fate/zero 8, ben-to 7, and penguindrum 19


I gasped. If it is Gen Urobuchi’s goal to make us hate Kirei, he is doing a splendid job. Sure, Kirei defeated two women fair and square, but he went the extra mile to inflict more carnage. Ouch. Still, as much as Gen is trying to get us to root against Kirei, he’s still Tabasco compared to Kyubey’s ghost chili peppers. You just can’t top Kyubey seducing and sucking out hope of millions of magical girls throughout history. Not even if Kirei started curbstomping Irisviel and sandbagging poor Maiya.

“Deus ex machina” is spelled “noble phantasm” in Fate universe. How many “Haha! My Noble Phantasm has turned things around for me!” “NANDATTO?!” moments have had in Fate/Stay Night? How many have we had in Fate/zero thus far? It will only get worse. Much, much worse. Can we just get like a cool swordfight to settle things for once?

A lot of blood vomiting in this episode. A lot. And not enough Iskandar.

“What is he using for a rudder? OMG! Is it really that big?”

Is this Ben-to or Sora no Otoshimono? I absolutely have no issues with Sato (who has been pretty plain except for his burning love of half-priced bentos) becomes the second coming of Tomoki. Hell, I have no issues if the following characters turn into Tomoki: Gai Tsutsugami, Kyouma Hooin, Gilgamesh, NBAPA president Billy Hunter, and Jaime Lannister. But I think Ben-to doesn’t need a major pervvy swerve. I like my delicious thigh meat Ice Witch kicking ass, and I like the ridiculous drama behind the bento wars. This is how political drama is done, listen up Guilty Crown.

“Is there something wrong with my stretching?”

Nevermind. Carry on.

(Psst– Saber! Don’t you need to stretch before exerting yourself in battle?)

I can see why Wizard is bedazzled by MILF bento goddess. She finally opened her eyes, for one. And that omettettits… genius. Absolute genius. Pure utter genius. The condensed milk just brings everything together. Not even Steve Jobs, Masaharu Morimoto, Gen Urobuchi, and Nikola Tesla could come up with something this genius. Brilliant. Inspiration. Magical. Just shut up and take my money.

(They should also make another desert version that has sacs of custard or red bean filling inside sticky rice.)

“I see… this omelet does have an unique, rich flavor.”

Dawwwww. And, yeah, I can see Suu Minazuki kicking himself for not coming up with omettettits first.

Omettettits (can’t wait for this to appear as a Wheel of Fortune puzzle) just had to spoil the debut of Irisviel’s tights. Sigh. At first, I thought Irisviel proposed that she and Maiya should attack Kirei just to get Maiya out of the picture. Like Irisviel would take off once Maiya engaged Kirei… “Sucker, now I have Emiya to myself. Hahahaha!” Then I remembered Irisviel is Fate/zero‘s version of Bellfuckingdandy.

(Fate/zero could use more “accidental” fanservice. Never hurts when done appropriately, like omettettits in Ben-to after some serious bento drama, Haruhi walking out on stage in a bunny girl outfit, Senjougahara taking forever to get dressed, and Taki showing off his Johnny to everyone and anyone.)

Lancer is the king of giving people scratches and nicks. He has a lance! Impale someone for once. I also don’t think that the Knight’s Code is compatible with the Holy Grail War. It’s how many hundreds (if not thousands) of years old by now? If it worked so well, why isn’t anyone using it now? Because war is war. You’re supposed to give it your all and hold nothing back– Saber allowing Lancer to rescue his Archibald is inexcusable. It’s like Kana Minami going, “Okay, I’ve broken you enough, Mako-cakes. I’ll stop messing with you.” No! That’s not how it works in life or in war. Keep fighting. Keep breaking. Keep it up.

Emiya getting his bullets reminded me of Gene Starwind getting his special bullets. Only there’s fewer nakkid samurais and cat girls for Emiya. And fewer nakkid Melfinas.

In terms of “timing is everything,” why didn’t Idiot Shu give Gai the vial when he had the chance?! And why didn’t Maiya and Irisviel finish off Kirei when they had the chance? I felt like they just waited for him to break free. Or they were too enthralled by watching Kirei break free by humping the hell out of the tree.

(I am surprised Emiya didn’t keep a humvee loaded with grenade launchers on premise for a fast escape. It’s a huge oversight. You’d think he’d have a better escape plan than, “Run through a dark forest at night.”)

The changing books? Just reminded me that before Shinbo and Shaft, there was Kunihiko Ikuhara. Gosh, he was twelve years ahead of everyone and just shows how Utena was advanced for its time. In case anyone is looking for a present for an anime fan, I recommend the re-master of Utena‘s boxset. When people as me of “essential” old anime to watch, I respond back, “Kenshin, Sister Princess, and Utena. You’ll get the whole fucking spectrum there.”

(And, yeah, I do like how everyone except the Takakura clan have their own catchphrases a la The Simpsons. I like Sanetoshi’s, “Isn’t it electrifying?” I even say this in normal day usage now. “What do you think of using a cross-coupled delay cell to generate the clock phases?” “Isn’t it electrifying?” “How many puppies are in the window?” “Isn’t it electrifying?” “How about omettettits for dinner?” “Aren’t they electrifying.”)

I don’t think anyone who has seen Utena be surprised at this.

Or this. One thing I am surprised is the lack of homoerotic tension between Gai and Idiot Shu Kanba and Sho. Needs more tra la la.

“Can I kick you?”

Shiraume reminds me of Kyou when she does the “Can I beat the crap out of you?” after she beats the crap out of you move. Funny how I was just wondering before the episode that we haven’t seen Shiraume in a while… and we barely get any Shiraume skinshipping with Oshiroi. (Though I was thinking about how we haven’t had Rock Over Japan in a while… and… sigh.) Also, I like how the premise of this episode is that everyone (besides the ladies who get in free) spent all that money and time to get half-priced bentos. It’s like they’re all American Congressmen or something with their logic.

(Levels of logic usage, from bad to worse: Guilty Crown writing team -> Congress -> NBA owners and players. Where is my season?! Do I have to start dropping “Ice Witch gunning for the fake titty omelet immediately is like going 7 roach all-in.” lines instead of “Sato fighting over the Honor Seal reminds me of how Bill Lambeer tosses around elbows when gunning for rebounds.”?)

Shaga’s melonpan press attack is effective, but I was too busy wondering why she had glasses one scene, doesn’t have them the next, and back to having glasses. Also, who swims with glasses on?

(Still, probably not a good idea to get Sato so flustered. He might, uh, combust. Remind me to get Chris Rock to record a song named, “No Jerking Off (in the Swimming Pool)” as a follow up to No Sex (in the Champagne Room). Especially if you’re at Penn State.)

What a cheap trick to get us to buy the BDs/DVDs.


1. Irisviel wears cute tights.

2. Rudders help steer.

3. Isn’t it electrifying? I know.

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  1. Irisveil and Kiritsugu were superior in that episode. Also, mmm… Irisveil being serious.

  2. I’m struggling to figure out how you came up with the portmanteau “omettettits”. That word needs to be taken behind the shed and shot.
    Fun fact: this page is currently the only result when Googling “omettettis”.

  3. Dude, Kotomine broke a tree in two like a pencil…



    And he’s considered a normal human being by Nasu’s and Urobuchi’s standards…

  4. Kotomine is not a normal human, he is train to hunt rogue mages and vampires. What he is, is fully human but not a normal human. As for the bullets, his priest vestments is made Kevlar and boost by magic. Standard operating equipment for a Church Executor.

  5. Maiya had like several of her ribs broken and was in agonizing pain. While Irisviel has to concentrate to keep Kirei tied up to the tree so she couldn’t do anything either.

  6. @Xellos-_^: Yeah, I know, but he doesn’t have insane Magic Circuits, Reality Marbles or MEoDP (or a Conceptual Weapon which takes the form of a hoofed loli), so he still counts as relatively normal by Nasuverse standards.

    Kotomine’s head isn’t bulletproof, and blocking the bullets with his arms would still hurt, even with armored sleeves. He’s pretty much the Nasuverse equivalent of Evil Batman…

  7. of course she voice by could a milf aka Ohara Sayaka give her casting type in it.

    really wonder is she also someday in real life & pool ep BEST. POOL. EPISODE. EVER!!!

    indeed now fighting on food in pool inside a ball.

    yea we got it all hey hello swimsuit malfunction to like some kind of “what” to help push sato get food but his “little jimmy” got exposed & wham kick by class pres?

    lol at bad luck lady riding on roof of truck & appear out of sewer hole.

    yea also mention omleetedoobi food really indeed yea who keep coming with all these foods & fights.

    wonder what next?

  8. 1. The guy who is obsessed with Matsy isn’t the Wizard, he is the Monarch’s underling. I know they look alike but the Wizard went overseas last episode.

    2. Shaga left her glasses on the table before diving into the pool.

  9. Brunette was also awesome this episode.

  10. @bluemonq: It’s omeletits; I think Jason just spelled it wrong. As for the actual word, Matsy actually says “omu-pai,” which is a portmanteau of “omurice” and “oppai.” Which is the best thing ever.
    Matsy, please offer me your omupai whenever you can.

  11. I for one welcome our new Blizzard RTS overlords.

    Your sports analogies are part of what makes this blog special. I may not know who are you talking about 90% of the time, but I appreciate that you reference them. Reading something like, “Kiritsugu faked out Kayneth like Leenock did Naniwa with the hatch cancel into well-concealed roach rush” would just be tabasco on the omelettits.

  12. Did you mean sand bag or tea bag? or is Kirei that well endowed?

  13. Son Gohan: The guy who is obsessed with Matsy isn’t the Wizard, he is the Monarch’s underling.

    Jason was probably just distracted by Sato’s rudder.

    Anyway, best excuse-for-wearing-swimsuits episode for quite a while.

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