winter is coming. well, after fall.

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The new season is approaching.

(Three months before I can use “Winter is coming.” for winter 2012 season. Giddy already.)

Penguindrum is continuing into fall. Most delightful show of summer. Hanasaku Iroha fests it up no more. Also, no more NANO PROFESSOR NANO PROFESSOR NANO PROFESSOR NANO PROFESSOR. After half a year of watching both shows weekly, I will miss both Ohana’s festiveness and Mai’s trolling. More importantly, GAINAX, Shaft, Kyoto, Brains Base, and PA Works do not have new anime in fall.

Third time the charm? After JC Staff bungled Tsukihime, Studio Deen (LOL) bungled Fate/Stay Night, TYPE-MOON chooses ufotable for Fate/zero. TYPE-MOON continues to choose Magikarp or Wobbuffet as starter Pokemon instead of anything useful. ufotable’s “most recent” TV series: Coyote Ragtime Show (do you even remember this?) and Futakoi Alternative.

I face out / I hold out / I reach out to the truth of my life. Will I finish Persona 4 before the anime airs? Doubt it. Still knee deep in sheep block moving simulator. Video game to anime conversation has been terrible since Final Fantasy Unlimited, but Persona 4 has 3 things going for it: an above-Mendoza line Trinity Soul in the bag, AIC ASTA (SoO, OreImo) doing the animation, and key staff from Atlus also working on it.

I know nothing about Guilty Crown except Production IG + supercell. It’s also written by Setsuna F. Seiei. No, not kidding. A seiyuu wrote this series. That’s all I really need to know anyway.

Crossing fingers for Mirai Nikki. The OVA was terribad, but so was Nichijou‘s.

I think Gundam Age, Shana, Lupin, Last Exile, Working!! (I do like the K-On!!-inspired double exclamation mark), and Ika Musume will be what we thought they are. That’s the way they took the damn field. Now if you want to crown them, then crown their ass! But they are who we thought they were! And we let ’em off the hook!

Just because you’re B- source material, it doesn’t mean you won’t become an awesome anime. But you most likely won’t. Sorry to break it to you, Boku wa Tomodachi, CCC, and Maken-ki. Your ceiling is 5 on thin slicing… well… that’s like saying Matthew Stafford’s ceiling is Steve Young. There’s just a lot of ifs in there.

From pedophile priest to hover penismobiles to… josei? Madhouse goes the IG route and works on some well-received josei in Chihayafuru. I have no opinion beyond that, despite this blog being a bastion of well-received josei manga.

In any case, this season looks as interesting as the previous one, but the lack of five of the best studios makes it seem weak. Makes me really interested for winter since you know the big guns will be brought out then. I hope. Oh, I hope.

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  1. ufotable did the Kara no Kyokai movies. Not the best things, but I think that tied them the hell up for like…ever. Seven movies with pretty nice production value (good sets, lighting, and action animation, if not character animation) does thtat a bit. Didn’t like Coyote Ragtime Show, though. Did like Futakoi and Manabi Straight. THey’re a strange palce, ufotable.

    Kind of think Brains Base would of done better. I’m a fan of them. Not seeing Shaft is just odd, with how they usually do two or three shows a season.

    Manglobe needs to do another original series. I think that’s the big one Ive been missing since MIchiko & Hatchin myself. -_-

    But yeah, mostly agreeing on the rest. The sequels are getting nearly Hollywood-level.

    And stuff.

  2. for a second there you confused me, because wobbuffet is literally one of the most overpowered pokemon ever made, which is why it is banned in all tournaments. so ya, you listed two exact opposites on the list of useful pokemon there.

  3. Penguindrum continuing looks like it’s going to be the saving grace of the season. Hoping to see some more posts on it here. Don’t tell me you haven’t got anything to say about Ringo’s antics.

    RPG’s aren’t the best source material for anime conversions – but I’m looking forward to seeing them try with Persona 4 – it’s loooong, but I guess most of the game time is in the day-to-day management and the dungeons, so I guess something decent should be possible with 24 episodes (…please tell me they’re not gonna try and do it in 12).

  4. Sorry to ruin your seiyuu joke but Guilty Crown is written by Hiroyuki Yoshino the screenwriter.
    Who has done a bunch of sunrise series both good and bad. Also he apparently wrote the story for the Qwaser manga.

    Also any comment on Ben-to?

  5. Um, about that Guilty Crown anime… I think neither Setsuna (Mamoru Miyano) nor Allelujah (Hiroyuki Yoshino the Seiyuu) were involved on that show.

  6. Well, as far as seiyuu creating series goes… at least some of them can draw, per the Zetsubou endings. And Tanaka Rie writes blog posts prolifically…

  7. Whoops about the seiyuu thing. Oh well. Anyway, I love Penguindrum. I just wanted to enjoy that series without worrying about having to blog it.

  8. After reading this post… I seem to recall that I have never seen you mention or reference Kara no Kyoukai. Watch it and you will understand why TYPE-MOON went with ufotable again. TM side-lining them would be similar to GRRM replacing HBO for future televised adaptions of his novels if he was given a choice.

    Josei anime have an excellent track record so I have high expectations for Chihayafuru. Also looking forward to Last Exile and the NoitaminA shows as usual.

    MADHOUSE’s HunterXHunter remake may be worth watching. I’m curious whether Sunrise is treating Gundam AGE like a spinoff aimed at kids or a proper series.

    I’ve read a few chapters of Kimi to Boku and it could be a half-decent slice-of-life replacement for Nichijou if it’s well adapted. It has engaging character interaction which is key to entertaining slice-of-life.

    By the way, Working!! already had two exclamation marks. The sequel added an apostrophe: Working’!!.

  9. Also, as a fan of the ASoIaF books I have to say the only US Television I enjoy more than GoT is Breaking Bad. Cancer-diagnosed science-teacher turns badass methamphetamine-chef? Brilliantly told original story with great characters and top-notch acting. The camera work and editing are also outstanding.

  10. Looking forward to P4, Mirai Nikki. Probably pick up an episode or two of Ika and Working, but will probably drop the latter. Nothing else really piques me interest… and I’m sad that the five big studios aren’t listed, but then I’m looking forward to winter, because they probably will have something out then.

    I know nothing about Guilty Crown except Production IG + supercell. It’s also written by Setsuna F. Seiei. No, not kidding. A seiyuu wrote this series. That’s all I really need to know anyway.

    That first sentence also got me to give it a try for an episode or two.

  11. Yes, I second the ‘watch Kara no Kyoukai’ comment. As some of the best anime I’ve ever watched, and supposedly an actually moderately accurate adaptation of the original source material, I couldn’t be happier that ufotable is doing Fate/Zero. Watch it for an actually good type-moon adaptation.

  12. Thirding “watch Kara no Kyoukai” if you didn’t already, and about game to anime adaptations, Ufotable also does the Tales of Symphonia anime which is the only adaptation of this kind I saw that’s awesome. But I guess the fact that it started since four years (Ufotable paused it and did KnK for a while) and still going helps. I have very high regard for Ufotable. Their clay animation stuff are good too.

    And yeah If I remember right Wobbuffet is overpowered as hell you can use him to prevent your opponent from switching pokémon and counter both physical and special attacks.

  13. “Coyote Ragtime Show (do you even remember this?)”

    Yes. Yes I do. False advertising at its finest. I expected awesome from the first few minutes of the show, and instead got a surfing geriatric, a milf who must have bucket/bag of KFC/Arby’s at arm’s reach at all times, and more stupid grinning w/thumbs up than should be legally allowed in an anime.

    I like UFO table for Manabi Straight and the Kara no Kyoukai movies tough, so I’m glad type-moon decided to go with them again. If Studio Deen got their hands on Faze Zero, I was gonna cry.

  14. I can’t wait for the new winter series. Bought a 30 inch LCD monitor just for animes! ^^

  15. Guys, Kara no Kyoukai is exactly the kind of anime that jason does NOT like.

  16. Well yeah there isn’t a single meido or costume reap in it…
    But I still think it’s worth it, just like how I kept bugging him with Level E. Well yeah that didn’t work either.

  17. ufotable did Kara no Kyokai, so the Wobuffet comparison is apt. It’ll be fine.

  18. No SHAFT? I guess they are too busy doing those Kid Icarus things for Nintendo…

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