be on the list.

This look is fanfuckingtastic. She looks like a ghost from Pac-Man. The best part of it is how she is completely paralyzed with fear and lies when Professor just so calmly strolls to the door and lets Yuko in. The truth will set you free. The truth will set you free!

So disappointed we didn’t get a “Ponytails are moe” from Professor for the cool phrases game. Nor a “Fuwa fuwa time!”

(Oh man, I laughed at this montage of Yuko and Professor having fun. They seem like such a good fit. So much trolling of Nano would occur.)

If Yuko were in the US, how many laws did she break? Attempted bribery. Assaulting a police officer, a farm animal, and an underaged girl. Stealing evidence.

The spin move is pretty awesome. I am more convinced than ever that Keiichi Arawi is a huge rasslin’ fan.

The look Yuko had when she got her espresso… it looked exactly like the look that the victim in a Lifetime movie about date rape would have after the date rape. Right before she rallies back, rebuilds her life, and a random car accident kills the rapist.

(I don’t like espressos just because they’re too small. I like holding a nice hot cup of something… there’s science benefits too. I prefer a cappuccino. Bonus points if the barista draws with the foam. I also like coffee… hell, I’d even drink instant. C affine addiction is a terrible thing.)

But I did enjoy how both the counter lady and Yuko went to pieces over the coffee naming. Ah, good old Starbucks. I think this is why I prefer getting fancy drinks at McDonald’s… I can just order using English. But, you know, there are those times when I crave a grande soy Frappuccino.

And the final secret… the ponytail was hiding a bird! Ponytails are awesome.

8 Responses to “nichijou 16”

  1. “If Yuko were in the US, how many laws did she break?” I think you mean Mio, boss.

  2. …. “nyan”

  3. That little clip of Mio going crazy made the episode.

    Although Yuko’s coffee outing takes close second.

    I’m really enjoying this; the original material didn’t seem like a hit, but then again, what do I know ^^

  4. No top 3? Jason is off of his game.

  5. “Being Yuko is suffering.”
    Also, I hate hate hate instant coffee. It is some foul, vile brew concoted in a sewer, and has nothing to do with real, legit coffee. Nothing!

  6. after this smack down and Mio’s minor yandre fit afterwards I want them to remake higurashi.

    Also coffee needs to be fresh ground at home. why trust mac dons to make it?

  7. I almost thought Yuko was going to be given “a half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon.”

  8. Best part of the coffee scene? There is a menu explaining the sizes right behind the clerk.

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