future diary 1

“Don’t worry. I will protect you.”

Bat-shit crazy Yuno?! Mirai Nikki— welcome! One thing about Mirai Nikki (and Persona 4) is that both of these series rely on drama and plot twists… and I already know the drama and plot twists. It’s not as fun as say Fate/zero where I am going into it as blind as a newborn French bulldog puppy. I kinda prefer it that way… more tension. Like I already know Yuki’s fate. Kirei and Emiya? Not so much (except who lives and dies by Fate/Stay Night). So… let me spoil it for you:

Yuno is bat-shit insane.

She will make Rena Ryugu look like a Boston terrier getting its tummy rubbed.

Yuno walks around and writes 15 minute updates using his cell phone. I feel like he would have the most boring Facebook wall ever. Farmville updates on his wall would actually liven things up.

“I’m a winner! I totally own at life!”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Poor sonnuvabitch. If only you had a way to know your future ahead of time…

“My diary is the Yukiteru diary.”

“I’m dead.”

Best. Stalker. Ever.

(Yuki, your only choice really is to run and get the fuck out of Japan and live off the grid. Oh who am I kidding? Yuno’s Yuki tracking ability is on par with Facebook.)

Bar none, this was the best part of the episode. I would have spit out my honey mead if I were drinking honey mead at the time.

If only we can get Yuki into that anime about people who can’t make friends forming a club, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai). If Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai is Friendship Anime (or Friendship Animu), then Haganai would have to be Antifriendship Anime.

(If only he hid himself in a futon and consumed pizza like Erio Touwa.)

I first thought that she was making a clay penis in class. During a test. This doesn’t even scratch her insaneness. Still, in the vein of Gundams dodging lasers, how is it that Yuki can take so many tests while peeking at this phone and not get caught? I’m sure I can pass any middle school math quiz if I had my iPhone and calculator app. Somehow, the teacher catches Yuno making a clay penis, yet Yuki isn’t caught staring at his phone during the whole test.

(More importantly, watching Yuki type into an old-school flip phone is beyond painful. Couldn’t they at least have updated the anime to feature app phones with future diary apps? I’m willing to believe that Yuki has a future diary, but I’m not willing to believe that he types in a running diary using an alphanumeric keypad. Especially when he could have an app phone with Twitter.)

(Watching this scene just makes Future Diary seem old. The 2011 equivalent would have to have a Twitter feed or that told your future.)

I like how Onsakumaru (Norio Wakamoto should get a lifetime achievement award at this point) completely turns everyone on Yuki. Poor guy. One minute, he was scheming of cheating on tests with his magical phone, the next he’s the target of ten bloodthirsty psychos.

(Magical cell phones used to bring twelve individuals together in order to become the next King? Mmm…)


1. Yuno is bat-shit insane.

2. Yuno is bat-shit insane.

3. Yuno is bat-shit insane.

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  1. Think you meant Yuki for the first screen about the 15-minute walking segment. Still anyways regardless of whether or not this anime turns out better/worse/same as the manga I plan to watch this all for YUNO

  2. Wow. Yuno went from cute to disturbingly hot.

    I am suddenly interested, even if the art style’s gone from cute to… kinda noodle-person like.

  3. In the very first screenshot I thought Yuno was just a vespa short of FLCL.

    At least the manga is done so they don’t have any excuses for screwing up the ending. (Not that they won’t find a way, just that they won’t have any excuse…)

  4. I didn’t like how they telegraphed the big reveal in the opening seconds. Oh, and Yuno is bat-shit insane.

  5. Ah future diary, the manga almost never disappointed me so I’m looking forward to seeing how this anime turns out.

  6. “I first thought that she was making a clay penis in class.”

    Oh good, that wasn’t just me who thought that.

  7. YES!!!!!!!!!!! is it just me or did the production made yuno more sexy cuz she never look like that in the manga.

  8. It’s not just you. I always thought the entire school had to be insane to think she was cute (in the manga). Of course, her family owned a bank. That dispels a lot of fugly, if you know what I mean. Still though, she’s actually a bit sexy in the anime.

  9. Seeker – the manga artist made her more child like (baby fat and all), while here they’ve made her skinnier and more obvious yandere.

  10. Actually a large portion of phones in Japan still use alphanumeric keypads instead of mini-keyboards because it actually works well with the Japanese character sets. First number determines consonant sound (k, s, t, m, n, none, etc.), and second determines vowel. So in some ways it’s actually easier for them than managing a keyboard full of keys, of which there really isn’t a real pattern to.

  11. Well, I for one don’t like getting cheeto dust all over my keypad when I write “kthxbrb.” Am I the only one that prefers tactile feedback and actual buttons to this touch screen crap? It would take him fifteen minutes to write the update.

    Plus, I think the manga predated the tablet phone explosion by a year or so.

    This is nostalgic, but rereading it, I realize it was more awesome the first time around. Maybe marathon this later on.

  12. I can’t help but wonder if Jason’s favourite thing about penguindrum is that all the characters have smartphones, and use the features like mobile browsing and GPS signals :3

  13. Yeah, you’d think he’d be far too used to anime anachronisms by now.

  14. Even after reading the manga, I’m still watching for Yuno. When she first appeared, I was once again GIDDY (yes, that’s a capital G-I-DOUBLE D-Y) over her insanity.

  15. >Is it just me or did the production made yuno more sexy

    The manga artist had a terrible sense of body proportion. Everyone was shaped like a pear, everyone had child baring hips. The word that always came to mind when I thought of the art was “dumpy”.

  16. Wow! Jason’s actually blogging more than one show, this season must be pretty awesome!

    As for Mirai Nikki, even though I already know the whole plot I’m still enjoying it quite a bit. The art’s definitely superior to the manga and we’re even getting a full 2 seasons!

  17. I first thought that she was making a clay penis in class. During a test.

    Ahaaahahaa… I’m not the only one who tought what she did.

  18. I don’t see why everyone think yuno is such a terrible person, she seem perfectly fine to me just a little obsessive but that’s ok because she hot.

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